09 May 2000: uk.comp.os.win2000

From: Mark Goodge <mark@good-stuff.co.uk>
Date: Tue, 9 May 2000 12:50:03 GMT
Subject: Result: uk.comp.os.win2000 PASSES
Newsgroups: uk.net.news.announce,uk.net.news.config,uk.comp.win95


Result: uk.comp.os.win2000 PASSES

- -------

Option A (create group as 'uk.comp.os.win2000') was preferred by a majority 
of voters to all other options, and exceeded the +12 margin over Option C 
(Status Quo).

Therefore, Option A (create group as 'uk.comp.os.win2000') wins.


Voting closed at 23:59:59 BST, 27th April 2000

Proponent: Thomas Lee <tfl@psp.co.uk>
Votetaker: Mark Goodge <m.goodge@ukvoting.org.uk>

uk.net.news.announce, uk.net.news.config, uk.comp.os.win95


The full results follow below in the following order:

1) Information on the ballot
2) Results
3) Individual Vote Details
4) Votetakers Comments
5) Voting and Appeal Guidelines
6) Rationale & Charter


Information on the ballot
- -------------------------

Votetaker's note: On the ballot paper, I somewhat foolishly numbered the 
four options in Section One from 1 to 4. When it came to counting them, I 
realised that this makes the results table rather number-heavy, so for the 
purposes of presenting the results I have re-labelled them from A to D, 
retaining the same order.

The options on the ballot were:

Section One:

A: Create group as 'uk.comp.os.win2000'
B: Create group as 'uk.comp.os.microsoft.win2000'
C: Status Quo (Do not create group)
D: Re-Open Discussion

[A, B, C and D were 1, 2, 3 and 4 respectively on the ballot]

Section Two:

If Option 2 (Create group as 'uk.comp.os.microsoft.win2000')
wins, should the existing group 'uk.comp.os.win95' be renamed
as 'uk.comp.os.microsoft.win95'?

Rename uk.comp.os.win95 : [       ]    (YES/NO/ABSTAIN)


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Brief Results List
- -------------------

Multi-option votes in the uk.* hierarchy are decided by a two-stage 
procedure. All options are first compared with votes for Status Quo (SQ), 
and any which are not preferred to SQ by the required margin of 12 votes 
are eliminated. The remaining options, if any, are then evaluated by the 
Condorcet method.

There were 92 votes cast.


Option A was preferred to SQ (Option C) by a margin of 47
Option B was preferred to SQ (Option C) by a margin of 21
Option D was preferred to SQ (Option C) by a margin of 18

Therefore, all options proceed to a full Condorcet count.


A was preferred to B by 64 votes to 17, with 11 abstentions or equal-rankings.
A was preferred to C by 68 votes to 21, with 3 abstentions or equal-rankings.
A was preferred to D by 71 votes to 19, with 2 abstentions or equal rankings.

Option A (create group as 'uk.comp.os.win2000') is therefore the Condorcet 

As Option A wins Section One, it was not necessary to tally the votes for 
Section Two.

Full Condorcet Tables
- ---------------------

Table 1 - Absolute Figures (Raw preferences Grid)

                                        A     B     C     D
A (uk.comp.os.win.2000)              [n/a] [ 64] [ 68] [ 71]
B (uk.comp.os.microsoft.win2000      [ 17] [n/a] [ 52] [ 50]
C (Status Quo - do not create group) [ 21] [ 31] [n/a] [ 31]
D (Re-Open Discussion)               [ 19] [ 33] [ 49] [n/a]

In this grid, each number represents the number of votes which were cast 
that preferred the option named in the number's row to the option 
appropriate to the number's column. For instance, 64 votes preferred Option 
A to Option B while 19 votes preferred Option D to Option A.

Table 2 - Relative Figures (Opposite Comparison Grid)

                                        A     B     C     D
A (uk.comp.os.win.2000)              [n/a] [ 47] [ 47] [ 52]
B (uk.comp.os.microsoft.win2000      [-47] [n/a] [ 21] [ 17]
C (Status Quo - do not create group) [-47] [-21] [n/a] [-18]
D (Re-Open Discussion)               [-52] [-17] [ 18] [n/a]

In this grid, each number represents the number of votes which were cast 
that preferred the option named in the number's row to the option 
appropriate to the number's column less the number of votes which were cast 
that preferred the option named in the number's column to the option 
appropriate to the number's row. For example, 47 more people preferred 
Option A to Option B, and 18 more people preferred Option D to Option C.

The winning option in the absolute table is that where all the numbers in 
its row are higher than the number in the equivalent position in its 
column. The winning option in the relative table is that which has all 
positive numbers in its row and all negative numbers in its column. (In 
both cases, this is Option A).


Individual Vote Details
- -----------------------


1. Voters were asked to rank the options from 1 (highest) to 4 (lowest). 
Equal rankings are allowed, and any unranked options are considered to be 
given the lowest possible rating.

2. Voters used a variety of different marks (or lack of them) to indicate 
unranked options. Irrespective of the actual character used, all unranked 
options have been represented in the table by '-' (dash).

