Who are the members of UKVoting?

Current members

The current membership of UKVoting is as follows:

How to contact us

UKVoting can be emailed at ukvoting@ukvoting.org.uk.

So, it's just another self-appointed Cabal?

Yes and no. We are independent votetakers, which means that none of us are members of the UK Usenet Committee. We recruit from anyone who is interested and has sufficient time, energy and a little technical knowledge, but as we haven't been voted into office there is some justification in calling us a self-appointed cabal. However, whether elected votetakers is a good idea, I leave up to you with reference to the old Latin tag Quis custodiet ipsos custodes.

So can I become a votetaker?

At this time UKVoting has no requirement for any more votetakers. But if you wish to be considered in the future please mail the address below.

We need several qualities in a votetaker, obviously a fair amount of spare time and a good deal of patience help but in addition we find the following are needed:

If you are still interested then mail the UKVoting Co-Ordinators.

Retired members

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