18 Apr 1998: Change of uk.rec.gardening charter

RESULT: Change of charter for uk.rec.gardening PASSES 51:12
Author:   Jon Ribbens 
Email: jon@oaktree.co.uk 
Date: 1998/04/18 
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Summary: Change of charter for uk.rec.gardening PASSES 51:12


Voting closed at 23:59:59 BST, 16 April 1998.

Proponent: newsmaster@tarrcity.demon.co.uk (William Tarr)
Votetaker: jon@oaktree.co.uk (Jon Ribbens)


uk.net.news.announce, uk.net.news.config


YES beat NO by a majority of 39 votes, this is more than the +12
majority required to beat the status quo.

The results follow below, with the Rationale and the changes to the
Charter beneath them for informational purposes.

Voted YES to the charter change - total: 51

Al                            goodgulf-demon-co-uk, Al
Kate Alexander                jbaassoc-demon-co-uk, kate
Graham Anstey                 mpc.data-co-uk, ganstey
Chris Boulby                  coniston-demon-co-uk, chris
Matthew Bray                  eriw-u.net-com, cima
David Bridges                 craigwell-demon-co-uk, cdb
Alison Brooks                 flin-demon-co-uk, alison
Paul Carter                   ntc-nokia-com, paul.carter
Matthew Chatfield             naturenet-net, matt
Gary Cooper                   wordshop-demon-co-uk, cooper
Alison Corfield               enterprise-net, eurgain
Dave Day                      stejonda-demon-co-uk, news98a
Rose Dewar                    cee-hw-ac-uk, rose
Susan Carlson Dunn            nexus-demon-co-uk, carlson
Kay Easton                    scarboro-demon-co-uk, Kay
Carl Neil Ellwood             clara-co-uk, cneilellwood
Tobias Erle                   berlin-snafu-de, torex
Chris French                  spennithorne-demon-co-uk, Chris
Anthony Frost                 acorn-co-uk, afrost
Rod Furr                      argonet-co-uk, rodfurr
Paul Giverin                  giverin-demon-co-uk, paul
Jon S Green                   harlequin-co-uk, jonsg
Tim Green                     poppyfields-net, lime
Andrew Henry                  dircon-co-uk, ahenry
PAUL HERBER                   pherber-co-uk, pherber
Sarah Holford                 brownswell-demon-co-uk, sfholford
Alan Holmes                   brunel-ac-uk, Alan.Holmes
JUNE HUGHES                   theacct-demon-co-uk, junehughes
Neil Irving                   neilirving-demon-co-uk, neil
Anne Jackson                  zetnet-co-uk, amygdala
Barry Johnson                 camino-demon-co-uk, bj
Helen Johnson                 spennithorne-demon-co-uk, Helen
Karen                         goodgulf-demon-co-uk, Karen
Gerard Alan Latham            galatham-demon-co-uk, gerard
James Lawson                  ccl4-org, chasm
Thomas Lee                    psp-co-uk, tfl
Andy Mabbett                  bham.assist-demon-co-uk, amabbett
Alison Mair                   lemfarm-demon-co-uk, alison
Tony McCormack                tmac-clara-net, cormaic
fran mcguinness               mcg.gsy-demon-co-uk, fran
Neil Milne                    gordian-co-uk, neil
Judith Offord                 nottingham-ac-uk, judith.offord
Barbara Jane Ransom           mearsgyl-demon-co-uk, ransom
Darren Wyn Rees               netlink-co-uk, merlin
David Roberts-Jones           cix-co-uk, davidrj
Kevin Rolph                   kgames-demon-co-uk, kcrolph
Claire Speed                  mcc-ac-uk, c.speed
K Starke (Gab)                tarrcity-demon-co-uk, gab
William Tarr (Wm)             tarrcity-demon-co-uk, newsmaster
Ray Williams                  sospan-demon-co-uk, ray
Neil Youngman                 tsr2-demon-co-uk, neil

