28 Oct 2018: UK Usenet Committee Election 2018

From: Barry Salter <bsalter@ukvoting.org.uk>
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2018 14:12:05 +0000
Subject: RESULT - UK Usenet Committee Election 2018
Newsgroups: uk.net.news.announce,uk.net.news.config,uk.net.news.management


                        Result of Call for Votes
                   UK Usenet Committee Election 2018

Due to the continued prevalence of viruses and worms the harvest Usenet
posts for e-mail addresses, all e-mail addresses in these results are
modified to prevent this.


The following people are elected to serve as Open Members of the UK
Usenet Committee until December 2021:

        Ian Clifton
        Matt Dawson (aka 'Chronos')
        Matthew Vernon

Voting closed at 23:59:59 BST, 23rd October 2018.

Votetakers for the 2018 UK Usenet Committee Election:

   Primary: Barry Salter <bsalter (at) ukvoting (dot) org (dot) uk>
 Secondary: Jon Ribbens <jribbens (at) ukvoting (dot) org (dot) uk>


These results have been posted to the following newsgroups:


The full results follow below in the following order:

1) Information on the Ballot
2) Summary of Mail Received During the Voting Period
3) Results in Detail
4) Voter List
5) Counted Vote List
6) Votetaker's Comments
7) Voting and Appeal Information
8) Copy of Statements from the CFV


Information on the Ballot 

Voters were asked to rank the following candidates in order of

Ian Clifton                                   Candidate A
Stephen Thomas Cole                           Candidate B
Matt Dawson (aka 'Chronos')                   Candidate C
Matthew Vernon                                Candidate D


Summary of Mail Received During the Voting Period

 47 unique e-mail addresses requested ballot papers, of which:

 46 were valid Ballot Requests
  1 was a test message by the primary votetaker
 45 messages were received to the Voting Address, of which:

 43 were valid and counted votes
  1 was rejected due to the message being in binary format
  1 was a valid vote subsequently superseded by the voter


Results in Detail

The election was conducted using the Single Transferable Vote method of
voting, with the count carried out under the Electoral Reform Society's
1997 (3rd Edition) rules.

The STV analysis is as follows:

UK Usenet Committee Election 2018

Stage 1
Total Valid Vote: 43
Places to be filled +1: 4
So Quota = 43/4
Quota = 10.75

First Preferences
Ian Clifton 8.00
Stephen Thomas Cole 5.00
Matt Dawson (aka 'Chronos') 4.00 
Matthew Vernon 26.00

Matthew Vernon ELECTED 
with 26.00
over quota 10.75
Active Vote: 32.25
Places left+1: 3
Vote required for election now: 10.75
Stage 2
No candidates can be excluded, so we transfer the largest surplus
Surplus of Matthew Vernon

Ian Clifton gets 12 papers.
Stephen Thomas Cole gets 0 papers.
Matt Dawson (aka 'Chronos') gets 13 papers.
25 papers transferred.
Total Present Value: 25.00
1 paper is non-transferable.
Calculating transfer value: 15.25/25
Papers transferred at 0.61
Ian Clifton now has 15.32 votes.
Stephen Thomas Cole now has 5.00 votes.
Matt Dawson (aka 'Chronos') now has 11.93 votes.
0.00 votes non-transferable.

Ian Clifton ELECTED 
with 15.32
over quota 10.75

Matt Dawson (aka 'Chronos') ELECTED
with 11.93
over quota 10.75


In grid format, this is expressed as follows:

UK Usenet Committee Election 2018
Number to be elected: 3 (from 4)
Counted votes: 43
Quota for election on first round: 10.75

1st     Stage 2
Pref    T        A
  8       7.32   15.32  Elect    Ian Clifton  
  5       0.00    5.00           Stephen Thomas Cole
  4       7.93   11.93  Elect    Matt Dawson (aka 'Chronos')
 26     -15.25   10.75  Elect    Matthew Vernon

          0.00    0.00           Non-transferable
 43              43.00           Totals

Key to grid:

Stage 2 - Surplus of Matthew Vernon

T = number of votes transferred at this stage
A = votes for candidate after transfer


Voter List

The following individuals supplied valid votes:

Name                         E-Mail
A. non Eyemouse              anoneyemouse#eml#cc
Adam Funk                    a24061a#ducksburg#com
Alan Braggins                armb#chiark#greenend#org#uk
Alan LeHun                   alan#lehun#clara#co#uk
Ali                          ali#on_usenet#ntlworld#com

