17 Jan 2000: uk.games.dead-pool

From: brianjones@worcester.demon.co.uk
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2000 14:52:01 GMT
Subject: Result - Creation of newsgroup uk.games.dead-pool - fails
Newsgroups: uk.net.news.announce,uk.net.news.config,uk.games.misc,uk.people.dead


Result of CFV
- -------------
for new newsgroup uk.games.dead-pool
Fails 12:10

- -------
Votes in favour 12
Votes against   10
Abstain          6

Voting closed at 23:59:59 on 12 December 1999

  Under the rules of UK newsgroup creation the votes in favour must
exceed votes against by more than twelve, therefore with twelve in 
favour and ten against, this group will not be created.

Votes received
- --------------
Andy Bain          andy}ioproductions{co{uk             YES  
Barry Dorrans      barryd}bann{co{uk                    YES
Chris M. Dickson   chris}dickson{demon{co{uk            YES
Dave Millard       dave}focus3{demon{co{uk              YES
Firebeast          steve}firebeast.force9.co.uk         YES
James Crossan      james}killerwatt{demon{co{uk         YES
Jason Waghorn      j}tesco{net                          YES
Liam K             liamk}hotmail{com                    YES
M@                 mgk}ecs{soton{ac{uk                  YES
Mike Fleming       mike}tauzero{co{uk                   YES   
Mike Wallis        m{wallis}leeds{ac{uk                 YES 
ray                ray}drunkasaskunk{freeserve{co{uk    YES  

Alan Fleming       af}contract{co{uk                    NO  
Alex Dawson        alex{dawson}uea{ac{uk                NO 
Andrew Stoker      andrew}peek-a-boo{org{uk             NO 
Andy Walker        a{j{walker}virgin{net                NO
Iain Bowen         alaric}harlech{demon{co{uk           NO
Kevin Lee          krl}keltia4{co{uk                    NO
Neil Horlock       Neil{Horlock}mcmail{com              NO 
Rex M F Smith      sumisu}gehena{demon{co{uk            NO  
robbie             vote}arrakis{nu                      NO
Sandy Morton       atm}sandymillport{demon{co{uk        NO

Andy Mabbett       andy}pigsonthewing{demon{co{uk       ABSTAIN
Jeffrey Goldberg   J{Goldberg}Cranfield{ac{uk           ABSTAIN
Peter Alfredsen    peteralf}softhome{net                ABSTAIN
Philip Powell      philip}blencathra{demon{co{uk        ABSTAIN
simon gray         simon}star-one{org{uk                ABSTAIN
Thomas Lee         tfl}psp{co{uk                        ABSTAIN

Invalid vote
Jon Thomson        (none given)                         (NUL)

  One vote was not counted, as it failed to contain the e-mail 
address within the ballot format, even after a message was sent 
requesting the voting details be completed correctly.

For voting questions *only* contact:
votequestion@worcester.demon.co.uk (Votetaker - Brian Jones).

For questions about the proposed new newsgroup contact the proponent:
Chris M. Dickson <chris@dickson.demon.co.uk>


- ----------------

  Expansion of description of "dead pool" games within the charter.

- ---------------------

  There was a suggestion that we might more usefully change the 
charter of uk.people.dead to permit dead pool games, but this 
was rejected for the reasons raised in the creation of the
earlier newsgroup.

- --------------------------------

        unmoderated newsgroup uk.games.dead-pool

This is a formal Request For Discussion (RFD) for the creation of a 
UK-wide unmoderated Usenet newsgroup uk.games.dead-pool 

One line description:
uk.games.dead-pool     The Stiff Stakes; celebrity mortality speculation

The charter for uk.people.dead specifically prohibits "discussions of
the mechanics and rules of the various dead pools", but readers of that
newsgroup have expressed an interest in playing dead pool games.
Furthermore, the popularity of the phenomenon has led to at least
sixteen different websites being created to run games; there are also
countless games being played offline. I therefore propose a newsgroup in
which dead pool games themselves may be discussed and played.

This newsgroup is for discussion and play of Dead Pool and other similar
games. The standard model is the game played in the 1988 "Dirty Harry"
film "The Dead Pool", in which participants named celebrities likely to
die by the end of the game and earned credit for correct nominations.

Messages posted to this newsgroup must not be crossposted to more than
TWO other newsgroups; any messages cross-posted to uk.people.dead must
specifically focus upon dead people as opposed to dead pools.

Advertising is forbidden, with these exceptions:

Announcements of Dead Pool games and closely related phenomena are
permitted in articles of twenty or fewer lines posted at a frequency of
not more than one announcement per game per week or one announcement
per poster per week. This does not prohibit mention of such games in
signatures of four or fewer lines at the bottom of relevant articles
posted in accordance with this charter.

Encoded binaries (e.g. pictures, compressed files, etc.) are
forbidden.  Such material belongs on a web or ftp site to which
a pointer may be posted.  Cryptographic signatures (e.g. PGP)
may be used where authentication is important and should be as
short as possible.

Posts must be readable as plaintext.  HTML, RTF and similarly
formatted messages are prohibited. To see how to make your newsreader 
comply with this, read <http://www.usenet.org.uk/ukpost.html>

Chris M. Dickson <chris@dickson.demon.co.uk>


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mailto:                              brianjones@worcester.demon.co.uk

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