09 Nov 1995: Reorganise uk.announce & events

RESULT: uk.announce/events reorganisation - MIXED RESULTS
Author:   Iain D. Bowen 
Email: voting@harlech.demon.co.uk 
Date: 1995/11/09 
Forums: uk.net.news.config, uk.net.news.announce, uk.announce, uk.events  
Message-ID:   <richard-uk.announce-9-Nov-1995-212911-GMT@io.salford.ac.uk> 


			Moderation of uk.announce
			Moderation of uk.events
			Creation of associated discussion groups        

Voting for this CFV closed 23:59:59 UTC(GMT), 1 November 1995

This vote was conducted by a neutral third party.  For voting questions
only contact Iain Bowen <voting@harlech.demon.co.uk>  For questions about
the proposal itself contact Charles Lindsey <chl@clw.cs.man.ac.uk>.

Moderation of uk.announce                                PASSES  132 : 12      
Renaming of uk.announce to uk.announce.misc              FAILS    57 : 66
uk.events AV vote                                        MODERATED (see below)
uk.events.renaming to uk.announce.events                 PASSES   90 : 36
Principle of Creation of a discussion group              PASSES  121 : 19      
Separate or single Discussion Group(s)                   SEPARATE 58 : 57

For group passage, YES votes must be a majority of all valid (YES and NO)
votes.   There also must be at least 12 more YES votes than NO votes.

There is a five day discussion period after these results are posted.  If no
serious allegations of voting irregularities are raised, the group will be 
created shortly thereafter.


uk.announce and uk.events contain an excessive amount of inappropriate
traffic. This traffic includes scams, spam, discussion, and flames. This
devalues these groups.

The way forward is to impose moderation. Discussion of announcements may
continue in an unmoderated group provided for this purpose. In proposing
moderation, we also aim to clarify the purpose of these groups.

The attached charter is essentially that proposed in the RFD, except for
some clarification of the section on Commercial Postings, and an emphasis
on the right of the moderator to divert articles to the more appropriate
of the two groups. As requested during the RFD stage, the opportunity has
been provided to choose between

	Moderating uk.announce or not
	Moderating/Removing/Leaving-asis uk.events
	Renaming them as uk.announce.[events,misc]
	Creating a separate discussion group(s) (or leaving discussions to
	and having separate discussion group for announce and
	    events, or having just the one.

Note that the following charter will be modified in the obvious manner
according to which options are actually accepted in the vote. Passages
within [...] indicate the main sections subject to change for this reason.


uk.announce[.misc] is a moderated group for announcing news of specific
interest to the UK readership. uk[.announce].events is a moderated group
for announcing UK events. They provide a means of posting announcements to
a wider audience than the readership of the newsgroups in which their
subjects would naturally place them.

These groups are moderated by a single moderator or team [who may determine
which of the two groups is more appropriate for any particular article].

[Corresponding unmoderated .d subgroups provide for discussion of
announcements. All announcements are crossposted to the discussion group for
those who prefer to see everything within a single group.]

The moderator is human, although the moderator is allowed to use software
to automatically filter obviously violating posts. The moderator may act
to confirm the identity of the poster before posting. All posts must
include the poster's address, although this may be anonymous.

Posts are accepted as a general rule. The following classifications of
posts will almost certainly be rejected, subject in all cases to the
moderators discretion:

o Follow-ups, except for the original poster repairing a factual error.

o Posts not specifically relevant to the UK.

o Questions. [ But clear questions are acceptable in uk[.announce].events ]

o Commercial advertisements. See notes below.

o Classified advertisements.

o Posts exceeding 4kbytes in total length.

o Reviews (these are the poster's opinion, not information).

o Scams, Spam, Velveeta (excessive crossposting), and Flames.

o Posts repeated within 3 months.

o Badly formatted posts that the moderator decides not to clean up.

Posts must be in English unless a translation is supplied AND the
moderator is in a position to verify the accuracy of the translation.

The moderator may alter header lines as appropriate and clean up the
formatting of text (e.g. lines in excess of 80 characters), and insert
clearly identified comments in square brackets at the start of the post.
No other changes are allowed.

