26 Aug 1999: Joint Statement by the committee and UK Voting

From: Dave Mayall <mayalld@postoffice.co.uk>
Date: 1999/08/26
Subject: Joint Statement by the committee and UK Voting
Newsgroups: uk.net.news.announce,uk.net.news.config,uk.net.news.management


The committee, in consultation with UK Voting, has determined that
it will not be possible to complete the CFV process for the 
changes to the document "THE UK USENET COMMITTEE" prior to the
scheduled start of this year's election process.

The committee and UK Voting take the view that it would cause
confusion if we attempted to conduct the CFV alongside the committee
elections. It further feels that it would not be considered acceptable
to delay the elections.

Accordingly, this RFD is to be suspended until the conclusion of the
committee elections. The effect of this suspension will be to "stop
the clock" on the proposal. Notwithstanding the actual passage of
time, the RFD will not be regarded as lapsed after 40 days, and
the current proponent will retain precedence.

The committee and UK Voting do not however consider it appropriate 
to proceed from a 3 month old RFD to a CFV, and will require a 
further RFD to be submitted after the elections, but prior to a CFV. 
Should the proponent fail to submit a further RFD within 10 days of 
the publication of the results of the committee election, the proposal
will be regarded as lapsed.

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