26 Aug 1999: Requests for a Votetaker

From: swinny@cix.compulink.co.uk (Robert Felton)
Date: 1999/08/26
Subject: UKVoting Statement : Requests for a Votetaker
Newsgroups: uk.net.news.announce,uk.net.news.config,uk.net.news.management


UKVoting Statement : Requests for a Votetaker

This statement is being made due to various reasons:

1) People mailing Control asking for him to appoint a votetaker.
2) People complaining they have not been contacted after only 72hrs.
3) Tidy up this process into a set of steps to make my job easier.

To start with there are several basic facts to state:

1) UKVoting should only be contacted once an RFD has been posted for a 
minimum of 10 days with uk.net.news.announce.
2) Requests for a votetaker have absolutely nothing to do with Control - 
UKVoting is completely independent of Control & the Committee.
3) It can take several days for a votetaker to be appointed due to a 
variety of reasons.

Therefore in light of the above this is the procedure which will now be 
followed by UKVoting:

1) A request for a votetaker should be posted to UKVoting - via the mail 
address of ukvoting@ukvoting.org.uk. This request should include the 
following information:

     a) Final version of the RFD with notes of any changes since the last
     RFD posted within uk.net.news.announce
     b) Summary of discussion to be placed within CFV.

2) UKVoting will acknowledge this request within 72 hours (Hopefully!!)

N.B. This will be the only contact from UKVoting until a votetaker has 
been appointed and he has compiled a draft CFV.

3) Once UKVoting has acknowledged a CFV several steps have to be followed:

     a) Confirmation that the correct procedure has been followed for a
     RFD and that the proponent is entitled to ask for a CFV.
     b) Checking that in the opinion of UKVoting (mainly myself or the
     Deputy Co-Ordinator) on whether the CFV has to be forwarded for some
     reason - and this may include:
           i) Inclusion of the Re-Open Discussions option
           ii) Further RFD needed due to major changes from the last RFD
           posted within uk.net.news.announce
     c) Request for votetaker forwarded to internal votetakers list for
     someone to volunteer.
4) When someone has volunteered, or two people volunteered as required 
under UKVoting Guidelines, they will draft a CFV which then be forwarded 
to the proponent & votetakers list for comments - and further versions 
will be drafted if required.

5) When draft CFV agreed upon by UKVoting & proponent it will be forwarded 
to Control for posting in uk.net.news.announce and any other relevant 

Hopefully this procedure should formalise what happens now but tidy up the 
few rough edges. If you do have comments on the above please mail them to 
UKVoting via ukvoting@ukvoting.org.uk


Swinny - Rob Felton
Co-Ordinator, UKVoting (mailto:ukvoting@ukvoting.org.uk)

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