31 Mar 1997: uk.telecom proposals

From: Iain Bowen <voting@harlech.demon.co.uk>
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 1997 18:50:52 GMT
Subject: RESULTS: uk.telecom.* : MIXED RESULTS
Newsgroups: uk.net.news.config,uk.net.news.announce,uk.telecom


             Creation of uk.telecom.video-conf FAILS   48:73
             Creation of uk.telecom.mobile PASSES  86:55
             Renaming of uk.telecom to uk.telecom.misc FAILS 66:77

Voting Closed: 23:59:59 GMT, Monday 10th March 1997
This vote was conducted by a neutral third party member of UK-VOTING. 
UK-VOTING is a group of independent votetakers who count votes on CFV's 
in the uk hierarchy. The rules under which this vote was taken are posted 
regularly to uk.net.news.announce or can be found at the following URL:
ftp://src.doc.ic.ac.uk/usenet/news-info/news.answers/uk/voting. Further 
information on UK-VOTING can be found at http://www.harlech.demon.co.uk

For voting questions only contact voting@harlech.demon.co.uk (Iain Bowen).

For questions on uk.telecom.mobile contact: p-dent@ti.con (Peter Dent)


These results have been posted to the following newsgroups:
      uk.net.news.announce, uk.net.news.config, uk.telecom

Newsgroup lines:
uk.telecom.mobile	Mobile telephone equipment and networks

CHARTER: uk.telecom.mobile

	This group is for the discussion of topics relevant to:-
	1) The UK mobile and paging telephone companies.
	   (eg, Cellnet, Vodafone, One2One & Orange)
	   Fixed wireless services (eg Ionica & Atlantic Telecom) are NOT
	2) Telephone equipment available for the above networks

        Advertisements are not allowed, except one posting of 3 lines
        + URL for new services/products that are significantly
        different from that currently available.
        Binaries are not permitted on this group, however references
        to FTP-able material and Web URL's are allowed.


uk.telecom.video-conf failed. 
uk.telecom.mobile passed. 
uk.telecom to remain as is.

