17 Oct 1995: uk.rec.motorsport.misc

RESULT: uk.rec.motorsport.misc passes 52:2
Author:   Mark Alexander 
Email: voting@alexr.demon.co.uk 
Date: 1995/10/17 
Forums: uk.net.news.config, uk.net.news.announce, rec.autos.sport.misc  
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          unmoderated group uk.rec.motorsport.misc passes 52:2

Voting for this CFV closed 23:59:59 UTC(GMT), 15 October 1995

This vote was conducted by a neutral third party.  For voting questions
only contact Mark Alexander <voting@alexr.demon.co.uk>  For questions
about the proposal itself contact Bill Melotti <bill.melotti@rl.ac.uk>
or John Upham <j.e.upham@reading.ac.uk>


uk.rec.motorsport.misc passes 52 yes : 2 no

There were 9 (Nine) Invalid Votes

For group passage, YES votes must be a majority of all valid (YES and
NO) votes. There also must be at least 12 more YES votes than NO votes.

There is a five day discussion period after these results are posted.
If no serious allegations of voting irregularities are raised, the group
will be created shortly thereafter.

This RESULT has been cross posted to:



The proposed new name for the group is 'uk.rec.motorsport.misc'


This new group wil be for the discussion of any aspect of motorsports in
the UK, or peculiar to the UK, on either two or four (or even three ?)
wheels. Primarily topics should be those applicable to
involvement/participation in UK Motorsports. Although discussion would
be allowed on World Championship issues (eg F1/WRC) these should really
take place on a world wide group eg rec.auto.sport.f1., unless it is the
UK round in question. (eg British Grand Prix)

The language of the newsgroup will be English

Some advertising postings will be allowed, provided they are related to
motorsports and not just general car/bike interest, kept to a minimum
length and subject to these additional qualifications:-

- Any announcement from a non-profit organisation is allowed
- Any announcement from a motor club, motoring organisation, RACMSA,
motorsports venues is allowed
- Announcements from commercial organisations (only those in the
motorsports industry), such as changes of premises, new service or
facility are allowed.
- Follow ups to postings requesting information, are allowed from any
organisation provided it is motorsport related.
- For sale/wanted adverts are restricted to competition cars or parts,
or people eg 'Mechanic needed for weekend of....'. Motor clubs are
kindly requested not to post 'Marshals needed...' type postings, but to
limit the posting to an announcement of the event (mentioning marshal
requirements), because marshals are *always* needed. The only exception
here is if there is a particularly urgent need for trained or otherwise
specialised marshals. eg radio, firefighting, first aid.

Anything not fitting these criteria and repeated unsolicited
'information' postings of essentially the same content are not allowed.

Binaries are not allowed. Anybody wishing to post publically a binary
(for instance a photograph) should post it to a recognised newsgroup for
binaries and post a pointer to it within uk.rec.motorsport.misc

This group would be unmoderated

Discussion and news regarding UK Motorsports, primarily from those


We and many others on the net in the UK have an active interest in
motorsport and see a need for a forum to discuss issues relating to
motorsport, a place for annoucements, reports and other general
discussions on UK motorsport.

Motorsports in the UK are diverse and a UK newsgroup would provide this
forum, which we don't believe is currently met by other newsgroups or
mailing lists.

There are two mailing lists known to us. The UK road_rally list only
hosts about 30 people and traffic is low. The RALLY-L hosts many more,
but then suffers (IOHO) with the basic disadvantage of a mailing list:
You get everything even if you don't want it.

The only suitable newsgroup hierarchy we know of is the
rec.autos.sport.* The discussion on here tends to be more World/US
oriented. This is demonstrated simply by the names on of some of the

John Uphams rallying WWW pages have shown by the demand on them that
there is considerable net interest in just this form of motorsport in
the UK, yet many of us do not feel disposed to post. A quick look at
these appeared to suggest that only (roughly) 1 in 10 to 1 in 20 posts
seem to eminate from somewhere other than the states (based on the
assumtion that 3 letter domains are USA domains)

The following is a quick count of postings shown on one server
(news.rl.ac.uk) and shown are total postings/non-USA/UK

rec.auto.sport.info  15/6/2
              .tech  10/0/0
              .misc  12/0/0
              .f1    32/6/4		(I only counted 32 most recent)
              .nascar  (sorry couldn't be bothered to count)
              .indy    (ditto)

As can be seen by the names only the first four come close to providing
a discussion area for UK motorsports and these carry few postings. We do
not believe this represents the interest in motorsport in the UK of
people with internet access. We believe there is basically nowhere
suitable for them to post. Nowhere is there an area to discuss:

UK rallying (stage, road, classic and historic)
Trailling (including PCTs)
Racing (other than F1, which we believe should in most cases remain under
rec.autos anyway)
Classic/Veteran runs

We therefore believe the need for just one group under which all of
these can be discussed is easily justified for the moment. What we do
not believe is that several groups need to be created. However we
suspect that in time they will be needed, hence the desire to create the
structure for that now, with the implementation of a .misc group.


The following list of addresses is copyright 1995 by the AlexR
Partnership.  Use for any purpose other than verifying the vote for this
newsgroup is prohibited.