Anthony Gold                 not-for-mail#ahjg#co#uk
Bernie                       bernie#usenet#gmail#com
Brian                        Brian#bjforster#force9#co#uk
Brian Howie                  brian#b-howie#co#uk
Brian Morrison               bdm#fenrir#org#uk

Brian Reay                   g8osn#yahoo#co#uk
Charles Lindsey              chl#clerew#man#ac#uk
Chronos                      matt#chronos#org#uk
crn                          chris#newport#hotmail#co#uk
David Damerell               damerell#chiark#greenend#org#uk

Fred Roberts                 arbiter57#hotmail#co#uk
Graham Drabble               usenet05#drabble#me#uk
Graham Nye                   news#thenyes#org#uk
Huge                         huge#huge#org#uk
Ian Clifton                  ian#clifton#chem#ox#ac#uk

Ian Jackson                  ijackson#chiark#greenend#org#uk
John Hall                    john#jhall#co#uk
John the R-T                 john-the-r-t#gmx#co#uk
kat                          katstuff#the-kat#org
Mark Goodge                  mark#good-stuff#co#uk

Matthew Vernon               matthew#debian#org
Mike Fleming                 mike#tauzero#co#uk
mm0fmf                       mm0fmf#hotmail#com
Molly Mockford               com2018#mollymockford#me#uk
Nick Leverton                nick#leverton#org

Owen Rees                    owenrees#fastmail#fm
paul                         {voter}#watman#clara#co#uk
Paul Cummins                 paulcummins#gstgroup#co#uk
Pedt                         portcullis#fairfieldtowers#uk
Peter Parry                  peter#wpp#ltd#uk

Richard Kettlewell           rjk#terraraq#uk
Rocky                        djxrdr#yahoo#co#uk
Roger Hayter                 roger#hayter#org
Sn!pe                        snipeco#1#gmail#com
sparhawk                     imsparhawk2#gmail#com

STEPHEN THOMAS COLE          usenet#stephenthomascole#com
Theo                         theom+news#chiark#greenend#org#uk
trunky                       trunky#gmail#com


Counted Vote List

The guidelines for the UK Usenet Committee Elections stipulate
that the votes of all voters shall be published in such a way that
only the voter can recognise his/her own vote.

The following votes were counted, listed in alphanumeric order of
the Ballot Key:

             Ballot Key                A  B  C  D
====================================   ===========
049c279b-03c3-4e58-af51-685e6045aacb   3  -  2  1
04bea305-254a-4284-9bc6-7c571a961b05   2  4  3  1
0c7ee6be-0052-494f-b850-adc2ddf2067d   3  -  2  1
0ef565ac-5ed8-438a-996d-bdeb6d0921a5   3  -  1  2
100f3c14-ac13-4e0b-9ddc-ec43a637683e   2  -  1  3

13a30303-1e89-4a20-a45e-2ce8d65af99a   3  4  2  1
149dfd3f-7843-471b-bd80-f076a3ee2b56   1  4  2  3
1b4801ec-664d-4f64-bb04-18fa67b08aad   1  4  3  2
1e71a910-f491-4134-8a30-29ba5ab11e51   3  4  2  1
2388ff20-c03d-4b3e-8dc7-e32fde07658c   4  1  3  2

241ecc25-490e-48dc-a4aa-d38ef2ef8a29   2  -  3  1
2bbab851-9ab6-4935-9478-27fe5a2ede50   2  4  3  1
3060ae76-983d-4051-a65a-5a674d4560aa   3  -  2  1
36326e6e-81b9-4ef3-92d1-1a5371f0cd2e   2  A  3  1
3e74aaf4-ee05-4519-b859-f2cb89bf45c4   3  -  2  1

3f675687-8ece-41f1-af31-d0c5b6f956f4   3  4  2  1
4896716f-028a-4d08-bdff-64a4e50f6ecf   2  4  3  1
546c18f6-6cd1-4f74-b8cc-38be4ddc11c6   2  4  3  1
5f965a5f-f4c1-4a6c-83f0-8a93ac781d84   2  1  -  3
6831268b-ba5a-441a-87ad-5910bf1585d3   1  4  2  3

