17 Oct 1998: uk.local.borders-region CFV

From: Robert Felton <swinny@cix.compulink.co.uk>
Date: 1998/10/17
Subject: UKVoting Statement - uk.local.borders-region CFV
Newsgroups: uk.net.news.announce,uk.net.news.config,uk.net.news.management


		UKVoting Statement - uk.local.borders-region CFV

Following discussion within UNNC & UNNA UKVoting would like to make the 
following points in reference to the above CFV:

1) The following rubric within the CFV:

> When in doubt, ask the votetaker, who can also arrange for
> an official posting in other relevant newsgroups or mailing
> lists if asked.

Has been superseded by the following part of the guidelines:

> If the CFV is in the correct form (see below), Control will
> post it to all those newsgroups and mailing lists that the
> latest RFD was posted to.

Therefore this part of any CFVs in progress must be ignored, and the 
standard rubric for a CFV will be changed for any further CFV.

It is therefore recommended that people can point people to the
official postings if they deem it necessary.

2) Within the CFV it states:

> Distributing pre-marked or otherwise edited copies of this
> CFV is considered to be vote fraud.

This means that any posting of CFV apart from the groups indicated
within the CFV, and in which Control will post the CFV on behalf of 
UKVoting, is *VOTING FRAUD*.

UKVoting is aware of the voting fraud committed by Craig Cockburn
for this CFV, but UKVoting has decided *NOT* to declare the
CFV NULL & VOID at this time. But it must be made clear that if further 
evidence is provided of Voting Fraud then this decision will be reviewed.


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