3. The Section One votes column shows the ranking given by the voter to 
each option. For example:

   voter 1     1234
   voter 2     -2-1

Voter 1 ranked option A first, then B, then C, then D. Voter 2 ranked 
Option D first, then B, and left A and C unranked.

4. The Section 2 votes column has a single letter:

    Y = YES
    N = NO

                                                     1     2
Name               Email                            ABCD  |
- ----               -----                            ----  -
Alan Fleming       af.contract/co/gb                3-12  N
Alex D. Baxter     alex-news.oenone/demon/co/gb     1234  N
Alex Nichol        Alexn.mvps/gro                   1243  N
Allan Beetlestone  {A}.beetlestone/demon/co/gb      1243  Y
Andrew Hartley     andrew.eastupham/freeserve/co/gb 1342  N
Andrew Sayers      storm.fallendell/freeserve/co/gb 1243  Y
Andrew Stoker      andrew.peek-a-boo/org/gb         1234  N
Andy Mabbett       andy.pigsonthewing/demon/co/gb   ----  A
Andy Roberts       andyrobts.zetnet/co/gb           --12  N
Anthony Gold       tgold.panix/moc                  3312  Y
Barry Dorrans      barryd.bann/co/gb                12--  N
Barry Salter       gbvotes.salterg/demon/co/gb      1342  N
Ben Whyte          cs97bbw2.brunel/ac/gb            1243  Y
Brett Paul Dunbar  brett.dimetrodon/demon/co/gb     2121  A
C. Newport         crn.netunix/moc                  3412  A
Charles F Hankel   noos.hankel/freedombird/ten      --12  N
Chris Bannister    cj.moodog/org/gb                 3124  Y
Chris Croughton    chris.keris/demon/co/gb          --12  N
Craig Hardie       craighardie.algatis/moc          2143  A
Darren Wyn Rees    merlin.netlink/co/gb             --12  Y
Dave Hillam        d/hillam.btinternet/moc          1243  Y
Dave Mason         dave.lowjobs/co/gb               1243  N
Dave Mayall        david/mayall.gbonline/co/gb      1432  N
Dave Sparks        Dave/Sparks.sisyphus/demon/co/gb -213  A
DaveMills          DaveMills.ravesw/demon/co/gb     1243  Y
David Damerell     damerell.chiark/greenend/org/gb  1434  A
David Mahon        dmahon.amigo/co/gb               1243  Y
David Wood         david.wood2/org/gb               1132  N
Denis F            bedfordtlfan.yahoo/moc           1243  N
Denis McMahon      denis.pickaxe/demon/co/gb        1243  Y
Dion L Heap        dion.homesix/globalnet/co/gb     1423  N
Eddie Bernard      edward.ebernard/greatxscape/net  1244  Y
Edward King        eaking.ulape/demon/co/gb         11--  A
Gerard Alan Latham gerard.galatham/demon/co/gb      1243  N
glynn bradley      glynn.euphony/demon/co/gb        1---  N
Gordon Milner      g/milner.blib/demon/co/gb        1243  N
Grant Mason        grant/mason.dtn/ntl/moc          1243  Y
Iain Bowen         alaric.harlech/demon/co/gb       1342  N
Ian Chard          ian.tanagra/demon/co/gb          1432  Y
Ian Jackson        ijackson.chiark/greenend/org/gb  1432  Y
James Farrar       james.sfgiants22/freeserve/co/gb 1233  Y
J M Kemp           james.jmkemp/demon/co/gb         1243  A
J.P. Gilliver      john/gilliver.gecm/moc           1323  Y
guy fawkes         guy/fawkes.surfbaud/co/gb        1---  N
Jezza              jezza.hotwells/freeserve/co/gb   1423  N
Jim Hill           vote-win2000.jhc/org/gb          4312  N
John Line          jml4.cus/cam/ac/gb               1243  A
John McL           johnmcl.benlakeland/cix/co/gb    1243  A
Jon Thomson        jon.thomson2273/freeserve/co/gb  3412  N
Keith Brazington   keith.quetz/demon/co/gb          4123  Y
Lord Treguard      Chris/higham.btinternet/moc      1423  Y
Mark Tyndall       mrt102.york/ac/gb                1243  A
Michael Parry      michael.cavrdg/demon/co/gb       1243  Y
Mike Fleming       mike.tauzero/co/gb               1243  A
Mike Henry         mike.tw2/moc                     1423  N
Mike Landers       plissken.netmocgb/co/gb          12--  N
Nick Regan         nick.nregan/co/gb                2143  Y
Andrew Norman      nja.le/ac/gb                     1--2  N
Owen Rees          owenrees.waitrose/moc            4312  Y
Patrick Herring    ph.anweald/exnet/co/gb           3412  Y
Paul Smith         ozric99.btinternet/moc           1324  N
Pekka P. Pirinen   ppp.pirinen/demon/co/gb          --12  Y
Peter Murphy       pete.ento/demon/co/gb            4312  A
Peter Alfredsen    peteralf.fabel/kd                4312  Y
Peter Parry        peter.wpp/ltd/gb                 2143  N
Philip Hunt        phil.mocuno/moc                  1-23  A
Phillip Smith      phil.nexussft/demon/co/gb        1342  Y
Philip Powell      philip.blencathra/demon/co/gb    1243  A
{R}                {R}.pink/semolina/gro            4444  A
Rachael Munns      vashti+cfv.dream/org/gb          2143  A
red-5              me.red-5/co/gb                   1243  N
Richard Kennaway   jrk.sys/uea/ac/gb                1---  N
Richard Kettlewell rjk.sfere/greenend/org/gb        3421  N
Richard Lamont     richard.stonix/demon/co/gb       3214  Y
Richard Letts      richard-vote.illuin/gro          1--2  Y
Richard Rees       richardr.gbgateway/ten           1243  A
Rob Baldwin        rob.rfbaldwin/fsnet/co/gb        2143  Y
Robbie             robbie.gbvote/arrakis/un         1132  A
Rob Jones          Rajman.bigfoot/moc               2143  Y
Ron Fitzpatrick    ronfitz.btinternet/moc           321-  Y
Shane Matthews     smatt.1st-legend/co/gb           1---  N
Steve Peake        puppet.dial/pipex/moc            1243  N
Steve Peek         peek_s.hotmail/moc               1432  Y
Steve Wright       steve.wrightnet/demon/co/gb      1233  Y
Stuart Baldwin     Stuart.boxatrix/demon/co/gb      1--2  N
Stuart Vessey      stuartv.boyznow/ten              1243  Y
Tez Boyes          tez.pierrot/co/gb                1243  A
Tim Walls          tim.snowgoons/fsnet/co/gb        4123  Y
Thomas Lee         tfl.psp/co/gb                    1243  N
tobias erle        vote-gb.kholdan/snafu/ed         1342  Y
Tony Evans         tony.tagman/demon/co/gb          1243  N
William Allen      mail.mayfly13/fsnet/co/gb        1423  N

