05 Feb 1998: uk.net.news.management

From: Robert Felton <swinny@cix.compulink.co.uk>
Date: 5 Feb 1998 21:02:34 -0000
Subject: RESULT uk.net.news.management passes 48:13
Newsgroups: uk.net.news.config,uk.net.news.announce


          CFV for creation of uk.net.news.management 
                  charter changes to uk.net.news.config
                  Amendment to guidelines.

- -------
Proposal for creation of uk.net.news.management passes 48:13
Proposal for charter changes to uk.net.news.config passes 50:10
Proposal for amendment to guidelines passes 48:10

71 votes were received 
- ----------------------
63 valid votes (details provided below)
4 invalid votes (details provided below)
4 repeat votes

Proposal 1
- ----------

48 votes for YES
13 votes for NO
2 votes for ABSTAIN

Proposal 1 is passed - creation of uk.net.news.management.

Proposal 2
- ----------

50 votes for YES
10 votes for NO
3 votes for ABSTAIN

Proposal 2 is passed - charter changes to uk.net.news.config

Proposal 3
- ----------

48 votes for YES
10 votes for NO
5 votes for ABSTAIN

Proposal 3 is passed - amendment to guidelines

- --------------------------------------------------------------------------
Voter List

Valid Votes
- -----------

Name                     Email Address

Alan Fleming             af[.AT.]contract.co.uk
Dave Dohrn               dohrn.cwmaber[.AT.]virgin.net
S.W.F. Borthwick         swfb[.AT.]bokop.win-uk.nets 
Martin Bly               bly[.AT.]star.rl.ac.uk
J.M. Line                jml4[.AT.]cus.cam.ac.uk
Richard Gadsden          richard[.AT.]tga.u-net.com
Joe Hakeney              joe[.AT.]kinchyle.karoo.co.uk
Ian Jackson              ijackson[.AT.]chiark.greenend.org.uk
Dave Day                 news97d[.AT.]stejonda.demon.co.uk
Dan Glover               dan[.AT.]dangl.demon.co.uk
Steve McIntyre           stevem[.AT.]chiark.greenend.org.uk
NF Stevens               norman[.AT.]arcady.u-net.com
James Kemp               jas[.AT.]jmkemp.demon.co.uk
Paul Bolchover           pb10003[.AT.]cus.cam.ac.uk
Peter Bell               peter[.AT.]bell.demon.co.uk
Chris Dickson            chris[.AT.]dickson.demon.co.uk
Glenn Cameron            greatbrit[.AT.]royal.net
Tories Erle              Tobias.Erle[.AT.]GMX.net
Steve Inglis             Singlis[.AT.]bcde.demon.co.uk
Marcus Durham            Marcus[.AT.]zenn.demon.co.uk
Ronan Flood              R.Flood[.AT.]noc.ulcc.ac.uk
James Nash               J.Nash[.AT.]mdx.ac.uk
John Hall                jfhall[.AT.]avondale.demon.co.uk
Malcolm Mladenovic       mbm[.AT.]mort.demon.co.uk
Adrian Wontroba          aw1[.AT.]stade.co.uk
Edward King              eaking[.AT.]ulape.demon.co.uk
Neil Dodd                Neil.Dodd[.AT.]aber.ac.uk
James Lawson             chasm[.AT.]ccl4.org
Nigel Ashton             nigel[.AT.]ashton.demon.co.uk
Jon Harley               cudce[.AT.]csv.warwick.ac.uk
Roger Crate              Sparky[.AT.]r-m-c.demon.co.uk
Simon Gray               simon[.AT.]star-one.org.uk
David Bloor              david[.AT.]bloor.demon.co.uk
Colin Cockerill          cdlc[.AT.]hencomp.win-uk.net
John Robinson            john[.AT.]thebeard.demon.co.uk
Tony Towers              sat[.AT.]systematic.co.uk
Lyn Thomas               lyn[.AT.]stuffing.demon.co.uk
Peter Humble             pjh1[.AT.]leicester.ac.uk
Alan White               awhiteb[.AT.]cix.compulink.co.uk
Chris Isbell             chris[.AT.]isbell.demon.co.uk
Duncan Dewar             duncan[.AT.]dewar.softnet.co.uk
Rob Alexander            rob[.AT.]mhairi.demon.co.uk
Phil Wade                philwade[.AT.]enterprise.net
Richard Aston            richard[.AT.]corixia.demon.co.uk
Mike Pitt                mikepitt[.AT.]chiark.greenend.org.uk
Paul Harper              paulh[.AT.]sifnos94.demon.co.uk
Neil Fernandez           ncf[.AT.]borve.demon.co.uk
Jim Hill                 jim[.AT.]jh-c.demon.co.uk
Martin Bridges           BridgesM[.AT.]logica.com
Claire Speed             Claire.Speed[.AT.]nessie.mcc.ac.uk
Robbie Irvine            robbie[.AT.]arakeen.demon.co.uk
Dave Mayall              david.mayall[.AT.]ukonline.co.uk
Roy Stilling             rpjs[.AT.]kalevala.demon.co.uk
Philip Hunt              philh[.AT.]vision25.demon.co.uk
Kris Keen                kris[.AT.]aimless.demon.co.uk
Arwel Parry              arwel[.AT.]cartref.demon.co.uk
Thomas Lee               tfl[.AT.]psp.co.uk
Alan Scobbie             alan[.AT.]the-one.demon.co.uk
Neil Irving              neil[.AT.]neilirving.demon.co.uk
Simon Bonnick            simon[.AT.]nuts.demon.co.uk
Darren Meldrum           darren[.AT.]meldrum.co.uk
Jon Skullerud            jonivar[.AT.]holyrood.ed.ac.uk
Max Bone                 maxb[.AT.]maxmax.demon.co.uk