Ballots received and validated

70630(at)compuserve.com               Paul Ratcliffe     YES   YES   YES
ajcowie(at)cix.co.uk                  Andrew J Cowie      NO    NO    NO
alastair(at)alimac.demon.co.uk        Alastair McIntyre  YES   YES   YES
alan(at)asalmon.cix.co.uk             Alan Salmon        ABS   YES    NO
alan.ralph(at)ukonline.co.uk          Alan Ralph         YES   YES   YES
alex(at)nwnet.co.uk                   Alex Comerford      NO   YES   YES
alex(at)pgm-cons.demon.co.uk	      Alex Hardisty       NO    NO   YES
andrea(at)bloodaxe.demon.co.uk        Andrea Chee        YES   YES   YES
andy(at)ananam.demon.co.uk            Andy Lindsay        NO    NO    NO
awhiteb(at)cix.compulink.co.uk        Alan White          NO    NO    NO
A.D.B.Monro(at)exeter.ac.uk           A.D.B Monro         NO    NO    NO
Alan(at)cadleyclump.demon.co.uk       Alan Kay            NO    NO    NO
bellaire(at)tk.com                    James Belaire       NO   YES    NO
bob(at)bobg.demon.co.uk               Bob Geddes         YES   YES   YES
bridgesm(at)logica.com                Martin Bridges     ABS   YES   YES
bsc(at)bigfoot.com                    Benedict Cullum    YES   YES    NO
BlackA(at)logica.com                  Andrew Black       YES   YES   YES
Brian.Cockburn(at)i-cubed.co.uk       Brian Cockburn      NO   YES   YES
ceetnk(at)cee.hw.ac.uk                Timothy Kimber      NO   ABS    NO
chasm(at)zetnet.co.uk                 James Lawson        NO    NO    NO
chl(at)clw.cs.man.ac.uk               Charles Lindsey     NO   YES   ABS
chris(at)kenda.co.uk                  Chris Isbell       ABS   YES   YES
chris.dearlove(at)gecm.com            Chris Dearlove      NO   ABS    NO
cobb(at)rdgeng.enet.dec.com           Graham Cobb         NO    NO    NO
cornelius(at)vercor.demon.co.uk       Marc Cornelius      NO    NO    NO
cudac(at)csv.warwick.ac.uk            Tim Clark          YES    NO    NO
Charles(at)ellson.demon.co.uk         Charles Ellson     ABS   YES   YES
ChrisC(at)pobox.co.uk                 "Chris"            YES   YES    NO
Claire.Speed(at)mailhost.mcc.ac.uk    Claire Speed        NO   YES   ABS
Colin(at)meucymru.co.uk               Colin Bennett      YES   YES   YES
Conor(at)puddle.demon.co.uk           Conor O'Neill      YES   YES   YES
dabf(at)uk.gdscorp.com                Dave Fuggle        YES    NO    NO
dan(at)dangl.demon.co.uk              Dan Glover          NO   YES    NO
dave(at)dsds.demon.co.uk              Dave Spencer       YES   YES   YES
dave(at)llondel.demon.co.uk           David Hough         NO    NO    NO
david(at)election.demon.co.uk         David Boothroyd     NO    NO   YES
david(at)wood2.demon.co.uk            David Wood          NO   YES   YES
david.mayall(at)ukonline.co.uk        David Mayall        NO   YES   YES
davtom(at)drmach.demon.co.uk          David Thomas       ABS   YES   YES
dcutts(at)cix.comulink.co.uk          Dave Cutts         YES   YES   YES
douglas.holland(at)theshack.co.uk     Douglas Holland     NO    NO   YES
Don(at)DC-TRAIN.demon.co.uk           Don Carter         YES   YES   YES
DURKIN(at)NTCNAAS01PB.ntc.nokia.con   Durkin Martin       NO    NO    NO
etlkhhd(at)etlxdmx.ericsson.se        Keith Hood          NO    NO    NO
garry(at)goldhill.demon.co.uk         "Garry"            YES   YES   YES
geoffw(at)zetnet.co.uk                Geoff Webster       NO    NO    NO
gkb(at)aber.ac.uk                     Gary Barnes        YES   YES   YES
graham(at)barnowl.demon.co.uk         Graham Murray       NO    NO    NO
gwc(at)root.co.uk                     Geoff Clare        YES   YES   YES
Graeme.Thomas(at)insignia.co.uk       Graeme Thomas       NO    NO    NO
Gregm(at)raynet.demon.co.uk           Greg Mossop         NO    NO    NO
hansenho(at)dircon.co.uk              Chris Hansen-Ho    YES   YES   YES
hasan(at)state.demon.co.uk            Hasan Ali           NO    NO    NO
hgmunk(at)shumitza.demon.co.uk        Herbert Munk       YES   YES   YES
hick(at)pobox.co.uk                   Gareth Babb         NO   YES   YES
Howard.Orgel(at)orgels.demon.co.uk    Howard Orgel        NO    NO    NO
ian(at)johnrich.demon.co.uk           Ian Peattie         NO   YES   YES
ian(at)tigcomms.demon.co.uk           Ian Hay             NO    NO   YES
ian(at)weirdness.com                  Ian Chard           NO   YES   YES
idaniel(at)jesus.ox.ac.uk             Illtud Daniel      YES   YES   ABS
ivan(at)ardent.co.uk                  Ivan Finegan       ABS   YES    NO
Ian(at)sharpip.demon.co.uk            Ian Sharp          YES   YES   YES
jason(at)heaven.demon.co.uk           Jason Crouch        NO    NO    NO
jefft(at)cix.compulink.co.uk          Jeff Taylor         NO    NO    NO
jfhall(at)avondale.demon.co.uk        John Hall          ABS   ABS    NO
jim(at)jh-c.demon.co.uk               Jim Hill            NO    NO    NO
jml4(at)cus.cam.ac.uk                 John Line          ABS   YES   ABS
jnoble(at)armltd.co.uk                Jim Noble          YES   YES   YES
jockm(at)basluton.demon.co.uk         Jock Mackirdy      ABS   YES    NO
john(at)jfaqs.sonnet.co.uk            John Anstey        ABS   YES   YES
john(at)linux.demon.co.uk             John Phillips      ABS   YES   YES
jon(at)serf.org                       Jon Harley         YES   YES    NO
jonathan(at)klnhd.demon.co.uk         Jonathan Key       YES   YES   YES
jonsg(at)harlequin.co.uk              Jon Green           NO   YES   YES
