09 May 2000: create uk.media.tv.dawsons-creek

From: Molly Mockford <molly@mockfords.clara.co.uk>
Date: Tue, 9 May 2000 12:55:06 GMT
Subject: Result: uk.media.tv.dawsons-creek PASSES
Newsgroups: uk.net.news.announce,uk.net.news.config,alt.tv.dawsons-creek,uk.tv.misc


Result: uk.media.tv.dawsons-creek PASSES 26:3

- -------

There were 32 valid votes, comprising 26 votes in favour and three 
votes against, with three abstentions.  In order for a proposal to
pass, Yes must beat No by a margin of 12 or more;  this proposal 
therefore passes.


Voting closed at 23:59:59 BST, 4th May 2000

Proponent: Ginger Adams <Gingergem@tesco.net>
Votetaker: Molly Mockford <m.mockford@ukvoting.org.uk>



The results follow below in the following order:

1) Particulars of the vote
2) Votetaker's Comments
3) Voting and Appeal Guidelines
4) Rationale & Charter


1.  Particulars of the Vote
- ---------------------------

Name            Email address                    Yes/No/Abstain

Ace Greenhalgh  ace  greenhalgh ! dial  pipex  moc      Y
Andy Walker     a  j  walker ! virgin  ten              Y
Angela Kindon   a  kindon ! geog  leeds  ca  ku         Y
Bizzy McClure   bizzy_m ! hotmail  moc                  Y
Chris Bannister cj ! moodog  gro  ku                    Y
Claire Essame   claire ! essame  clara  ten             Y
ct              ct ! ocmlab  ox  ca  ku                 Y
Damson          shakes95 ! hotmail  moc                 Y
Diana Langdon   diana_ginger ! yahoo  moc               Y
Eddie Bernard   edward ! ebernard  greatxscape  ten     Y
Eloise Lucy     EloiseLucy ! hotmail  moc               Y
Graham Murrau   graham ! barnowl  demon  oc  ku         Y
Jamesd          jd_d931t ! btinternet  moc              Y
John Robinson   john ! thebeard  gro                    Y
Mike Henry      mike ! tw2  moc                         Y
Mike Welch      mike ! flat222  gro                     Y
Nathan Dimmock  ndimmock ! bigfoot  moc                 Y
Paul            paul ! xebon.clara  oc  ku              Y
Paul Taylor     ptaylor ! eqe  oc  ku                   Y
Philip Powell   philip ! blencathra  demon  oc  ku      Y
Quinn MALAURY   quinn  malaury ! online  rf             Y
Romeo Montague  Romeo ! juliet  freeserve  oc  ku       Y
Ronn            ronn ! ermintrude  demon  oc  ku        Y
Steve Wright    steve ! wrightnet  demon  oc  ku        Y
Sunnyujm        Dillhole ! tesco  ten                   Y
Tim Miller      tim ! poyningsclose  freeserve  oc  ku  Y

Darren Wyn Rees merlin ! netlink  oc  ku                N
Jon Thomson     jon ! thomson2273  freeserve  oc  ku    N
Kieran Hadler   hadler ! one  net  au                   N

Andy Mabbett    andy ! pigsonthewing  demon  oc  ku     A
Dave Hillam     d  hillam ! btinternet  moc             A
David Damerell  damerell ! chiark  greenend  gro  ku    A

Invalid Votes

Votes from the following were rejected as not being on the official
ballot paper, and were not re-submitted in the correct form.

Elizabeth Ashford       Elizabeth ! Ashforde  freeserfe  oc  ku
Mel Adkins              granfromaggio ! hotmail  moc
Mike Jakeman            mike ! jakeman  demon  oc  ku 
Sarah Lovatt            Sarah  Lovatt ! ukgateway  ten
Stefan Arestis          stef00 ! email  moc


2.  Votetaker's Comments
- ------------------------

No acknowledgements (or rejection notices) bounced.  There were 
thirteen invalid votes, all but one of them free-form (i.e. not on the 
official ballot paper);  some people made several attempts to vote in 
this manner.  One ballot paper contained an invalid email address.  
Votes in the correct format were later received from all except those 
listed above.  Three people sent in duplicate (although otherwise 
valid) votes, the last-received of which was counted in each case.  
Five people voted in HTML.  I was relieved that I had decided to 
process and count the vote manually rather than attempt any form of 
automation in my first vote.


3.  Voting and Appeal Guidelines
- --------------------------------

This vote was conducted by a neutral third party member of UKVoting.
UKVoting is a group of independent votetakers who count votes on behalf
of the uk.* hierarchy and other 3rd parties.

The rules under which votes for the uk.* hierarchy are taken are posted
regularly to uk.net.news.announce or can be found at the following URL:

The UKVoting web pages can be found at <http://www.ukvoting.org.uk/>

There is a five day discussion period after these results are posted to

Allegations of irregularity should be sent to control@usenet.org.uk.


4.  Rationale and Charter from the CFV
- --------------------------------------

- ---------

Dawson's Creek is now about to start its third season's run in the
United Kingdom. It has already nearly finished in the United States
meaning the British viewers either know everything that is going to
happen in the 3rd series or may have to leave the group as the viewers
from USA and Canada do not respect spoiler space for other countries in
the existing group (alt.tv.dawsons-creek) 

- -------

uk.media.tv.dawsons-creek is a group for discussion of episodes of
Dawson's Creek that have been aired in the UK. Postings on future
storylines (spoilers) are acceptable, but if posted, should have a
subject line beginning "SPOILER:" and a 30-line "spoiler space" before
the content of the post. 


Advertising is not permitted, with the following exceptions:

Suppliers of goods and services relevant to Dawson's Creek may post a
pointer to their website or invitation to request details. This may not
exceed four lines and may be posted no more often than once every three
months. The subject line should begin "AD: " or "ADVERT: ".


Binaries (including HTML) are forbidden, except for PGP signatures.
Pointers to relevant URL's are however welcomed.


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Charset: noconv


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