04 Jan 1997: uk.food+drink.real-ale

Result: Uk.food+drink.real-ale Passes 110:13
Author:   Steven Inglis 
Email: Voting@bcde.demon.co.uk 
Date: 1997/01/04 
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             Creating New Group: uk.food+drink.real-ale 

              Voting Closed 23:59:59 GMT, 20 December 1996.  

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For questions about the new newsgroup contact the proposer who is
Brett Laniosh <brett@g4nzk.demon.co.uk>

SUMMARY: Creation of uk.food+drink.real-ale PASSES 110:13

For Group Passage, the sum of votes for a proposal must be 12 greater
than the number of votes against group creation.

There is a five day discussion period after these results are posted.
If no serious allegations of voting irregularities are raised, the
group will  be created shortly thereafter. Allegations of irregularity
should be sent to control@usenet.org.uk

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                  mailing list: realale@g4nzk.demon.co.uk

uk.food+drink.real-ale	Cask-conditioned ales and related topics
     There is a huge interest in British real ales, both in the UK and
     abroad.  The Campaign for Real Ale has 50,000 members and this,
     combined with the fact that the staple drink in British pubs is 	
     beer indicates that a wide audience is available.  In the past
     year, no less than 68 "real-ale" micro-breweries have begun
     brewing in the UK.
     On the Internet, the increase in world wide web information is
     evidence of this growth. The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) web
     site provides ever increasing information on the subject and
     there are now a large number of local Camra groups and
     individuals adding their own pages. Other evidence is the
     increase in the real ale breweries and brewing groups who have
     their own pages.
     At the time of writing, there is NO newsgroup in which the
     discussion of British real ale comfortably sits.   There are many
     articles about real ale to be found in rec.food.drink.beer, which
     has a wide ranging charter including discussion of all aspects of
     Beer, worldwide. Alt.beer is a similar group in which there are
     postings about UK real-ales. The only uk hierarchy group in which
     beer of any sort can be discussed is uk.food+drink.misc, which is
     not used very much by beer enthusiasts of any persuasion due 
     partly to it's inappropriate name.

     Due to the many postings about real-ale on existing, but very
     diverse and wide-ranging groups we feel that there should be a uk
     hierarchy newsgroup where all the discussion about "real-ale" can
     be brought together in one clearly defined place.  This will also

     encourage the many CAMRA members and real-ale enthusiasts in the 
     UK who have not yet found an internet forum to discuss their 
     interest into one easily found, appropriate newsgroup.

     The discussion centered on the name of the proposed group. It was
     felt by some that u.f+d.beer would be a more appropriate name 
     than u.f+d.real-ale, which would be too narrowly defined. The 
     proponents feel however, that there is enough support for a 
     focused real-ale newsgroup.

     uk.food+drink.real-ale newsgroup will be used for the discussion 
     of Traditional cask or bottle-conditioned beers and the places 
     they are consumed in from the ingredients that are used, the 
     brewing process, dispensing methods, flavours, quality and 
     tasting to the pubs that serve them.   Due to the unique nature 
     of our cask-conditioned beers the newsgroup will be mainly be for

     discussing beers brewed in the UK but discussion of any beers 
     which qualify as traditionally brewed and cask or 
     bottle-conditioned that are available in the UK will be 
     appropriate.  Discussion about the aims and achievements of the 
     Campaign for Real Ale, associated campaigning and CAMRA oganised 
     Festivals also will be welcome as will the issues of prices, duty
     and the current trends of all UK brewers, large, medium and
     Related issues such as British pub preservation and real-ale home
     brewing will be welcome as will relevant comparisons of real ale
     with it's market competitors. 
     (Off topic postings will be sympathetically directed to the 
      relevant and already existing newsgroups.)   

     Binaries are not permitted on this group, however references to
     relevant FTP-able material and Web URL's are welcomed.
     Announcements concerning real ale issues are welcomed if they are

     from non-commercial organisations but blatant off-topic or 
     commercial advertising and job adverts are not permitted. 