Invalid Votes
- -------------
(Full explaination given in VOTERS REMARKS)

Aidan Folkes     af6715[.AT.]bristol.ac.uk - No Name/Email address
Andy Mabbett     amabbett[.AT.]bham-assist.demon.co.uk - No Email address
Richard Lamont   richard[.AT.]stonix.demon.co.uk - No Name/Email address
Steve Way        steveway[.AT.]ways.demon.co.uk - No Email address

- --------------------------------------------------------------------------
- -------

Name                     PROPOSAL 1     PROPOSAL 2      PROPOSAL 3

Alan Fleming             NO             NO              NO
Dave Dohrn               YES            ABSTAIN         ABSTAIN
S.W.F. Borthwick         YES            YES             YES
Martin Bly               YES            YES             YES
J.M. Line                ABSTAIN        YES             YES
Richard Gadsden          YES            YES             YES
Joe Hakeney              YES            YES             YES
Ian Jackson              YES            YES             YES
Dave Day                 YES            YES             YES
Dan Glover               YES            YES             YES
Steve McIntyre           YES            YES             YES
NF Stevens               YES            YES             YES
James Kemp               YES            YES             YES
Paul Bolchover           YES            YES             YES
Peter Bell               YES            YES             YES
Chris Dickson            YES            YES             YES
Glenn Cameron            YES            YES             YES
Tories Erle              YES            YES             ABSTAIN
Steve Inglis             YES            YES             ABSTAIN
Marcus Durham            NO             NO              NO
Ronan Flood              YES            YES             YES
James Nash               YES            YES             YES
John Hall                YES            YES             YES
Malcolm Mladenovic       NO             ABSTAIN         NO
Adrian Wontroba          YES            YES             YES
Edward King              NO             ABSTAIN         ABSTAIN
Neil Dodd                YES            YES             YES
James Lawson             ABSTAIN        YES             YES
Nigel Ashton             YES            YES             YES
Jon Harley               NO             NO              NO
Roger Crate              YES            YES             YES
Simon Gray               NO             NO              NO
David Bloor              YES            YES             YES
Colin Cockerill          YES            YES             YES
John Robinson            YES            YES             YES
Tony Towers              YES            YES             YES
Lyn Thomas               NO             YES             YES
Peter Humble             YES            YES             YES
Alan White               NO             NO              NO
Chris Isbell             YES            YES             YES
Duncan Dewar             YES            YES             YES
Rob Alexander            YES            YES             YES
Phil Wade                YES            YES             YES
Richard Aston            YES            YES             YES
Mike Pitt                YES            YES             YES
Paul Harper              YES            YES             YES
Neil Fernandez           NO             NO              NO
Jim Hill                 YES            YES             YES
Martin Bridges           YES            YES             YES
Claire Speed             YES            YES             YES
Robbie Irvine            YES            YES             YES
Dave Mayall              YES            YES             YES 
Roy Stilling             NO             NO              NO
Philip Hunt              YES            YES             YES
Kris Keen                YES            NO              ABSTAIN
Arwel Parry              YES            YES             YES
Thomas Lee               NO             NO              NO
Alan Scobbie             YES            YES             YES
Neil Irving              YES            YES             YES
Simon Bonnick            YES            YES             YES
Darren Meldrum           YES            YES             YES
Jon Skullerud            NO             YES             YES
Max Bone                 NO             NO              NO

- --------------------------------------------------------------------------
Voters Remarks
- --------------

I apologise for the slight delay in getting the results out, this is due 
to hectic life away from the computer and this is also my first vote so I 
have tried to make sure everything is correct - I hope.

The vote went very easily with no votes from banned domains or any bounced 

The only problem is with the invalid votes in which people failed to 
read the very clear instructions on the CFV as quoted below:


>For a vote to be valid please include your Real Name and Email address 
>within the ballot form.

Therefore the votes which failed to follow these instructions were not 
counted for the reasons given above. This is very harsh but I feel its the 
only course of action I can take if people cannot read all the CFV before 

This vote is being conducted by a neutral third party member of
UK-VOTING. UK-VOTING is a group of independent votetakers who count
votes on CFV's in the uk hierarchy. The rules under which this vote is
taken are posted regularly to uk.net.news.announce or can be found at
the following URL:

Rob Felton - Volunteer Votetaker, UK-VOTING. votequestion@swinny.cix.co.uk
UK-VOTING web pages are at http://www.harlech.demon.co.uk/ukvoting.html

Version: 2.6


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