jrg(at)blodwen.demon.co.uk            James Grinter       NO    NO    NO
jsw(at)isise.rl.ac.uk                 John Wright        YES   YES    NO
Janusz.Lukasiak(at)mailhost.mcc.ac.uk Janusz Lukasiak    YES    NO    NO 
John(at)blundell.demon.co.uk          John Blundell      ABS    NO    NO
ken(at)kenhughes.prestel.co.uk        Ken Hughes         YES   YES   YES
ken.veasey(at)btinternet.com          Ken Veasey         YES   YES   YES
les(at)tracker.demon.co.uk            Les Carleton        NO   YES   YES
leveret(at)warren.demon.co.uk         Nick Leverton      ABS   YES    NO
mark(at)dumbrill.demon.co.uk          Mark Dumbrill      YES   YES   YES
matthew(at)itconsult.co.uk            Matthew Richardson  NO    NO   YES
mbm(at)mort.demon.co.uk               Malcolm Mladenovic ABS   ABS    NO
mc(at)mchome.demon.co.uk              Mike Clements       NO    NO    NO
meldrum(at)dial.pipex.com             Darren Meldrum     ABS    NO    NO
melkor(at)utumno.demon.co.uk          Jeremy Evans        NO    NO    NO
michael(at)cavrdg.demon.co.uk         Michael Parry      YES   YES   YES
mike(at)mikecat.demon.co.uk           Mike Cattell        NO    NO    NO
mike(at)tigana.demon.co.uk            Mike Convey        ABS   ABS    NO
mike(at)tw2.com                       Mike Henry         YES   YES   YES
mike.ginger(at)metricom.seuk.com      Mike Ginger        YES   YES    NO
mjb(at)pootle.demon.co.uk             Michael Brown      YES   YES    NO
MCF(at)datcon.co.uk                   Matthew Finlayson   NO    NO    NO
Merkarell(at)ellmar.demon.co.uk       Mark Eller         YES   YES   YES
Mike.Belch(at)UK.Sun.COM              Mike Belch         YES   YES   YES
ncw(at)axis.demon.co.uk               Nick Craig-Wood     NO    NO    NO
neil(at)nharris.demon.co.uk           Neil Harris         NO    NO    NO
nick(at)aboard.co.uk                  Nick Perry          NO   YES   YES
nick(at)njp-systems.cix.co.uk         Nick Pulsford      YES   YES   YES
nigel.scott(at)dial.pipex.com         Nigel Scott        ABS   YES    NO
nightwol(at)dircon.co.uk              Steve Fagg          NO    NO    NO
nsimmons(at)scigen.co.uk              "nsimmons"         ABS    NO    NO
oakleym(at)admin.ehche.ac.uk          Mark Oakley         NO    NO    NO
pabooth(at)totalweb.co.uk             Paul Booth          NO   YES    NO
parkin(at)solartron.com               Dave Parkin        YES   YES    NO 
paul(at)pcserv.demon.co.uk            Paul Carpenter      NO   ABS    NO
pb10003(at)cus.cam.ac.uk              Paul Bolchover     YES   YES   INV[1]
pete(at)physchem.ox.ac.uk             Pete Biggs          NO    NO    NO
peter(at)aldie.co.uk                  Peter Ilieve        NO    NO    NO
peter(at)sumnerp.demon.co.uk          Peter Sumner        NO    NO    NO
peter(at)verrine.demon.co.uk          Peter Corlett       NO    NO    NO
phil.henry(at)telcore.demon.co.uk     Phil Henry          NO    NO   YES
pmd(at)tcp.net.uk                     Phil Dye            NO   YES   YES
pstaveley(at)zetnet.co.uk             Peter Staveley     ABS   YES   YES
p-dent(at)ti.com                      Peter Dent         ABS   YES   YES
Peter(at)adelheid.demon.co.uk         Peter Strangman     NO    NO    NO
Peter(at)lemoncurry.compulink.co.uk   Peter McMinn       YES   YES    NO
Philip.Moss(at)Swindon.gpsemi.com     Philip Moss         NO    NO    NO
richard(at)bonshaw.demon.co.uk        Richard Anderton    NO    NO    NO
richard(at)cogsci.ed.ac.uk            Richard Tobin       NO    NO    NO
richard(at)corixia.demon.co.uk        Richard Ashton      NO   YES    NO
richard(at)illuin.demon.co.uk         Richard Letts      ABS   YES    NO
richard(at)stonix.demon.co.uk         Richard Lamont     YES   YES   YES
richard(at)turnpike.com               Richard Clayton    YES   YES    NO
rickm(at)pixel.co.uk                  Rick Martin         NO   YES    NO
rrl(at)minfo.demon.co.uk              R Ross-Langley      NO   YES   YES
RJ.Millar(at)ulst.ac.uk               Richard Millar     ABS   YES   YES
RJAVERY(at)europem01.nt.com           Richard Avery      ABS   YES   YES
RSW(at)anchorag.demon.co.uk           Russell Whitworth   NO   YES   YES
sca(at)heysford.demon.co.uk           Simon Allen        YES   YES    NO
simon(at)nuts.demon.co.uk             Simon Bonnick       NO    NO    NO
simon(at)star-one.org.uk              Simon Gray         ABS   ABS    NO
sjg(at)k2.stcatz.ox.ac.uk             Stephen Gower       NO   YES    NO
stepbar(at)nortel.ca                  Steve Barnes       YES   YES   YES
steven.clarke(at)keble.oxford.ac.uk   Steven Clark       YES   YES   ABS
stuart(at)hyperion.co.uk              Stuart Fiske       ABS   YES   YES
Simon(at)obsydian.demon.co.uk         "Simon"             NO    NO    NO
telecon(at)dircon.co.uk               Steve Ellwood       NO    NO    NO
tfl(at)psp.co.uk                      Thomas Lee         YES   YES   YES
tgold(at)microvst.demon.co.uk         Anthony Gold       ABS   YES   YES
tone(at)antb.demon.co.uk              "Tone"             YES   YES   YES
training(at)bcceddts.demon.co.uk      Andy Mabbett       YES   ABS   YES
TEX(at)rmcs,cranfield.ac.uk           Brian Kelly        ABS    NO    NO
u4d14cc(at)cc.keele.ac.uk             Julian White       YES   YES    NO
v.narinian(at)ic.ac.uk                Vartan Narinian     NO    NO    NO
vashti(at)drmach.demon.co.uk          Rachael Munns       NO   YES   YES

