05 Feb 2004: Complaint regarding Richard Ashton

From: UKVoting <ukvoting@ukvoting.org.uk>
Date: Thu, 05 Feb 2004 17:23:27 +0000
Subject: UKVoting Statement: Complaint regarding Richard Ashton
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Dave Mayall submitted an objection to the results of the 2003 Committee
Elections, and a parallel complaint to UKVoting, regarding Richard Ashton's
comments in unnc following publication of the results. The section of the
complaint related to UKVoting was:

  Richard Ashton has brought the integrity of UKVoting and of the
  committee election process into disrepute by making his statement above,
  that he "did more than you to get Kat elected".

The committee subsequently ruled that there was no cause to uphold the
objection to the results. UKVoting accepts that Richard's comment was,
under UKVoting's internal guidelines, mistimed, but agrees with the
committee that this had no implications for the integrity of the result.
That being the case, Richard's error was essentially trivial in nature.

Richard has, therefore, been reminded of the guidelines and his
responsibilities under them, and has agreed to exercise more care, in
future cases where he is the primary or secondary votetaker, to avoid
making personal comments prior to the date on which the vote is considered

UKVoting therefore does not consider that any further action is required.

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