The following list of addresses is copyright 1996 Steven Inglis. Use
for any purpose other than verifying the vote for this newsgroup is

There were 111 YES votes and 13 NO votes, for a total of 124 valid votes.

uk.food+drink.real-ale creation Final Vote Ack

Voted Yes
100116.1031@CompuServe.COM                                           Peter Fox
100343.375@CompuServe.COM                                       Colin Anderson
100677.1050@CompuServe.COM                                     Laurence Fryer 
100717.2266@CompuServe.COM                                         Ian Dalziel
101722.2762@CompuServe.COM                                         Phil Ayling
101752.1054@compuserve.com                                      Paul Griffiths
A.Stevenson@lancaster.ac.uk                              Dr Andrew J Stevenson
adrianh@dial.pipex.com                                         Adrian Hennessy
af@contract.co.uk                                                 Alan Fleming
Alan@al-ruth.demon.co.uk                                       Alan Hinchliffe
alien@alien8.demon.co.uk                                                 alien
andcole@cogs.susx.ac.uk                                            Andrew Cole
andrewc@nol.co.uk                                              Andrew Crawford
andy.sloggett@lshtm.ac.uk                                        Andy Sloggett
andy@custompc.cityscape.co.uk                                       Andy Moore
aph@cygnus.co.uk                                                  Andrew Haley
as@horizon.co.uk                                                Richard Ashton
asalmon@cix.compulink.co.uk                                        Alan Salmon
banyard@guardall.co.uk                                            Nick Banyard
barrie@avis.demon.co.uk                                            Barrie Avis
BEN.WARDLE@GEO2.poptel.org.uk                                       Ben Wardle
bob@foulger1.demon.co.uk                                         R. J. Foulger
bob@rought.demon.co.uk                                              Bob Rought
brett@g4nzk.demon.co.uk                                          Brett Laniosh
brian@adserv.demon.co.uk                                         BRIAN KENNEDY
C.Johnson@hunthous.demon.co.uk                                       C.Johnson
camra@camra.org.uk                                                   Steve Cox
Chris@cmatthew.demon.co.uk                                      Chris Matthews
chris@mousemat.demon.co.uk                                          Chris Ames
ChrisC@pobox.co.uk                                                Chris Clough
Conor@puddle.demon.co.uk                                         Conor O'Neill
cook@progress.demon.co.uk                                           Chris Cook
dave@marmot.demon.co.uk                                           Dave Shillam
dave@stejonda.demon.co.uk                                          Dave JW Day
david@leguer.demon.co.uk                                     David Chamberlain
dunstan@cegelecproj.co.uk                                     Dunstan Vavasour
gcanny@harlequins.win-uk.net                                      Graham Canny
gerbil@gadget.wg.icl.co.uk                                       Kevin Davies 
ghughes@cix.compulink.co.uk                                           G Hughes
gordon.woods@st-johns.oxford.ac.uk                                Gordon Woods
haplo@patryn.demon.co.uk                                      Dick Whittington
hugh@evershot.demon.co.uk                                        Hugh Newbury 
ian@binny.demon.co.uk                                              Ian Vincent
ianb@nobbler.demon.co.uk                                             Ian Black
J.Adams@ucl.ac.uk                                              John Paul Adams
jch@dsun1.cr.man.ac.uk                                         Jacqueline Hand
jclarke@opentime.u-net.com                                         John Clarke
jellis@netcomuk.co.uk                                           Jonathan Ellis
jem@briksdal.compulink.co.uk                                       Jem Hayward
john@johnpb.demon.co.uk                                           John Bennett
johnbrea@microsoft.com                                          John Breakwell
johnw@bopalula.demon.co.uk                                      John D Wheeler
johny@central.susx.ac.uk                                           John Yeates
jpc1@doc.ic.ac.uk                                               Justin Cormack
jsr@bcs.org.uk                                                John S. Robinson
jsw@isise.rl.ac.uk                                                 John Wright
june@nurdglaw.demon.co.uk                                        June Grunwald
kev@pigtail.cix.co.uk                                             Kev Meredith
laycock@vnet.ibm.com                                            Andrew Laycock
leveret@warren.demon.co.uk                                       Nick Leverton
M.J.Enderby@dl.ac.uk                                              Mark Enderby
mcg-gsy@mcg-gsy.demon.co.uk                                    Fran McGuinness