[The moderator will set the Followup-To line to point to the [appropriate]
discussion group, unless the poster specifies an alternative group. In
the latter case the follow-up group should be noted in the body of the

Rejected posts are returned with a copy of this charter, and a note of
explanation from the moderator. Items are posted as soon as workload
allows, but a latency of 2 working days should be allowed for when
submitting items.


There is no particular objection to commercial announcements provided they
are relevant, concise, and are in the style of a "Press Release" rather than
in the exaggerated style of an "advertisement". The balance between information
and hype is the major factor. The final decision rests with the moderator.
Any invitation to send money must specify precisely the goods or services to
be supplied.


There will be a team of moderators, one of whom will be the primary
moderator with the others acting as backups in the event of the primary
moderator being absent. The role of primary moderator may rotate around
the team members.

Posting to the moderated newsgroups in the usual way will result in the
post being emailed to the moderator.

The proposed moderators are: 
Alan Glover <aglover@acorn.co.uk> / <alan@pinesoft.demon.co.uk>, 
Brian McCauley <B.A.McCauley@bham.ac.uk> , 
Les Carleton <les@tracker.demon.co.uk>.


uk.announce             General announcements of UK interest (Moderated)
uk.announce.d           Discussion of articles in uk.announce
uk.announce.events      Forthcoming events within the UK (Moderated)
uk.announce.events.d    Discussion of articles in uk.events

uk.events AV vote

First Count
	Moderation     111 - PASSES QUOTA
	Removal         21
	No Change       11


The following list of addresses is copyright 1995 by the Revolutionary
Penguin Press(1985).  Use for any purpose other than verifying the vote
for this newsgroup is prohibited.

