31 Dec 2003: Create Group: uk.local.yorkshire.moderated

From: Mark Goodge <m.goodge@nospam.ukvoting.org.uk>
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2003 10:12:58 GMT
Subject: RESULT (reissued): Creation of group 'uk.local.yorkshire.moderated' PASSES
Newsgroups: uk.net.news.announce,uk.net.news.config,uk.local.yorkshire

Reissued because some lines were inadvertently omitted during the original
posting (it is not clear where or how, but Deputy Control apologises anyway).


(Please note that, due to the known ability of the "swen" virus to
harvest addresses from news postings, all email addresses in this
results posting, including the votetaker's "from" and "reply-to"
addresses, are spamtrapped or munged. I regret the necessity for
this, but consider these circumstances sufficiently exceptional
to warrant breaking the usual rules)

Summary: Creation of group 'uk.local.yorkshire.moderated' beat both
"Do not create group" (status quo) and "Re-Open Discussion" by more
than 12 votes.

Voting closed at 23:59:59 GMT, 13th December 2003.

   fred <fred @ fredc dot demon dot co dot uk>
   Mark Goodge <m dot goodge at ukvoting dot org dot uk>
   Pedt Scragg <p dot scragg at ukvoting dot org dot uk>



The full results follow below in the following order:

1) Information on the ballot
2) Results
3) Individual Vote Details
4) Votetaker's Comments
5) Voting and Appeal Information
6) Rationale and Proposal (from the CFV)



Voters were asked to vote on a proposal to create the group,

Option A: Create group
Option B: Status Quo (Do not create group)
Option C: Re-Open Discussion



There were 74 vote emails received:

73 Valid and counted votes
  1 Valid vote subsequently overridden by the voter

Multi-option group creation votes in the uk.* hierarchy are decided by
a two-stage procedure. All options are first compared with votes for
the status quo (Do Not Create Group), and any which are not preferred
to SQ by the required margin of 12 votes are eliminated. The remaining
options, if any, are then evaluated by the Condorcet method.


Option A beat Option B (status quo) by a margin of 45
Option C beat Option B (status quo) by a margin of 24

Therefore, all options proceed to Stage 2


A full Condorcet count shows that Option A is preferred to
both other options:

Option A beat Option B by 58 votes to 13 (a margin of 45)
Option A beat Option C by 58 votes to 14 (a margin of 44)

Therefore, Option A (create group) is the winner.

The Condorcet evaluation grids are shown below.

Full Condorcet Tables:

Table 1 - Absolute Figures (Raw Preferences Grid)

     A     B     C
A [ \ ] [ 58] [ 58]
B [ 13] [ \ ] [ 15]
C [ 14] [ 39] [ \ ]

In this grid, each number represents the number of votes which were
cast that preferred the option named in the number's row to the option
appropriate to the number's column. For instance, 58 voters preferred
Option A to Option B while 15 voters preferred Option B to Option C.

Table 2 - Relative Figures (Opposite Comparison Grid)

     A     B     C
A [ \ ] [ 45] [ 44]
B [-45] [ \ ] [-24]
C [-44] [ 24] [ \ ]

In this grid, each number represents the number of votes which were
cast that preferred the option named in the number's row to the option
appropriate to the number's column less the number of votes which were
cast that preferred the option named in the number's column to the
option appropriate to the number's row. For example, 45 more people
preferred Option A to Option B than preferred B to A, and 44 more
people preferred Option A to Option C than preferred C to A.

The winning option in the absolute table is that where all the numbers
in its row are higher than the number in the equivalent position in
its column. The winning option in the relative table is that which has
all positive numbers in its row and all negative numbers in its
column. (On this ballot, this is Option A).



1. Voters were asked to rank the options from 1 (highest) to 3 (lowest).
Equal rankings are allowed, and any unranked options are considered to
be ranked below all ranked options.

2. Voters used a variety of different marks (or lack of them) to indicate
unranked options. Irrespective of the actual character used, all unranked
options have been represented in the table by '-' (dash).

