25 Sep 2001: create uk.local.merseyside

From: Robbie Irvine <r.irvine@ukvoting.org.uk>
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2001 21:50:09 +0100
Subject: RESULT uk.local.merseyside PASSES 31:7
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New Newsgroup uk.local.merseyside PASSES 31:7

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Voting opened Saturday 11 August 2001
Voting Closed Fri 31 August 2001.

Proponent: "Peter Birmingham" <birmo@ic24.net>
Votetaker: "Robbie Irvine" <r.irvine@ukvoting.org.>

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These results have been posted to:


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Valid votes received  : 43
Total votes in favour : 31
Total votes against   :  7
Total abstentions     :  5

The group creation proposal for uk.local.merseyside succeeds.

Votes received in favour (31) exceeded received votes against (7)
by more than the required minimum of twelve votes (31 - 7 = 24).

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Abstain 5 votes

Graham Drabble          graham.drabble#linene,ten            a
James Coupe             james#zephyr,rog,ku                  a
Jeffrey Goldberg        jeffrey#goldmark.org                 a
Philip Powell           philip#blencathra,rog,ku             a
Richard Kettlewell      richard+ulm01#sfere.greenend,rog,ku  a

against 7 votes

Andrew Stoker           andrew#peek-a-boo,rog,ku             n
Charles F Hankel        hankel#freedombird,ten               n
distant                 distant5939#hotmail,moc              n
Jon Thomson             jon#thomson2273.freeserve,oc,ku      n
Paul Cummins            paul#cummins.ie.eu,rog               n
Paul Rooney             paulvrooney#prooney.fsworld,oc,ku    n
six                     six#screamingeagle.1to1,rog          n

for 31 votes

Alex Holden             votes#alex-holden,oc,ku              y
Alex Threlfall          Alex#letsblowitup,moc                y
Andrew Wheatley         andrew.wheatley#union,rog.za         y
Andy Mabbett            andy#pigsonthewing,rog,ku            y
Bill Muskett            bill.muskett#which,ten               y
Brian Barlow            brian#brianb.u-net,moc               y
Chopsocky               mail#chopsocky.fsnet,oc,ku           y
David Jackson           david#middleroom,dcu                 y
Denis Mcmahon           denis#pickaxe,dcu                    y
Eddie Bernard           usenet#ebernard.greatxscape,ten      y
gizbon                  gizbon#higs,oc,ku                    y
James West              James#westy48.freeserve,oc,ku        y
jeanette fitzhugh       fine#blueyonder,oc,ku                y
Kerene                  kerenejb#btinternet,moc              y
Kevin Wilson            kl3095#blueyonder,oc,ku              y
Lyn David Thomas        lyn#cibwr.freeserve,oc,ku            y
Mal Franks              malcolm.franks#btinternet,moc        y
Michael Parry           michael#cavrdg,dcu                   y
Mike Henry              {$usenet$}#mrtickle,dcu              y
Neil F                  microclot#hotmail,moc                y
Nick                    jfnw41225#cableinet,oc,ku            y
Nigel Ashton            nigel#nigelashton,dcu                y
Paula Burns             paula#burns77.fsworld,oc,ku          y
Peter Birmingham        birmo#ic24,ten                       y
Peter Munn              pmunnsub#pearce-neptune,dcu          y
Peter Smyth             psmyth#ukf,ten                       y
philip page             philip.j.page#btinternet,moc         y
Richard David Marbrow   rmarbrow#blueyonder,oc,ku            y
Richard Letts           rjl-merseyvote#illuin,rog            y
Squirm                  squirm#blueyonder,oc,ku              y
Susan Ashton            susan#ashton,dcu                     y

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First an Apology for the lateness of these results, my private life
has made major roads into the amount of free time I have and this set
of results suffered because of it. This was compounded due to the Call
for Applications for the Committee. I appologise to the Proponent and
the community.  There was a ack bounced but I communicated with the
voter by other means and we sorted the error with his mailserver.

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Rationale: uk.local.merseyside

There are many up and coming towns on Merseyside which are covered by
the newsgroup uk.local.nw-england

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SUMMARY OF DISCUSSION: uk.local.merseyside

During the 1st RFD, it became evident that some people objected to
using the word 'county' to describe Merseyside.  This was discussed
and it was agreed that the best way forward would be to omit the word
'county' from the newsgroup line.  It was necessary to clarify and
define Merseyside and this was the way forward for the 2nd RFD.

After clarifying these points there were still voices of objection
about the name Merseyside.  During the discussion, there was no better
description offered for the area detailed in the charter.

The point was raised that Merseyside is an area-name which is in
everyday usage and is also commonly understood and therefore complies
with the uk.local.* charter.  There were still objections to the name.

The point was raised about traffic and it is in my opinion there has
been sufficient interest shown in unnc and to me privately via email.
The accidental creation of the uk.local.merseyside by Blueyonder
proves that the group can work and that the showing from one ISP
alone, demonstrates this.

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uk.local.merseyside             Merseyside, England

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Charter: uk.local.merseyside

uk.local.merseyside is for the discussion of issues relevant to
Merseyside in the Northwest of England.

For the purposes of this newsgroup Merseyside is defined as ;
"Anywhere now in the Metropolitan Districts of Sefton, Liverpool,
Knowsley, St. Helens and Wirral, or previously in the former County of


Advertising is strictly forbidden, with these exceptions:

Suppliers of goods and services relevant to Merseyside may post an
invitation to visit their web site or request details. It should be of
four lines or fewer and not posted more than once every 3 months.  The
subject line should begin "ADVERT: ", except for vacancy adverts, when
it should begin "JOB: ".


Messages posted to this newsgroup must not be cross-posted to more
than a TOTAL of four uk.local.* newsgroups; these may be
geographically adjacent or overlapping, or connected by the subject of
the post (e.g. "a proposed house move from Southport to

Note that the advertising of widely-available goods or services is
*not* relevant in this context, and that most uk.local.* groups have
restrictions on advertising, or prohibit it. Cross-posted adverts,
where allowed, must meet the requirements of the charters of *all*

Binaries & Formatting:

Encoded binaries (e.g. pictures, compressed files, etc.) are
forbidden. Such material belongs on a web or FTP site to which a
pointer may be posted.  Cryptographic signatures (e.g. PGP) may be
used where authentication is important and should be as short as


Posts must be readable as plain text. HTML, RTF and similarly
formatted messages are prohibited. To see how to make some common
newsreaders comply with this, read


Anyone posting contrary to this charter may be reported to their
System Administrator and/or Service Provider.


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