6caf1856-a5f6-4502-9254-3eb31c589ecc   1  -  2  3
6d3e1f53-4ae6-4241-8b48-ee851b5d3972   1  -  2  3
6d5ffd55-2a65-43e8-b46c-5b2fc9fae54d   2  -  3  1
7a560f3d-8f75-484c-af07-6dbdaf50a1e0   -  1  -  -
7d0f56f9-b367-49ee-89bd-3d7b38fc168e   3  4  2  1

81e9f8f0-bba7-43ba-9c25-bf4ec2ba1fb7   -  2  1  -
92edefa2-9dba-45cb-bfd5-818af167cccb   2  1  4  3
96c135c9-7cb5-4743-abbf-3a0db5eb85b7   1  -  -  2
97264cb8-859c-43dd-a5fb-9fa79aa52222   3  4  1  2
9c11215b-d176-42f8-8007-43c7bb12bf93   2  -  3  1

9d7b119e-6910-444e-860f-df7ee9d0ad7a   3  -  2  1
a6771e8b-a700-46e6-a493-f9fa42bb9961   4  1  3  2
ba1ebee4-a377-4a33-a24b-a65e2929e3f3   2  4  3  1
bbebf669-46aa-4741-b6ed-f18bf754c98f   1  3  4  2
c6608f69-f815-41dd-807e-d9dbfa18cb7e   3  4  2  1

c8ad445a-142b-4dfa-a29f-41b805efd208   3  4  2  1
cc40c5d7-7cbe-495c-be0d-19d0b2383afb   2  4  3  1
e055d0b1-26af-46b3-931a-d2ba7dcd05a9   3  4  2  1
e7340be5-0c40-41d1-b189-b3560a049efe   -  -  -  1
e8aec68f-9bd6-433d-918d-e274bbb3d4a2   3  -  2  1

eb5020f9-ad16-4686-b8d4-9848e12a11f6   2  4  3  1
ecaaaefe-f9e5-4011-b88a-a849aa2e328e   1  A  2  3
f56a41dc-950f-4ff6-aee8-cca326cbef9a   2  -  3  1

Key: - = No preference expressed for that candidate
     A = Explicit abstention expressed for that candidate

If you wish to check that your vote has been correctly recorded, your
Ballot Key can be found on your ballot paper and your acknowledgement.

It should be noted that the Ballot Keys were issued randomly, and the
sequence here does not match either the order in which ballot papers
were requested or the alphabetical sequence of voter names or email


Votetaker's Comments


There was drama during the nomination period as a result of one would be
candidate including a number of people in their application who flat out
denied doing so (a first for a Committee Election) and duly complained
to UKVoting about it.

Whilst such actions may be regarded as unethical, they are not forbidden
by either the Voting Procedures or the Committee Document. Rejecting the
application would have had the potential of setting a precedent whereby
someone could block a future application by agreeing to nominate a would
be candidate but then deny it when asked to confirm the nomination.

During the election period, the same candidate reposted the Call for
Votes to an unrelated newsgroup along with a definite "call to action".
This was brought to the attention of UKVoting, but as it was early in
the voting period there was insufficient data to determine whether it
had an effect on voting patterns. As such, it was decided that halting
the vote would be an overreaction.

As usual, voter validation proved relatively straightforward for the
most part, with the vast majority being regulars. Having said that, one
would be voter managed to submit a base64 encoded vote, which caused my
vote processing script to reject it. They rectified this within the
voting period, however.

Anyway, that's enough waffle from me. Let me end by congratulating Ian,
Matt and Matthew on their re-election.


Many thanks to Barry for handling the vote and producing a prompt
result, and congratulations to the elected candidates.


Voting and Appeal Information

This vote was conducted by neutral third party members of UKVoting.
UKVoting is a group of independent votetakers who count votes on
behalf of the uk.* hierarchy and other 3rd parties.

The rules under which votes for the uk.* hierarchy are taken are posted
regularly to uk.net.news.announce or can be found at the following URL:

The UKVoting web pages can be found at <http://www.ukvoting.org.uk/>

There is a five day discussion period after these results are posted to

Allegations of irregularity should be sent to the committee via email
to: control (at) usenet (dot) org (dot) uk.


(The information in this and the following section is a copy of that
provided in the CFV)

Definition of Open Class of Membership

Any participant in the uk.* hierarchy qualifies as a candidate in the
Open class.