Invalid ballots
chris(at)monrepos.no.spam.demon.co.uk        Spamblock
peter(at)wppltd.demon.co.uk                  Reply-To set to localhost
root(at)quetz.demon.co.uk                    Administative Address

[0]Real Names (or established handles) were not a requirement for this vote due
to the idiot votetaker not putting space for them on the ballot.

[1] Only the vote on the third part of the ballot was invalid, the rest of the
ballot was counted.

Votetakers Rant

149 valid ballots were received. The majority of which where correctly 
formatted although a number had the votes outside the voting box. I shall 
have to work on improving the rubric again :-( But no complete CFV's were
sent back which was much better than normal.

Apart from the usual problems with votes, the two new fun things appear to be
spamblocks and setting your reply-to address as localhost. The Perl script that
leafs through my mailbox sending replies is dumb and can't spot this and 
therefore replies to them. I do not believe that it is job of the votetaker 
to spot deliberately invalid mail addresses and hand-cruft replies to them, 
if you are mailing in a vote - remove your spamblock. Mentioning spamblocks, 
I hope that the system I have used above will stop "harvesters" getting this 
vote -if anyone has UCE that they think has come from this posting, mail me 
at my personal address (iain.bowen@harlech) and I'll revise the idea.

Oh yes, MIME mail, having upgraded my mailer recently - I didn't have too
much problem with the many people who seem to insist on sending their mail
quoted/unreadable and I even managed to get around the gentleman whose headers
proudly announced that it was a Japanese encoded mail, however I did not 
enjoy the multipart/alternative mail one little bit - HTML is for the fscking
Web not mail or News. Btw, MIME fiends are warned, if I can't read it easily
using my mailer or less, it don't get counted.

My apologies for the delay. I decided to do all this by hand rather than 
rewriting the Perl and it took longer that I thought. My new job is also a
little knackering and I appear to have started a relationship - my timing is,
as you can all see, impeccable.
Iain D. Bowen  - Volunteer Votetaker, UK-VOTING. voting(at)harlech.demon.co.uk
      please use alaric(at)harlech.demon.co.uk for personal mail.
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