Voted NO to the charter change - total: 12

bram                          hotmail-com, brbr_goes_rsa
Colin Brook                   cbassoc-demon-co-uk, Colin.Brook
Thelma Good                   good1-demon-co-uk, thelma
Elizabeth Harris              radix-net, litze
Trevor Haycocks               zetnet-co-uk, t.haycocks
Steen Jensen                  Piper-demon-co-uk, steen
J. J. Lodder                  de.ster-demon-nl, jjl
Tim Quilter                   yahoo-com, tjq
Douglas Smith                 cix-co-uk, dis
Bob Spence                    rspencebob-demon-co-uk, Bob
Laurence G. Tilley            lgtilley-demon-co-uk, laurence
A. de Wit                     knoware-nl, toke-d-w

ABSTAINED from voting - total: 1

Simon Gray                    star.one-org-uk, simon

Invalid votes - total: 6

Dr Helen C. Johnson           Helen-demon-co-uk, Helen
Duplicate vote (looks to be also spennithorne-demon-co-uk, Helen).

Tim Green                     poppyfields-co-uk, lime
Bounced ack.

fran McGuinness               mcg.gsy-demon-co,uk, fran
Invalid address (contains ',').

Thelma Good                   good1-demon-c-co-uk, thelma
Bounced ack.

Mercy Morris                  dial-pipex-com, Mercy
Bounced ack.

Rex Bradley                    brad-demon-co-uk, rex
Invalid address (' ' after '@').


    Postings have been made to the group in the past that have not
    been of relevance to gardening in the UK.  These postings have
    sometimes resulted in extended and multiple threads that have
    provided excessive distraction and / or noise.  The modified
    charter is intended to make it clearer what is on-topic for the

    The modified charter was formed after extensive discussion within
    the group and has been posted to the group a number of times since
    then without adverse comment.  It has also been available on the
    web (albeit for a shorter period) without adverse comment.

old:uk.rec.gardening To discuss gardening topics of interest in the UK
new:uk.rec.gardening To discuss gardening topics relevant to the UK

old:To discuss gardening questions and share tips on- Weeds,
    flowers, shrubs, trees, fruit and veg., lawns, beneficial
    insects and animals, pests and diseases, soils, composting,
    design, location, situation, seasons/times, hard structures
    (paths, greenhouses, cloches, rockeries), tools and materials.

new:To discuss gardening issues relevant to the UK. These will include
    flowers, shrubs, trees, fruit & vegetables, lawns, houseplants,
    beneficial insects & animals, soils, composting, design, location,
    situation, seasons/times, hard structures (paths, greenhouses,
    cloches, rockeries), ponds, tools & materials, weeds and pests
    & diseases. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list.

    In the absence of more appropriate, geographically specific
    newsgroups, discussion of gardening in Eire, the Channel Islands 
    and the Isle of Man will also be welcome. Because there are 
    climatic, legal, cultural and other differences, discussion of
    gardening in other parts of the world is OFF TOPIC (there are 
    other regional gardening newsgroups, and the global rec.gardens,
    one of which may be more appropriate). Please note that this
    exclusion relates to subject matter, not people, and posters from
    around the globe will be welcome to participate in or initiate
    discussion of UK-relevant topics.

    Specifically, please remember that there is no direct correlation
    between US climate zones and the climate of the UK.

new:All posts should be in plain ASCII text. The posting of all 
    binaries (including, for example, pictures, html format text or 
    code, "business cards", software, word processor files) is not 
    welcome. Such material belongs on a web or ftp site, to which a 
    pointer may be posted.

old:There is to be no advertising on this newsgroup.

new:Advertising is not welcome, with the following exceptions:

    Suppliers of UK-relevant gardening equipment, services or plant 
    material may post a pointer to their website or invitation to 
    request a catalogue. This may not exceed four lines. This may be 
    posted no more often than once every three months. The subject 
    line should begin "AD" or "ADVERT".

    Participants in discussions may include references to their 
    garden-related business in their .sig (max. four lines).

MODERATION (no change):
    There will be no moderator for this newsgroup.


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Jon Ribbens
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