Michael@stentor.demon.co.uk                                    Michael Stenton
nigel@ashton.demon.co.uk                                          Nigel Ashton
njrw@njrwgsy.demon.co.uk                                       Nicholas Wilson
nm@nmhome.demon.co.uk                                            Neil McCalden
p.j.isles@reading.ac.uk                                          Phillip Isles
pab@iqcl.co.uk                                                      Paul Burke
Paddy@severnvu.demon.co.uk                                     Patrick Francis
pato@easynet.co.uk                                              Pat O'Halloran
paul@gumboot.demon.co.uk                                       Paul A Williams
paul@levante.demon.co.uk                                            Paul Baker
paul@topsy.demon.co.uk                                             Paul Turvey
paulgr@microsoft.com                                            Paul Griffiths
Paul_Griffiths@msn.com                                          Paul Griffiths
pbh@opentime.u-net.com                                        Paul B Hutchings
pcamra@dial.pipex.com                                             Harry Morten
peterdewhirst@dial.pipex.com                                    PETER DEWHIRST
peterh@readsoft.co.uk                                               Peter Hill
pherber@pherber.com                                                Paul Herber
phil@direct.ca                                                   Phil Cottrell
phil@vision25.demon.co.uk                                            Phil Hunt
philip@tuksbury.foobar.co.uk                                    Philip Tiplady
pjclark@enterprise.net                                              Phil Clark
polovina@sbu.ac.uk                                          Dr. Simon Polovina
R.C.Dobson@newcastle.ac.uk                                         Ruth Dobson
rgt@mail.enterprise.net                                           Roger Taylor
richard.herring@gecm.com                                       Richard Herring
rick@stones.demon.co.uk                                            Rick Stones
rob4@aber.ac.uk                                                    ROBIN BURLS
robert@colsterw.demon.co.uk                                  Robert Winstanley
rod@ellery.demon.co.uk                                              Rod Ellery
S.Harris@LQU.maff.gov.uk                                        Stephen Harris
sean@ocsltd.com                                                Sean A Corfield
Simon.Farrar@astro.cf.ac.uk                                       Simon Farrar
SMITHB@oldpaul.agw.bt.co.uk                                       Smith, Barry
stephen@blacksheep.org                                          Stephen Purser
steve.glover@ukonline.co.uk                                       Steve Glover
steve.pampling@argonet.co.uk                                   Steven Pampling
steve@rowantrees.demon.co.uk                                    Steve Hartland
susan@ashton.demon.co.uk                                          SUSAN ASHTON
swestby@innotts.co.uk                                             Steve Westby
sweynh@wester-voy.compulink.co.uk                                 SWEYN HUNTER
telecom@dircon.co.uk                                             Steve Ellwood
tim@willets.demon.co.uk                                            Tim Willets
timothy.moss@ncl.ac.uk                                            Timothy Moss
tom@mairtom.demon.co.uk                                           Tom Barrance
tonyh-mountain@mail.u-net.net                                      Tony Henley
tyger@corcoran.demon.co.uk                                         Ty Corcoran
wadeb@kbss.bt.co.uk                                                Tex Bennett
WHITAKER@cabi.msm.cgnet.com                                     Karen Whitaker

Voted No
alaric@harlech.demon.co.uk                                       Iain D. Bowen
ashok@poboxes.com                                                Ashok Katwala
david.rhodes@pharmacology.oxford.ac.uk                            David Rhodes
jshumphries@globalnet.co.uk                                   John S Humphries
mike@emgee.demon.co.uk                                                   mike.
nmm1@cus.cam.ac.uk                                               Nick Maclaren
paul@pcserv.demon.co.uk                                         Paul Carpenter
sean@mesklin.demon.co.uk                                          Sean Desmond
simon@star-one.org.uk                                               Simon Gray
stub@boxatrix.demon.co.uk                                       Stuart Baldwin
tfl@psp.co.uk                                                            T Lee
troddis@acorn.co.uk                                             Timothy Roddis
u4d14@cc.keele.ac.uk                                              Julian White

uk.food+drink.real-ale creation Bounce List - No need to revote
gerbil@gadget.wg.icl.co.uk                                        Kevin Davies
    Ack Bounced
Steven Inglis             Independent Votetaker  Uk-Voting


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