3. The votes column shows the ranking given by the voter to each option.
For example:

                A B C
    voter 1     1 2 3
    voter 2     - 2 1

Voter 1 ranked option A first, then B,  and then C.
Voter 2 ranked Option C first, then B, and left the other option unranked.

Name              Email                                              A B C
====              =====                                              =====
Adrian            adrian?ffoil@org@uk                                1 - -
Al                al?lgeezer@net                                     1 9 5
alan williams     alanwilliams?blueyonder@co@uk                      3 1 2
Alex Holden       votes?alex-holden@co@uk                            1 3 2
Alison Hopkins    fn62?dial@pipex@com                                1 3 2
Andrew Stoker     andrew?peek-a-boo@org@uk                           3 1 2
Andy Davidson     andy?nosignal@org                                  1 - -
anonimulo         anonimulo2003?yahoo@com                            3 1 2
Big Egg           bigegg?hardboiled@plus@com                         1 3 2
BigAl             bigal@home?virgin@net                              1 3 2
Bob Scott         bob?Bobandaileen@co@uk                             1 2 3
Brian             Brian?bjforster@force9@co@uk                       1 - -
Christian Smith   christian?jasdigital@com                           1 3 2
Cigiroller        cigiroller?hypercon@net                            1 9 8
Clive Feather     clive?davros@org                                   3 1 2
Colin Blackburn   colin@blackburn?durham@ac@uk                       1 - -
Dave              Dave?community-spirit@demon@co@uk                  1 3 2
Dave Fawthrop     hyphen?hyphenologist@co@uk                         1 3 2
Dave J.           requiem?freeuk@com                                 1 3 2
Dave Mason        xulym?sarnie@org@uk                                3 1 2
Dave Williams     dave?clues@com                                     1 - -
David Mahon       dmahon_vote_xulym?amigo@co@uk                      1 3 2
David Uri         daviduri?bigfoot@com                               1 3 2
Debbie Herring    debbie?cybertheology@org@uk                        1 3 2
Dick Gaughan      dickg?dickalba@demon@co@uk                         1 3 2
Ebb Chernobyl     ebb@chernobyl?softhome@net                         - 1 2
Edward King       eaking?ulape@org@uk                                1 - -
Fenny             allspamwillbereported?rickmansworth@mersinet@co@uk - 1 2
fred              fred?fredc@demon@co@uk                             1 3 2
Geoff Berrow      bl?ckdog@co@uk                                     - - -
Geoff Wilson      geoff@wilson?dsl@pipex@com                         1 9 9
Graham Drabble    graham@drabble?lineone@net                         2 2 1
hannah d.         hannah?comp@leeds@ac@uk                            1 - -
huge              huge?huge@org@uk                                   1 - -
I hate Keane      tclipper?hotmail@com                               1 3 2
Ian D             idinsdale?blueyonder@co@uk                         1 - -
Ian Grey          ian@grey?delicolor@org@uk                          1 3 2
James Bentall     james?bentall@net                                  1 - 2
John Bean         john?waterfoot@org                                 1 - -
John Eastwood     jwe?clint@demon@co@uk                              1 3 2
Kimrobin          kimrobin?ntlworld@com                              1 - -
King Queen        kq?kingqueen@org@uk                                1 3 2
lazarus           mfvc50?dsl@pipex@com                               3 1 2
Marcus Houlden    ulym?nukesoft@co@uk                                1 3 2
martin            martinp?wanadoo@nl                                 1 3 2
Melvyn Palmer     mel?withernsea@fsbusiness@co@uk                    1 - -
Mike Clayton      mike_clayton?ntlworld@com                          1 - -
Mike Fleming      mike?tauzero@co@uk                                 1 3 2
Mike Roebuck      mike@roebuck?gmx@net                               1 - -
mike swift        mike@swift?yeton@co@uk                             1 3 2
MissJuggs         glenys?tgis@co@uk                                  1 3 2
Nev Young         nev@young?nfy53@demon@co@uk                        1 3 2
Nick Odell        themusic@workshop?ntlworld@com                     1 3 2
paul              {voter}?watman@clara@co@uk                         1 3 2
Paul Harper       paul?harper@net                                    1 3 2
Paul-B            paul?streetka@biz                                  1 - -
Peachy            sb1504?hotmail@com                                 1 - -
Peter Smyth       psmyth?ukf@net                                     3 1 2
PeterE            peter?ringtail@fsnet@co@uk                         1 3 2
Philip Powell     philip?blencathra@org@uk                           1 3 2
Richard Clayton   richard?highwayman@com                             3 1 2
Robert Harvey     bobharvey?postmaster@co@uk                         1 9 3
Roz Cawley        roz?delamici@demon@co@uk                           1 3 2
Steve Loft        steve?nybbles@co@uk                                1 3 2
Steve T           xulym?iridium@clara@co@uk                          3 1 2
TBM               pissed?birstall-trades@freeserve@co@uk             1 - -
Tez Burke         burkesworks?lineone@net                            1 3 2
The Barsteward    thebarsteward?freeuk@com                           1 3 2
thomas lee        tfl?psp@co@uk                                      - 1 2
Tyke              tyke?chariot@net@au                                3 1 2
Wanderer          wanderer?tesco@net                                 1 2 3
^Thunder^         Thunder?ukessex@org@uk                             1 3 2
{R}               {R}?semolina@org                                   1 3 2


