23 Nov 2000: Committee Election 2000 Result Irregularities

From: r.irvine@ukvoting.org.uk
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000 22:16:08 GMT
Subject: Committee Election 2000 Result Irregularities
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Committee Election Result Irregularities

The initial incomplete count was due to the votetakers not receiving
all the mail involved; as the forwarding system for the votes was
complex a line has to be drawn somewhere. 

That line is the definitive mailserver, the central ukvoting server,
the intitial mailserver in the chain involved. This server has a copy
of all the ballots sent to it so it is the logical choice. The
votetakers have ensured that all valid ballots have been acked and a
count of this will be posted shortly.

The ISPs/parties involved are assisting in helping us see where the
mail went, but the responsibility is with UKVoting to count the votes
correctly and to do that we must apply a point of reference. To this
effect the definitive destination of a ballot can only be the initial
mailbox the ballot goes to, which is on the UKVoting mailserver.

UKVoting can only apologize to the community that the initial count
was incorrect and we have implemented measures to ensure that we can
spot if any mail is going missing between our or any others' mail
servers that are used by a votetaker receiving votes. It will also be
possible for a votetaker to retrieve a vote directly from the back end
database that holds the ballots at any time during a vote.

Robbie Irvine
on behalf of UKVoting

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