07 Dec 1998: Steve Inglis & uk.politics.misc

From: Robert Felton <swinny@cix.compulink.co.uk>
Date: 1998/12/07
Subject: Notice: Steve Inglis & uk.politics.misc
Newsgroups: uk.net.news.announce,uk.net.news.config,uk.net.news.management


UKVoting Statement - Steve Inglis & uk.politics.misc

Steve Inglis volunteered for this CFV and posted the first CFV on 19th 
September 1998 with the following message ID: 

The second CFV was not posted and the vote closed on 4th October 1998 and 
no results have been forthcoming.

When I became aware of the results not being posted I attempted to contact 
Steve for a week or so via email or telephone but with no joy.

Therefore on the 10th November 1998 I posted the FIRST WARNING for Steve 
Inglis as stated within the Guidelines for UKVoting as posted:

Date: 5 Mar 1998 22:03:47 -0000
Message-ID: notice-UKVoting-980305-220236@usenet.org.uk

And with no response the SECOND WARNING was issued on the 18th November 
1998 with Steve Inglis membership of UKVoting suspended.

Then on the 20th November 1998 Steve Inglis contacted myself via the 
telephone explaining he had been on holiday in Australia for 3 weeks, and 
so the suspension was lifted, and Steve promised to issue the Results to 
Control ASAP.

Then with nothing happening I gave Steve one further reminder message on 
the 26th November 1998, but this went unanswered and so the First Warning 
was re-instated on the 29th November 1998.

Unfortunately there has been no response from Steve and therefore:

1) Steve Inglis is removed from UKVoting.
2) The CFV is declared NULL & VOID by Co-Ordinator of UKVoting.
3) Rob Irvine will issue a new CFV with all previous votes ignored.

It is with great regret that I have to remove one of the most experienced 
votetakers from UKVoting but in the end a votetaker must take his 
responsibilities seriously, and maintain a high level of service from 
UKVoting. And please note that the decision to declare a vote NULL & VOID 
was not taken lightly and hopefully should not ever happen again.

Following this incident UKVoting have adopted the following as part of
their procedures:

1) A vote-taker who has accepted assignment of a CFV or who has a results
post pending should notify UKVoting via the internal mailing list if they 
are expecting to be away on holiday for a period longer then a week, or if 
they may be absent from a means of accessing their email.

2) It is now a requirement of UKVoting that members provide contact 
details to the Co-Ordinator of UKVoting, and keep these details up to 


Swinny - Rob Felton
Co-Ordinator, UKVoting (mailto:ukvoting@usenet.org.uk)

Version: 2.6


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