Final Vote Ack

Separate (A) or single (B) discussion groups -------------------------------
Creation of discussion groups ----------------------------------------   |  |
Renaming of uk.events to uk.announce.events -------------------------    |  |
AV vote on uk.events (moderate, remove, no change) --------------    |   |  | 
Renaming of uk.announce to uk.announce,misc ----------------     |   |   |  |
Moderation of uk.announce  -----------------------------    |    |   |   |  |
							|   |    |   |   |  | 
							v   v    v   v   v  v
70374.3073@compuserve.com          Chris J. Galley      N   N   231  N   Y  A
A.M.Wall@newcastle.ac.uk           Adrian Wall          Y   Y   123  Y   Y  -
A.SILVERTOWN@btldip.boat.bt.com    Adrian Silvertown    Y   Y   1    Y   Y  A
afrost@omi.co.uk                   Amthony Frost        Y   Y   132  Y   Y  A
ajh@primag.co.uk                   Andrew Haylett       Y   Y   132  Y   Y  B
ajs6@leicester.ac.uk               Andrew Stoker        Y   Y   132  Y   Y  B
alan@pinesoft.demon.co.uk          Alan Glover          Y   Y   123  Y   Y  B
Alan.Thew@liverpool.ac.uk          Alan Thew            Y   N   1--  N   Y  -
Alec.Muffett@sun.co.uk             Alec Muffett         Y   Y   -1-  Y   Y  B
andrew@bach.demon.co.uk            Andrew Black         Y   N   132  Y   Y  -
andrew@harlequin.co.uk             Dr Andrew Aitchson   Y   -   132  -   Y  A
andrew@ranworth.org                Andrew Ingle         Y   N   213  N   N  A
andy@bingham.demon.co.uk           Andy Bingham         Y   Y   132  Y   Y  A
andy@oznet.demon.co.uk             Andy Osborne         Y   Y   132  Y   Y  B
andy@websvcs.demon.co.uk           Andy Ward            Y   Y   123  Y   Y  A
Anthony@nternd.demon.co.uk         Anthony Kirby        Y   N   132  Y   Y  A
aperta@enigma.win-uk.net           Stephen Meechan      Y   N   312  -   Y  B
arwel@cartref.demon.co.uk          Arwel Parry          Y   N   132  Y   Y  B
aw1@stade.co.uk                    Adrian Wontroba      Y   N   213  N   Y  B
B.A.McCauley@bham.ac.uk            Brian McCauley       Y   N   132  -   Y  -
bancroft@shoebox.win-uk.net        Bancroft Gracey      Y   N   132  N   Y  A
barry@revlimit.zynet.co.uk         Barry Johnson        Y   N   123  Y   Y  A
bdp@cix.compulink.co.uk            B D Pyne             Y   Y   132  Y   Y  A
brian@bcsl.demon.co.uk             Brian Meadows        Y   Y   12-  Y   Y  A
cdlc@hencomp.win-uk.net            Colin Cockerill      Y   N   132  N   Y  B
chl@clw.cs.man.ac.uk               Charles Lindsey      Y   N   123  N   N  B
chris@isbell.demon.co.uk           Chris Isbell         Y   N   132  N   Y  A
chris@rivers.dra.hmg.gb            Christopher Samuel   Y   N   132  N   Y  B
chrisb@mistral.co.uk               Chris Reader         N   N   321  -   Y  A
chrisf@pipex.net                   Chris Fletcher       Y   Y   1--  Y   Y  A
Chris_Clifford@neath.demon.co.uk   Chris Clifford       Y   N   132  Y   N  B
colin@silurian.demon.co.uk         Colin Mansell        Y   Y   132  Y   Y  B
Colin.Hogben@jet.uk                Colin Hogben         Y   Y   132  Y   Y  -
crn@netix.demon.co.uk              C.R.Newport          Y   Y   132  Y   Y  A
d.love@dl.ac.uk                    Dave Love            Y   Y   132  Y   Y  B
D.Stevens@east-anglia.ac.uk        David Stephens       Y   N   123  N   N  B
dave@demsys.demon.co.uk            Dave MacRae          Y   Y   132  Y   Y  B
dave@dmalcolm.demon.co.uk          Dave Malcolm         Y   N   132  N   Y  A
david@londonci.demon.co.uk         David Parry          Y   Y   213  Y   Y  A
david@masthead.demon.co.uk         David Brazendale     Y   Y   132  Y   Y  A
David@wumpus.demon.co.uk           David Furber         Y   N   213  Y   Y  A
davidh@churchill.co.uk             David Hitchcock      Y   -   132  -   Y  A
DChallis@bmd.co.uk                 Daniel Challis       N   N   ---  N   N  -