As it turned out, this was a pretty simple vote to conduct. Very few
people misread the voting instructions, and there were no invalid votes.


This vote was conducted by a neutral third party member of UKVoting.
UKVoting is a group of independent votetakers who count votes on behalf
of the uk.* hierarchy and other 3rd parties.

The rules under which votes for the uk.* hierarchy are taken are posted
regularly to uk.net.news.announce or can be found at the following URL:

The UKVoting web pages can be found at <http://www.ukvoting.org.uk/>

There is a five day discussion period after these results are posted to

Allegations of irregularity should be sent to control at usenet dot org dot uk.


RATIONALE: uk.local.yorkshire.moderated

The aim of this proposal is to provide a forum for the discussion of
matters related to Yorkshire free from the abuses of the internet such
as message floods and off topic threads cross-posted across several
groups which have stifled the newsgroup uk.local.yorkshire for over two
years. It is unusual to moderate a general discussion group but this is
also an unusual form of moderation, intended to protect freedom of speech
not to limit it.

This is *not* a proposal to moderate or remove the existing group


CHARTER: uk.local.yorkshire.moderated

uk.local.yorkshire.moderated is a place for all those interested in
Yorkshire to discuss matters with a Yorkshire relevance and the world
from a Yorkshire perspective. It is also a place for people to seek
information from those who live in the county, for example someone
moving to a town may ask for advice as to the best areas to live or
someone visiting the region the best attractions, accommodation or

uk.local.yorkshire.moderated is a discussion group, all articles not
intended for discussion, such as advertisements with a Yorkshire
relevance and announcements of forthcoming events, other than
announcements relating directly to this newsgroup itself, must be
posted to the newsgroup uk.local.yorkshire.noticeboard and not here.

Cross-posting to more than four groups is not allowed.
Cross-posting to more than one group outside the uk.* hierarchy is not

This is a moderated group and the moderators may impose and remove
further restrictions at their discretion should they deem it necessary
for the efficient functioning of the group, provided they comply with
the group moderation policy.

Advertising is forbidden.

Binaries & Formatting

Encoded binaries (e.g. pictures, compressed files, etc.) are forbidden.
Such material belongs on a web or FTP site to which a pointer may be
posted. Posts must be readable as plain text. HTML, RTF and similarly
formatted messages may be rejected by the moderators. To see how to make
some common newsreaders comply with this, please read

Messages posted to this newsgroup must not be cross-posted to more than a
TOTAL of four uk.local.* newsgroups; these may be geographically adjacent
or overlapping, or connected by the subject of the post (e.g. "moving
house from Manchester to York").

Moderation Procedure

The aim of the moderators is to provide a forum for the discussion of
Yorkshire related matters as free as possible from abuses of usenet
without limiting freedom of speech.

