Results of past votes

(uk.* votes, filtered by votetaker)

This list of votes is as complete as was possible to collate. If you have a posting of a vote not listed below, please mail it to the webmaster for inclusion.

Date Title Type Votetaker
02 Feb 2000 Committee Elections 1999 Procedural Robert Felton
16 Sep 1999 Newsgroup Robert Felton
27 Feb 1999 Newsgroup Robert Felton
07 Jan 1999 Committee Elections Procedural Robert Felton
31 Dec 1998 uk.rec.waterways.fens Newsgroup Robert Felton
03 Dec 1998 uk.people.dead Newsgroup Robert Felton
05 Aug 1998 Changes to the Voting Procedures Procedural Robert Felton
09 May 1998 Change of the voting procedures Procedural Robert Felton
05 Feb 1998 Combined Robert Felton

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