dornan@compsci.bristol.ac.uk       Chris Dornan         Y   N   132  N   N  -
e.chiat@sheffield.ac.uk            Eliot Chiat          Y   Y   132  Y   N  B
etrigan@rhyme.demon.co.uk          Alan Fleming         Y   Y   132  Y   N  B
fp@castle.ed.ac.uk                 Frank Plab           Y   N   213  -   N  B
g@ghall.demon.co.uk                Gilbert Hall         -   -   132  N   -  -
G6JPG@soft255.demon.co.uk          J.P.Gilliver         Y   Y   213  N   -  -
				   Geoff Lynas          Y   Y   132  Y   Y  B
gmb@natcorp.ox.ac.uk               Glynis Baguley       Y   -   123  -   Y  -
godfrey2@coventry.ac.uk            Bill Godfrey         Y   N   132  Y   Y  A
Gordon.Grant@jet.uk                Gordon Grant         N   N   --1  N   N  -
gre@mtits.co.uk                    Gwyn Evans           Y   -   132  Y   Y  A
haskett@cix.compulink.co.uk        Neil Haskett         Y   -   132  -   -  -
hodgsonk@internet-pilot.uk-po.com  Kate Hodgson         Y   N   213  N   Y  B
I.R.Neal@bham.ac.uk                Ian R. Neal          Y   Y   12   Y   Y  B
ian@biop.ox.ac.uk                  Ian Clifton          Y   -   123  Y   Y  B
ian@traynor.demon.co.uk            Ian Traynor          Y   Y   132  Y   Y  A
ian.halmonroyd@mkbbs.co.uk         Ian Halmonroyd       Y   Y   132  Y   Y  B
iay@threel.co.uk                   Ian Young            Y   N   132  N   Y  A
idaniel@jesus.ox.ac.uk             Illtud Daniel        Y   Y   1--  Y   N  -
J.D.Morris-Smith@cs.bham.ac.uk     Jon Morris-Smith     Y   N   132  N   Y  A
J.J.Smith@ftel.co.uk               John Smith           Y   -   1    -   Y  A
jfhall@avondale.demon.co.uk        John F Hall          Y   N   123  N   Y  A
jim@bra01.icl.co.uk                Jim Cheetham         Y   Y   132  Y   Y  B
JLynch@ldta.demon.co.uk            John Lynch           Y   -   132  -   -  A
jml4@cus.cam.ac.uk                 John M. Line         Y   Y   1--  Y   Y  -
joe@stahelin.demon.co.uk           Charles Stahelin     Y   N   132  N   Y  A
john@jhall.demon.co.uk             John Hall            Y   Y   132  Y   Y  A
john@thebeard.demon.co.uk          John Robinson        Y   N   231  Y   Y  A
Jon.Abbott@cyberscience.com        Jon Abbott           Y   Y   132  Y   Y  B
jonathan@jaburt.demon.co.uk        Jonathan Burt        Y   -   132  N   Y  A
jonivar@festival.ed.ac.uk          Jon Ivar Skullerud   Y   N   123  N   N  B
jpetry@attistel.co.uk              James Petry          Y   N   132  N   Y  A
jrmt@uk.gdscorp.com                Jon Thackray         Y   N   132  Y   N  B
jrs@dclf.npl.co.uk                 Dr John Stockton     Y   Y   1--  Y   Y  A
jsm28@cam.ac.uk                    Joseph Myers         Y   Y   132  Y   Y  A
jwe@clint.demon.co.uk              John Eastwood        Y   N   132  Y   Y  B
kblakeman@cix.compulink.co.uk      Karen Blakeman       Y   N   123  Y   Y  B
kevin@primag.co.uk                 Kevin Rolph          Y   N   213  -   Y  A
lwalton@csss.com                   Lee Walton           Y   N   1--  Y   Y  B
M.S.Stewart@durham.ac.uk           Mickey Stewart       Y   N   123  Y   Y  A
malc@thing.demon.co.uk             Malc Arnold          Y   N   1--  Y   Y  A
Mark@bold.demon.co.uk              Mark Marsh           Y   N   132  N   Y  B
mark@kram.org                      Mark Turner          Y   N   213  N   N  B
mark@lewisham.demon.co.uk          Mark Alexander       Y   N   213  Y   Y  A
marsland@liverpool.ac.uk           John Marsland        Y   -   132  Y   Y  -
mcpheat@kashmir.phys.strath.ac.uk  Robert McPheat       Y   -   ---  -   -  -
mhi@uk.gdscorp.com                 Mark Irving          Y   -   132  -   Y  -   
mike@novell.co.uk                  Mike Convey          Y   Y   1--  Y   N  B
mtbc100@thor.cam.ac.uk             Mark Carroll         Y   N   132  Y   Y  A
M.Jefferson@lut.ac.uk              Matthew Jefferson    N   N    21  N   Y  A