Invalid Votes:

Leo Vegoda         leo.lurve/gro - incomplete vote


Votetaker's Comments

Quite an easy vote for a first-timer - only a few invalid votes, and all 
but one of them fixed it after I sent back a reject notice. Most rejects 
were due to a missing name and/or email address on the ballot.

Two acks bounced, but these were later resubmitted with valid addresses so 
I haven't included them in the invalid votes list.

A couple of people voted as if it was an fptp vote - just one option marked 
with an X and the rest left blank. A fair amount of people managed to 
mangle the ballot paper a bit - usually due to leaving too many blank 
spaces between the [ ]s after inserting their name and address, which made 
the lines wrap. One vote arrived in HTML. All of these were counted, but it 
would have made automatic parsing rather more difficult had I chosen to do 
it that way.


This vote was conducted by a neutral third party member of UKVoting.
UKVoting is a group of independent votetakers who count votes on behalf
of the uk.* hierarchy and other 3rd parties.

The rules under which votes for the uk.* hierarchy are taken are posted
regularly to uk.net.news.announce or can be found at the following URL:

The UKVoting web pages can be found at <http://www.ukvoting.org.uk/>

There is a five day discussion period after these results are posted to

Allegations of irregularity should be sent to control@usenet.org.uk.

Rationale and Charter from the CFV

RATIONALE: uk.comp.os.win2000
- - -----------------------------

Windows 2000 was released on February 17th 2000 and is being rolled out
across the world.  It has already created a lot of news postings in a
variety of groups. Many of these are less useful for UK users.

The success of the Windows 95 group (uk.comp.win95), and others, shows
that a similar group, focused on Windows 2000 would be useful. The straw
poll supports this view.

CHARTER: uk.comp.os.win2000
- - ---------------------------

This newsgroup is for the discussion of all aspects of
Microsoft's Windows 2000 operating system with particular
reference to technical issues affecting users of the UK release.
Valid topics include, but are not limited to, hardware
requirements, software compatibility, installation, maintenance
and Internet access.

Windows NT, from which Windows 2000 was derived, and direct
decedents of Windows 2000 are on topic but discussion of the
Windows 9x and Windows 3.xx operating systems and their direct
descendants is specifically excluded.

This newsgroup wishes to be welcoming to new users who may be
unfamiliar both with Windows 2000 and with Usenet etiquette.
Common errors, e.g. articles written in HTML or containing upside
down quoting, should be corrected by experienced users but not

The primary language for this newsgroup is English.

Advertising is strictly forbidden.

All messages must be formatted in plain text. Encoded binaries,
e.g. pictures, compressed files, etc., are forbidden except for
cryptographic signatures, e.g. PGP, which should be used
sparingly. Posting of URLs for binary material is acceptable.

All posts to this newsgroup should be in plain text. Attachments, HTML
and other types of formatted text are not permitted.


Version: PGPfreeware 5.0i for non-commercial use
Charset: noconv


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