Final Vote Ack

1) Voted YES (Total 52)
Alan Wakeman <alanw@ingres.com>                           [YES]
Andrew Errington <A.Errington@lancaster.ac.uk>            [YES]
Andrew Henry <A.H.Henry@bath.ac.uk>                       [YES]
Andrew Juniper <AJUNIPER@madge.com>                       [YES]
Andy Harvey <andy@radagast.demon.co.uk>                   [YES]
Barry Johnson <barry@revlimit.zynet.co.uk>                [YES]
Bill Melotti <melotti@te.rl.ac.uk>                        [YES]
Caroline Mac Intyre <Caroline@eutech3.demon.co.uk>        [YES]
Chris Ames <chris@mousemat.demon.co.uk>                   [YES]
Christine Castell <paperdart@colloquium.co.uk>            [YES]
Clive Grounds <clive@grounds.dungeon.com>                 [YES]
Colin Cockerill <cdlc@hencomp.win-uk.net>                 [YES]
Colin Wilson <100350.3476@compuserve.com>                 [YES]
Darren Galpin <py3dlg@bath.ac.uk>                         [YES]
Dave Budd <zlsiida@fs1.mcc.ac.uk>                         [YES]
Dave Crook <DCrook@qtrnnts1.telecom.com.au>               [YES]
Dave McKinlay <shiny@itl.net>                             [YES]
David Alan Nelson <n1zlp%breamish@newcastle.ac.uk>        [YES]
David Crooke <dcc@dcs.ed.ac.uk>                           [YES]
David James <david@tcs01.demon.co.uk>                     [YES]
Diane DiBerardino <diane143@tiac.net>                     [YES]
DUNCAN FORRESTER <duncan.forrester@almac.co.uk>           [YES]
Fred Mitchell <fred@mitchf.demon.co.uk>                   [YES]
Iain P Whitehead <iain@warpdriv.demon.co.uk>              [YES]
Ian J Deeley <I.J.Deeley@sussex.ac.uk>                    [YES]
Jeremy Rodgers <JJR@mm-camb.mottmac.co.uk>                [YES]
Jim Norton <Jim_Norton@intsol.win-uk.net>                 [YES]
John Dowson <jdo@star.le.ac.uk>                           [YES]
John Hayden <jhayden@iccu6.ipswichcity.qld.gov.au>        [YES]
John Upham <J.E.Upham@reading.ac.uk>                      [YES]
Joseph Macon Wesley McGlohen <retread@ix.netcom.com>      [YES]
Lubin Poulton <lubin.poulton@zetnet.co.uk>                [YES]
Marc E. Goldfarb <goldfarb@tomcat.adc.ray.com>            [YES]
Mark Smith <mark@te.rl.ac.uk>                             [YES]
Martin Berry <martin@lanch.demon.co.uk>                   [YES]
Matt Kelland <matt@ukonline.co.uk>                        [YES]
MICHAEL SIGGINS <msiggins@postoffice.newnham.utas.edu.au> [YES]
Pete Meloy <petery@profund.demon.co.uk>                   [YES]
Peter Harrison <P.Harrison@cranfield.ac.uk>               [YES]
Peter Robson <E_PGR@vaxa.nerc-murchison.ac.uk>            [YES]
Quaintance, Vernon <QUAINTANCV@oldpeter.agw.bt.co.uk>     [YES]
Richard J. Peaker <richard@brambles.demon.co.uk>          [YES]
Simon Davey <sdavey@ksad.demon.co.uk>                     [YES]
Simon Mitchell <Simon@jeepster.demon.co.uk>               [YES]
Sivanendra Selvanayagam <siva@te.rl.ac.uk>                [YES]
Stephen M Baines <Stephen@vollans.demon.co.uk>            [YES]
Steve Lewin <sl@rb.icl.co.uk>                             [YES]
Stewart Mac Intyre <Stewart@eutech3.demon.co.uk>          [YES]
Tim Chesnutt <ab613@ccn.cs.dal.ca>                        [YES]
Tony Michael <tony@cmlmicro.demon.co.uk>                  [YES]
Wayne Covington <wayne@hpccqd.fc.hp.com>                  [YES]
William Turner <wturner@acorn.co.uk>                      [YES]

2) Voted NO (Total 2)

Alan Fleming <etrigan@rhyme.demon.co.uk>                  [NO ]
Mark D  Jilson <jilly@crashr.enet.dec.com>                [NO ]

3) INVALID VOTES (Total of 9)

3a) Voted on DRAFT CFV (3)

J.M.Dunsdon@soton.ac.uk                          [VOTED ON DRAFT CFV]
Ken Clark <kenc@c-side.cityscape.co.uk>          [VOTED ON DRAFT CFV]
Roger Davidson <Roger.Davidson@sun.co.uk>        [VOTED ON DRAFT CFV]

3b) No Vote Statement in Message or Incomplete Ballot (4)

Rob Wagner <76622.1606@compuserve.com>           [NO VOTE]
Peter Burch <burch@te.rl.ac.uk>                  [NO VOTE]
Tony Rawlings <acr@ula.cam.ac.uk>                [INCOMPLETE BALLOT]
Philip Rennie <P.R.A.Rennie@reading.ac.uk>       [INCOMPLETE BALLOT]

3c) Vote by an Organisation rather than a person (1)
RUMC <MotorClub@reading.ac.uk>                   [NOT A PERSON]

3d) Voted for group not in CFV (1)

Dave White <D.F.White@lut.ac.uk>                 [VOTED FOR motorsport.uk]

Mark Alexander, Volunteer Votetaker, UK-VOTING

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