06 Oct 2004: Create unmoderated newsgroup uk.media.tv.reality.misc

From: Pedt Scragg <xumtrm-query@pedt.demon.co.uk>
Date: Wed, 06 Oct 2004 15:51:49 +0100
Subject: RESULT: Create unmod. newsgroup uk.media.tv.reality.misc PASSES 14:2
Newsgroups: uk.net.news.announce,uk.net.news.config,uk.net.providers,alt.tv.big-brother,free.uk.tv.bigbrother,uk.media.tv.misc


                        RESULT OF CALL FOR VOTES

Summary: Create unmoderated newsgroup uk.media.tv.reality.misc

Create unmoderated newsgroup uk.media.tv.reality.misc PASSES 14:2
YES beat NO by a majority of 12 votes. For group passage, there must be 
12 more YES votes than NO votes. Accordingly, the proposal PASSES.

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Voting closed at 23:59:59 BST, 28th September 2004.

Proponent : ^Thunder^ <thunder (at) ukessex.org.uk>
Votetaker : Pedt Scragg <xumtrm-query (at) pedt.demon.co.uk>

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The Results:

The results follow below in the following order:

1) Summary of Mail Received During the Voting Period
2) Result
3) Individual Vote Details
4) Votetakers Comments
5) Voting and Appeal Guidelines
6) Rationale
7) Newsgroups Line
8) Charter

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  28 messages were received to the Ballot Request Address, of which:

  21 were valid Ballot Requests
   4 were virus-infected messages and other assorted junk
   3 were tests by the Votetaker and Control

  29 messages were received to the Voting Address, of which:

  17 were valid votes
   2 were revotes requested for technical reasons
   1 was a disallowed vote
   4 were copies of email sent to early voters - see votetaker comments
   4 were related to queries issued by the votetaker
   1 was a test by the Votetaker

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Create unmoderated newsgroup uk.media.tv.reality.misc

    YES : 14 votes
     NO :  2 votes
ABSTAIN :  1 vote
  Total : 17 votes

YES beat NO by a majority of 12 votes. For group passage, there must be 
12 more YES votes than NO votes. Accordingly, the proposal PASSES.

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Voted Yes - 14 votes
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^Thunder^                                        thunder~ukessex.*org*uk
Blippie                                            aasfaq~blippie*org*uk
clarrie                                                clarrie~gmail*com
Dave Mason                                         xumtrm~broonzy*org*uk
Dr Zoidberg                                        alex~drzoidberg*co*uk
Ebb Chernobyl                                 ebb.chernobyl~softhome*net
Fishter                                           fishter~fishter*org*uk
gizbon                                                 gizbon~higs*co*uk
kat                                                kat.news~ntlworld*com
Nadeem                                                 bambi~sushi*co*jp
Paul Harper                                              paul~harper*net
Robert Naylor                                        robert~pobice*co*uk
Stuart Millington                   ukmediatvrealitymisc-vote~dsv1*co*uk
Tim Miller                                     news~economic-truth*co*uk

Voted No - 2 votes
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David Boothroyd                               david~election*demon*co*uk
Pete Fenelon                                  pete~fenelon*com

Abstained - 1 vote
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Graham Drabble                                graham.drabble~lineone*net

Disallowed - 1 vote
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Daytona                                          daytona2~totalise*co*uk

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Votetakers Comments:

Overall a relatively straightforward vote despite the initial problem
that a few ballot papers were issued with the placeholder for the end
date of the vote. These voters received an administrative email from
the votetaker advising that the correct end date of the vote was the
date on the published CFV - 23:59:59 BST 28th September 2004.

On vote was sent via anonymous webmail and the voter did not respond 
to a query by the votetaker. In the circumstances, the votetaker had 
no alternative but to disallow the vote.

My thanks, as always, to the voters who made it easy and in particular,
to those voters who responded courteously and helpfully to a query.

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This vote was conducted by a neutral third party member of UKVoting. 
UKVoting is a group of independent votetakers who count votes on behalf 
of the uk.* hierarchy and other 3rd parties.  

The rules under which votes for the uk.* hierarchy are taken are posted 
regularly to uk.net.news.announce or can be found at the following URL:


The UKVoting web pages can be found at <http://www.ukvoting.org.uk/>

There is a five day discussion period after these results are posted to
uk.net.news.announce.  Allegations of irregularity should be sent to
control (at) usenet.org.uk

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A number of reality tv programmes are  being shown on  television 
in the UK. There is heavy media coverage of individual programmes 
and the opportunity to discuss the merits of programmes with other 
fans of the genre would be useful.

By the creation of this newsgroup in the uk hierarchy the opportunity
to add specific reality tv groups (such as big-brother etc.) to this 
hierarchy is made possible if the demand is shown.

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uk.media.tv.reality.misc      For the discussion of reality TV in the UK

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CHARTER: uk.media.tv.reality.misc

uk.media.tv.reality.misc is for general discussion of UK reality  TV

This public forum allows free and open discussion about the programmes,
the contestants, format and all other topics relevant to the genre.
Predictions for the future of individual shows are also welcome. Other
more specific reality TV programmes may be added to the hierarchy if the
demand is there.


Advertising is forbidden.

Binaries and Formatting:

Encoded binaries (e.g. pictures, compressed files, etc.) are forbidden.
Such material belongs on a web or FTP site to which a pointer may be
posted. Cryptographic signatures (e.g. PGP) may be used where
authentication is important and should be as short as possible.

Posts must be readable as plain text. HTML, RTF and similarly formatted
messages are prohibited. To see how to make some common newsreaders
comply with this, read <http://www.usenet.org.uk/ukpost.html>.

Warning. Anyone posting contrary to this charter may be reported to
their "postmaster" and/or Service Provider.


Version: 5.0i
Charset: noconv


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