neald@harlequin.co.uk              Neal Dench           Y   Y   123  Y   N  B
Newsmaster@mchunt.zynet.co.uk      Martin Hunt          Y   N   132  Y   Y  A
nrp@chernikeeff.co.uk              Neil Padgen          Y   N   132  N   Y  A
p.f.stanley@bham.ac.uk             Paul Stanley         N   Y   231  Y   Y  -
peter@manorcon.demon.co.uk         Peter Sullivan       Y   N   213  Y   Y  B
philip@storcomp.demon.co.uk        Phil Hunt            Y   Y   1-2  Y   Y  B
pjacobs@cix.compulink.co.uk        Peter Jacobs         Y   N   1--  Y   Y  A
pjb1008@cam.ac.uk                  Peter Benie          Y   N   132  Y   Y  A
pjh1@leicester.ac.uk               Pete Humble          Y   N   132  N   N  -
pmd@tcp.co.uk                      Phil Dye             Y   N   123  N   Y  A
ppp@pirinen.demon.co.uk            Pekka P. Pirinen     Y   Y   213  Y   Y  B
R.J.Letts@salford.ac.uk            Richard Letts        Y   N   -1-  N   Y  B
ramorris@bwood.netkonect.co.uk     Rosemary Morris      Y   -   1--  -   Y  B
raph@panache.demon.co.uk           Raphael Mankin       Y   -   132  -   Y  B
richard@corixia.demon.co.uk        Richard Ashton       Y   Y   132  Y   Y  A
Richard@rdowning.demon.co.uk       Richard Downing      Y   Y   1--  Y   Y  B
richard@turnpike.com               Richard Clayton      Y   Y   132  Y   Y  B
richard.herring@gecm.com           Richard Herring      Y   Y   213  Y   Y  B
richard.salmon@rd.eng.bbc.co.uk    Richard Salmon       Y   N   132  N   Y  A
rick@stones.demon.co.uk            Rick Stones          Y   N   132  Y   Y  B
rod@ellery.demon.co.uk             Rod Ellery           Y   N   132  N   Y  A
Roger@natron.demon.co.uk           Roger Barnett        Y   N   123  Y   Y  B
roy@splotrec.demon.co.uk           Roy Spencer          Y   Y   132  Y   Y  A
rwh@sys.uea.ac.uk                  Richard Harvey       Y   N   231  N   N  B
s-joseph@online.rednet.co.uk       Simon Joseph         Y   -   123  -   Y  A
sean@corf.demon.co.uk              Sean Corfield        Y   Y   123  Y   Y  A
Simon@nuts.demon.co.uk             Simon Bonnick        Y   Y   132  Y   Y  B
simon@succubus.demon.co.uk         Simon Denham         Y   N   213  N   Y  B
smxk@dcs.ed.ac.uk                  Scott Keir           Y   Y   123  Y   Y  A
spb@sv1.smb.man.ac.uk              Stephen Bates        N   Y   213  Y   Y  B
speedc@cs.man.ac.uk                C Speed              Y   Y   123  Y   Y  B
srobinson@cix.compulink.co.uk      Stephen Robinson     N   -   231  Y   Y  A
sshaw@mail.london.cdc.co.uk        Simon Shaw           Y   Y   312  Y   N  -
Steve@wellses.demon.co.uk          Steve Wells          N   Y   --1  Y   Y  -
steven.clarke@keble.oxford.ac.uk   Steven Clarke        Y   N   123  Y   Y  B
swfb@bokop.win-uk.net              S.W.F Borthwick      Y   N   132  Y   Y  B
t.hawkins@ic.ac.uk                 Tom Hawkins          Y   N   213  Y   Y  B
tfl@psp.co.uk                      Thomas Lee           N   N   321  N   Y  B
tim@tima.demon.co.uk               Tim Andrews          N   Y   132  Y   Y  -
tjc@fma.com                        Anthony Cunningham   Y   Y   123  Y   Y  A
tom@compton.demon.co.uk            Tom Compton          Y   N   213  Y   Y  B
training@bcceddts.demon.co.uk      Andy Mabbett         Y   Y   132  Y   Y  A
vik@cu-amiga.demon.co.uk           Vikram Kimyani       Y   Y   132  Y   Y  -
ww@wiseword.demon.co.uk            Richard Burnham      N   Y   2-1  -   Y  B
youngman@signal.dra.hmg.gb         Neil Youngman        Y   -   132  -   Y  A
zlsiida@fs1.mcc.ac.uk              Dave Budd            Y   N   132  -   Y  -

Votes in error
mike@emgee.demon.co.uk          No real name in ballot or From: line
ngd2@aberystwyth.ac.uk          No real name in ballot or From: line

Iain D. Bowen  - Volunteer Votetaker, UK-VOTING is voting@harlech.demon.co.uk
please use alaric@harlech.demon.co.uk for personal mail.


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