05 Feb 1999: CFV - uk.rec.skydiving

From: Robert Felton <swinny@cix.compulink.co.uk>
Date: 1999/02/05
Subject: UKVoting Statement: CFV - uk.rec.skydiving
Newsgroups: uk.net.news.announce,uk.net.news.config


		UKVoting Statement: CFV - uk.rec.skydiving

It has come to the attention of the votetaker for the above CFV that the 
proponent has mailed a large number of people asking them to vote in this 

This mailing included the complete CFV and as it states within the rubric 
of the CFV:

> The purpose of a vote is to determine the genuine interest of persons
> who would read a proposed newsgroup or an existing newsgroup. 
> Soliciting votes from disinterested parties defeats this purpose. 
> Please do not distribute this CFV. If you must, direct people to the 
> official CFV as posted to uk.net.news.announce. Distributing pre-marked 
> or otherwise edited copies of this CFV is considered to be *VOTING 
> FRAUD*, and may lead to the vote being declared *NULL & VOID*. When in 
> doubt, ask the votetaker, who can mail a copy of the CFV in reply.

And therefore this mailing could be considered as *VOTING FRAUD*.

This mailing has certainly lead to a number of people to vote and also the 
number of votes received is extremely high, and therefore it must be 
considered that this mailing has greatly affected this CFV.

And therefore:

This vote is being declared *NULL & VOID* due to this mailing being 
considered as *VOTING FRAUD*.

All votes received will be discarded and this subject will be formally 
closed for a period of 3 months from the date of this posting.


Swinny - Rob Felton
Co-Ordinator, UKVoting (mailto:ukvoting@usenet.org.uk)
And also votetaker for CFV - uk.rec.skydiving

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