23 Oct 2004: 2004 Committee Elections

From: Jon Ribbens <j.ribbens@ukvoting.org.uk>
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2004 14:42:23 +0100
Subject: UKVoting Statement: 2004 Committee Elections
Newsgroups: uk.net.news.announce,uk.net.news.config,uk.net.news.management


UKVoting have received a number of complaints relating to Richard Ashton's
postings in uk.net.news.config/management during the application phase of
the 2004 UK Usenet Committee elections. All of these complaints make the
same point: that Richard Ashton has breached UKVoting guidelines by making
partisan comments regarding election candidates.

Having considered the matter, UKVoting have agreed that Richard's comments
do breach the guidelines, and that it would be inappropriate for him to
continue to act as a votetaker in these elections.

Accordingly, Barry Salter will take over as primary votetaker, and Jim Hill
will now act as secondary votetaker. This change is effective from 17:30
BST on Thursday 21st October.

All official postings by Richard Ashton, including the CFA and
application/nomination announcements, are still valid. All applications
and nominations already received and acknowledged by Richard Ashton are
unaffected. Any further applications and nominations received by the
votetakers will be processed and acknowledged by the new primary and
secondary votetakers. The CFV will be prepared and posted by the new
primary votetaker.

As a matter of record, UKVoting wish to point out that Molly Mockford and
David Mahon, both of whom are standing as candidates in the election, took
no part this decision.

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