Application Requirements

Any participant in the uk.* hierarchy qualifies as a nominator for the
Open class.

Any individual may nominate a maximum of three candidates.


Persons retiring from the Committee

In accordance with the Committee Document, the following Open Class
Members have served a full three year term and are deemed to be retiring
from the Committee. They are eligible for re-election.

Ian Clifton
Matthew Vernon
Matt Dawson (aka 'Chronos')



Four applications were received. The Committee had three vacancies
and therefore an Election was held to fill the three vacancies.

A list of the candidates is below:

Ian Clifton                                   Candidate A
Stephen Thomas Cole                           Candidate B
Matt Dawson (aka 'Chronos')                   Candidate C
Matthew Vernon                                Candidate D

Please find below details of the people who nominated each candidate
(Name & Email Address) and a short statement from each candidate.

Note: In each case, only the names of the first four nominators to
confirm their nomination are listed.


Candidate A

  Name: Ian Clifton
E-Mail: ian (dot) clifton (at) chem (dot) ox (dot) ac (dot) uk


  Name: Paul Cummins
E-Mail: paulcummins (at) tiscali (dot) co (dot) uk

  Name: Ian Jackson
E-Mail: ijackson (at) chiark (dot) greenend (dot) org (dot) uk

  Name: Mark Goodge
E-Mail: mark (at) good-stuff (dot) co (dot) uk

  Name: Molly Mockford
E-Mail: com2018 (at) mollymockford (dot) me (dot) uk

Personal Statement:

So, here we are again. I've reached an age at which my own son
cruelly mocks me for confusing recent and ancient events, so I'm
not going to pretend I can remember how many terms I've served, or
what I said in previous election statements. I also help moderate


Candidate B

  Name: Stephen Thomas Cole
E-Mail: usenet (at) stephenthomascole (dot) com 


  Name: Bernie
E-Mail: bernie (dot) usenet (at) gmail (dot) com

  Name: mm0fmf
E-Mail: mm0fmf (at) hotmail (dot) com

  Name: A. non Eyemouse
E-Mail: anoneyemouse (at) eml (dot) cc

  Name: Brian Howie
E-Mail: brian (at) b-howie (dot) co (dot) uk

Personal Statement:

Recognising that Usenet, in 2018, is, for all intents and purposes,
essentially dead, I propose to run for election to the uk.* Usenet
Committee on a campaign for increased proactive management of the
hierarchy by the elected Powers That Be.

If elected, I will consider my mandate to include (but not be limited
to) the following:

To push for an overhaul of the hierarchy rules;
To move uk.* services hosting to enthusiast volunteer provision;
To embed a new rule that all Committee members *must* put forward at
least one RFD per year.

For too long has the mantra "Do Nothing" been falsely accepted as
wisdom. If I have my way, the new mantra will be "Do Everything". YOLO.


Candidate C

  Name: Matt Dawson (aka 'Chronos')
E-Mail: matt (at) chronos (dot) org (dot) uk


  Name: Molly Mockford
E-Mail: com2018 (at) mollymockford (dot) me (dot) uk

  Name: Chris Newport
E-Mail: chris (dot) newport (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk

  Name: kat
E-Mail: katstuff (at) the-kat (dot) org

  Name: Mark Goodge
E-Mail: mark (at) good-stuff (dot) co (dot) uk

Personal Statement:

I care about Usenet and would like to ensure its continued survival.


Candidate D

  Name: Matthew Vernon
E-Mail: matthew (at) debian (dot) org


  Name: kat
E-Mail: littlelionne (at) hotmail (dot) com

  Name: Paul Cummins
E-Mail: paulcummins (at) tiscali (dot) co (dot) uk

  Name: Ian Clifton
E-Mail: ian (dot) clifton (at) chem (dot) ox (dot) ac (dot) uk
  Name: David Damerell
E-Mail: damerell (at) chiark (dot) greenend (dot) org (dot) uk

Personal Statement:

I have been on the Committee a while now (I think 3 terms); my policy in
unn* has been to add to discussion where I feel I have something
constructive to say, and to try and listen to other points of view.
I try hard to be civil. If re-elected, I will continue to listen
and contribute to debate. I see the committee's role as being to
facilitate the management of uk.* by the uk.* community.

I also serve as Control, and look after the modbots for 2 uk.* groups.

Charset: noconv


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