15 Dec 2003: Amend rules relating to fast track of guidelines (Reissued)

From: Molly Mockford <xft02@mockfords.clara.co.uk>
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2003 22:09:18 +0000
Subject: RESULT: Amend rules relating to fast track of guidelines FAILS
Newsgroups: uk.net.news.announce,uk.net.news.config,uk.net.news.management



RESULT: Amend rules relating to fast track of guidelines FAILS


Neither Option A (amend rules) nor Option C (re-open discussion) beat
Option B (do not amend rules) by 12 votes.  Option B, which is the
status quo, therefore wins.


Voting closed at 23:59:59 GMT on Tuesday 9th December 2003

Proponent: Dave Mayall <dave (at) research-group.co.uk>
Votetaker: Molly Mockford <xft02 (at) mockfords.clara.co.uk>




The full results follow below in the following order:

1) Information on the ballot
2) Detail of results
3) Individual Vote Details
4) Votetaker's Comments
5) Voting and Appeal Guidelines
6) Rationale and Proposals



41 valid votes were received at the voting address during the period
of the vote.

58 requests for ballot papers were received at the request address,
consisting of:

46 genuine requests
1 test by the votetaker
9 virus-generated and infected e-mails
2 notifications from routing ISPs that a virus-bearing e-mail had been



STAGE ONE - Options compared to Status Quo

B (Status Quo) preferred to A (Amend Rules)         by 26 votes to 14 (12)
B (Status Quo) preferred to C (Re-open Discussion)  by 24 votes to 14 (10)
C (Re-Open Discussion) preferred to A (Amend Rules) by 20 votes to 19 (1)

No option beats Status Quo by 12 or more votes. Accordingly, Status Quo
wins and Stage Two is not necessary.



Name               E-mail                                    Y  N ROD

(Newsgroup) Dave   Dave community-spirit demon oc ku         1  3  2
{R}                {R} semolina gro                          1  3  2
Adam D. Barratt    vote+pro+ft+2003-11 adam-barratt gro ku   3  1  2
Alan Fleming       af etrigan gro                            1  -  -
Alex D. Baxter     alex-news oenone demon oc ku              1  2  3
Andrew Hartley     andrew p hartley student mmu ac ku        1  3  2
Anthony R. Gold    bigfoot davros gro                        3  1  2
Barry Salter       znlnyyfhpxf southie em ku                 -  1  -
Brett Paul Dunbar  brett dimetrodon demon oc ku              3  2  1
Brian              Brian bjforster force9 oc ku              3  1  2
Charles Lindsey    chl clerew man ca ku                      3  1  2
Chris Croughton    chris keristor gro                        1  3  2
Clive Feather      clive davros gro                          3  1  2
Clive R Robertson  fasttrack2 clive gro ku                   2  1  3
Dave Johnson       requiem freeuk moc                        3  1  2
Dave Mason         xft02 sarnie gro ku                       1  3  2
Dave Mayall        dave research-group oc ku                 1  1  1
David Mahon        dmahon_vote_xft02 amigo oc ku             3  1  2
Dick Gaughan       dickg dickalba demon oc ku                3  1  2
Edward King        eaking ulape gro ku                       1  -  -
Geoff Berrow       bl ckdog oc ku                            3  1  2
Graham Drabble     graham drabble lineone ten                3  2  1
Ian jackson        ijackson chiark greenend gro ku           3  1  2
Jim Riley          jimrtex pipeline moc                      2  1  3
John Briggs        john briggs4 ntlworld moc                 3  1  2
Mike Fleming       mike tauzero oc ku                        3  1  2
Mysteron           mysteron zetnet oc ku                     2  1  3
Owen Rees          owen rees tesco ten                       2  1  3
Paul               {voter} watman clara oc ku                1  3  2
Paul Carpenter     paul pcserv demon oc ku                   3  1  2
Paul Harper        paul harper ten                           1  3  2
Pete The Gardener  pete_the_gardener hotmail moc             1  3  2
Peter Robinson     pmrobinson gmx ten                        2  1  3
Peter Smyth        psmyth kuf ten                            3  1  2
Richard Clayton    richard highwayman moc                    1  3  2
Squire             squireb bryhod99 demon oc ku              3  1  2
Steve Firth        voting malloc oc ku                       1  3  2
Stuart O'Donnell   stuart o'donnell venicones demon oc ku    1  2  3
The Barsteward     thebarsteward freeuk moc                  3  1  2
Tim Sharrock       tim sharrock gro ku                       2  1  3
Wm                 tcnw61 tarrcity demon oc ku               1  3  2





A straightforward vote with no problems. During the course of the vote,
a notice was posted to uk.net.news.announce reminding anyone who had
voted in the earlier, halted, CFV that they should request a new ballot
paper.  This announcement had no noticeable effect on the pattern of
ballot paper request and it seems, therefore, that the great majority
of those interested were already aware of the re-issued CFV.

The load of virus-generated and infected e-mails to the votetaker's
address was very heavy.  Although only eleven such e-mails (or what
remained of them after being cleaned up en route) were received at the
ballot request address, no less than 235 were received direct to the
votetaker's address, together with 8 pieces of spam.  I recommend that,
while the Swen virus remains active, votetakers' "per-vote" addresses
should incorporate the string "spam" or "delete" to avoid their being
automatically targetted by this virus.

Three voters appeared to cast their vote as though it were a "first
past the post" vote.  Each of them was e-mailed to remind them that
they were entitled to express more detailed preferences;  none chose
to do so.

All but eight of the voters completed the voluntary question about the
address under which they usually posted to Usenet.  Completing this
field is of considerable help to the votetaker, especially when the
voter is not already well-known under the e-mail address they use to



This vote was conducted by a neutral third party member of UKVoting.
UKVoting is a group of independent votetakers who count votes on
behalf of the uk.* hierarchy and other 3rd parties.

The rules under which votes for the uk.* hierarchy are taken are
posted regularly to uk.net.news.announce or can be found at the
following URL:


The UKVoting web pages can be found at <http://www.ukvoting.org.uk/>

There is a five day discussion period after these results are posted
to uk.net.news.announce.

Allegations of irregularity should be sent to control (at) usenet.org.uk




RATIONALE from the last RFD

The proponent recently submitted an RFD to amend the number of 
objections which automatically halt a fast track.

That RFD was prompted by the anomolous situation, where the 
guidelines permit guideline changes to be fast tracked, but 
there are sufficient people who oppose fast tracking guideline 
changes to ensure that all such fast tracks are doomed to fail.

The proponent is of the opinion that the position should be 
regularised one way or the other.

The RFD on number of fast tracks has received considerable opposition, 
and it is apparent that the view of the community tends towards the 
opinion that fast track is not appropriate for changes to the 
guidelines, accordingly that RFD has been withdrawn by the proponent.

This proposal regularises the position, by explicitly removing the 
fast track option for changes to the guidelines.




In paragraph 5 of the "Guidelines for Group Creation"


'by the "fast track" method'


'(RFDs proposing changes to the guidelines shall not proceed by the 
fast track method)'

In "The UK Usenet Committee", Final section (Rule Changes)


The final paragraph (If the change is trivial....)

UNLESS the paragraph in question has already been removed as a result of
the ongoing RFD "Amend Guidelines (Rule Changes)".


- -- 
Molly Mockford
Votetaker, Amend rules relating to fast track of guidelines vote

Version: 5.0i
Charset: noconv


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