The moderators may use the moderation software to control or block:

  Articles cross-posted to other groups.
  Articles which they consider do not carry adequate trace information.
  Message floods.
  Articles of excessive length.
  Articles with a content type other than plain text.

They may:

  Place limits on the number of groups which may be cross-posted to.

  Limit the groups or hierarchies which may be cross-posted to.

  Limit the groups or hierarchies which followups may be set to.

  Block any articles which are not either the start of a new thread
  or a follow-up to a recent article posted to the group.

  Limit the number of articles from one source posted at one time or
  in a given time.

  Block articles from or via anonymous remailers, subscription
  newsservers which offer anonymity to their subscribers or which
  the moderators consider do not have or do not enforce an adequate
  Acceptable User Policy, what the moderators believe to be open servers,
  servers on ISPs which the moderators believe are being used for
  a throwaway account solely for the purpose of committing abuses of
  the internet.

  Block articles with an excessive line or byte count.

  Block articles which have a content type other than plain text or
  have a mixed content type.

  Cancel any article which has been posted by bypassing the moderation

Provided that:

  No article shall be rejected based on the content of the body of
  the article.

  All rules applied shall apply to all posters equally, there will be no
  blacklisting or whitelisting of individuals.

  No poster shall be prevented from posting via their usual Internet Access
  Provider's newsserver.


Moderation Policy Statement

The aim of the moderators is to provide a forum for the discussion of
Yorkshire related matters as free as possible from abuses of usenet, such
as message floods, malicious cross-posting and articles intended only to
annoy, without limiting freedom of speech by rejecting any article based
on the content of its body, the identity of the poster or preventing a
poster from posting from their usual ISPs newsserver.

It is not the aim of the moderators to eliminate all abuses of usenet,
just to keep them to a reasonable level for the group to function

Temporary moderators will serve for a period of not more than six

The moderators as a group will appoint a successor to any moderator

The moderators may appoint further temporary or permanent moderators
at their discretion.

If possible all posts are to be signed to The PGPMoose V1.1
specifications, the moderators will when possible use a PGPMoose
cancelbot to remove any articles which have bypassed the moderation
procedure. Content based retromoderation is strictly prohibited The
moderators shall make all canceled posts available for public scrutiny.

Three lists may be kept, an approved NNTP Host list, an unapproved NNTP
hosts list and an anonymous remailer list. Articles posted from or via
a server on the unapproved NNTP hosts list or the anonymous remailer
list will not be forwarded for posting.

No rejection messages will be sent to poster using anonymous remailers,
or unapproved NNTP hosts, the rejection messages will be publicly
available for inspection. The moderators may, at their discretion delay
the availability of these rejected posts.

The list of approved and unapproved hosts will periodically be made
available for public scrutiny.

No Content based moderation, the moderators will not see the body of the
post when making accept or reject decisions.

The moderators may add any additional criteria for the approval or
rejection of posts, within the stated aims of the moderation policy, as
they see fit. These additional criteria and the groups moderation policy
document must be posted to the group according to a strict published

The moderators may not change this policy statement to include moderation
based on the content of the body of an article, on the identity of the
poster or to prevent any poster posting via their usual ISPs newsserver.

Initial arrangements.

The moderation software is initially to be hosted by UK Usenet
Moderation, the moderators may choose any other moderation facility they

Initial Moderation Rules.

No crossposts.

No content types other than plain text.

No articles posted from or via an anonymous posting service.

Initial Moderators

  Bigegg (Chief Moderator)
  hannah d.
  Geoff Berrow (Temporary)
  fred@fredc (Temporary)

Note the chief moderator is an administrative function concerned with
the appointment and removal of other moderators. The chief moderator is
to be reselected on a yearly basis by the other moderators. If the
moderators cannot agree amongst themselves there is to be an election
using the Single Transferable Vote ERS 97 rules with random tiebreaks.

Objections, suggestions and thanks are to be sent to the moderators at
the address given in the headers of an approved post, the moderators may
ignore any mail sent to them as individuals at their discretion.

END Moderation Policy Statement

Version: 5.0i
Charset: noconv


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