04 Jul 2001: Creation of uk.local.peterborough

From: "Alex Holden" <vote-result@alex-holden.org.uk>
Date: Wed, 04 Jul 2001 21:15:52 +0100
Subject: RESULT: uk.local.peterborough PASSES 16:2
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                     RESULT OF CALL FOR VOTES


PROPOSAL - Create newsgroup uk.local.peterborough PASSES 16:2


Voting closed at 23:59:59 BST, 25th June 2001.

Proponent: "Dave Potato" <potato@neologic.demon.co.uk>
Votetaker: "Alex Holden" <vote-ulp@alex-holden.org.uk>


uk.net.news.announce, uk.net.news.config, uk.local.east-anglia,


The Results:

The results follow below in the following order:

1) Results
2) Voting Details
3) Votetakers Comments
4) Voting and Appeal Guidelines
5) Rationale, Summary of Discussion & Proposed Charter


PROPOSAL - Create unmoderated newsgroup uk.local.peterborough

     YES : 16 votes
      NO :  2 votes
 ABSTAIN :  4 votes
   Total : 22 votes

YES beat NO by a majority of 14 votes. For passage, there must be 12
more YES votes than NO votes. Accordingly, this proposal PASSES.



Valid votes received and counted:

Y=Yes, N=No, A=Abstain

Name                Address                            Vote

Alex Dawson         alex#dawson/uea#ca#ku               N
Andy Mabbett        andy/pigsonthewing#ogr#ku           Y
Barry Salter        ukvotes/salterg#demon#oc#ku         Y
Ben Sneddon         snedds/BTinternet#mco               Y
Bryan Anderson      bryananderson/btconnect#mco         Y
Dave Potato         potato/neologic#demon#oc#ku         Y
Dave Roberts        dave/studio-33#oc#ku                Y
Eddie Bernard       usenet/ebernard#greatxscape#ten     A
Jon Thomson         mawdl/csv#warwick#ca#ku             Y
Michael Parry       michael/cavrdg#demon#oc#ku          Y
Mike Pitt           mikepitt/slimy#greenend#ogr#ku      A
MJ Ray              markj+vote/cloaked#freeserve#oc#ku  N
Nick                nick/upsonuk#mco                    Y
Nigel Ashton        nigel/nigelashton#demon#oc#ku       Y
Paul Graves         paul/graves98#freeserve#oc#ku       Y
Peter Smyth         psmyth/ukf#ten                      Y
Philip Powell       philip/blencathra#ogr#ku            A
Richard Kettlewell  richard+pbolv/sfere#greenend#ogr#ku A
Robert E A Harvey   bobharvey/lineone#ten               Y
Simon Coombs        simon/nenevr#demon#oc#ku            Y
Susan Ashton        susan/ashton#demon#oc#ku            Y
Trevor Coote        croote/totalise#oc#ku               Y

Votes not counted: 

Name                 Address                          Reason

derrick mulvana      derrick/nnevall#demon#oc#ku      Ack bounce
oldmolly             oldmolly/ntlworld#mco            No ballot paper
                                                      Fresh CFV sent
                                                      no reply



This has been a very quiet vote. Votes which I have sadly had to
reject have been listed. One voter's vote was originally rejected but
was corrected and therefore has been included in the final results.



This vote was conducted by a neutral third party members of UKVoting.
UKVoting is a group of independent votetakers who count votes on
behalf of the uk.* hierarchy and other 3rd parties.

The rules under which votes for the uk.* hierarchy are taken are
posted regularly to uk.net.news.announce or can be found at the
following URL:


The UKVoting web pages can be found at <http://www.ukvoting.org.uk/>

There is a five day discussion period after these results are posted
to uk.net.news.announce.  Allegations of irregularity should be sent
to control@usenet.org.uk.





Although there are groups (uk.local.midlands and uk.local.east-anglia)
that encompass Peterborough, Peterborough's geographical location
makes it difficult to determine which is the most appropriate.  There
remains no single recognisable group within the uk.local.* hierarchy.

(Peterborough lies mid-way between the East Anglian coast and the
Midlands.  Historically, as the Soke of Peterborough, it did not lie
within any county.)



The initial RFD was submitted on 9 May 2001.  10 people contributed to
a total of 17 posts.  Questions were raised about Peterborough's
geographical location, and suggestions were made on how to improve the
wording in the charter.

A second RFD was submitted on 14 May, containing a clearer charter and
an expanded rationale to explain Peterborough's geographical
position. A large discussion soon developed, consisting of 14 people
and 46 posts; however it was mostly centred on whether MIME should be
allowed on Usenet, and whether or not "plaintext" is a real word,
rather than uk.local.peterborough per se.

The third RFD, submitted on 17 May, did not draw any discussion.  The
only amendment was to replace the word "plaintext" with the words
"plain text".



uk.local.peterborough is for the discussion of issues relating to
Peterborough, England.  Contributions are welcome from people who:
live, study, or work in; have an interest in the culture, history and
attractions of; or plan to visit the City.

Contributions are also welcome from those interested in neighboring
towns and cities in the Peterborough area, where no other local group


Advertising is strictly forbidden, with these exceptions:

Suppliers of goods and services relevant to Peterborough may post an
invitation to visit their web site or request details.  It should be
of four lines or fewer and not posted more than once every 3 months.
The subject line should begin "ADVERT: ", except for vacancy adverts,
when it should begin "JOB: ".


Messages posted to this newsgroup must not be cross-posted to more
than a TOTAL of four uk.local.* newsgroups; these may be
geographically adjacent or overlapping, or connected by the subject of
the post (e.g. "a proposed house move from Peebles to Peterborough").

Note that the advertising of widely-available goods or services is
*not* relevant in this context, and that most uk.local.* groups have
restrictions on advertising, or prohibit it.  Cross-posted adverts,
where allowed, must meet the requirements of the charters of *all*
groups involved.

Binaries & Formatting

Encoded binaries (e.g. pictures, compressed files, etc.) are
forbidden. Such material belongs on a web or FTP site to which a
pointer may be posted.  Cryptographic signatures (e.g. PGP) may be
used where appropriate.

Posts must be readable as plain text.  HTML, RTF and similarly
formatted messages are prohibited.  To see how to make your newsreader
comply with this, read <http://www.usenet.org.uk/ukpost.html>.


Anyone posting contrary to this charter may be reported to their
"postmaster" and/or Service Provider.


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Charset: noconv


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