24 May 2000: Create Group uk.local.devon

From: alan@whirlnet.co.uk (Alan Ford)
Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 19:42:19 GMT
Subject: RESULTS: New Newsgroup uk.local.devon PASSES
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New Newsgroup uk.local.devon PASSES

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Voting began Monday 26 April 2000
Voting closed Friday 19 May 2000 23:59:59 BST

Proponent: Andrew Hartley <andy@eltc.org.uk>
Votetaker: alan@whirlnet.co.uk (Alan Ford)

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These results have been posted to:

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The three options were:

1) Create New Newsgroup    (YES)
2) Status Quo              (SQ) no new newsgroup
3) Re Open Discussion      (ROD) discussion reopens

STAGE ONE - Options compared to Status Quo:

 YES preferred to Status Quo by 25 votes to 4
 ROD preferred to Status Quo by 23 votes to 6
All options beat status quo by at least 12 votes and so continue...

STAGE TWO - Remaining options compared with each other

 YES preferred to Re-Open Discussion by 26 votes to 6

YES was preferred to all the other options, and had a majority of more than
twelve, therefore the group is created with the charter as given below.

There were a total of 33 votes.

There will be a five day discussion period after these results have
been posted before the group is created to allow for any allegations
of irregularities to be raised.

The Rationale, Summary of Discussion, Proposal, and Charter follow
the main results for informational purposes.


     YES    SQ   ROD
YES [n/a] [ 25] [ 26]
 SQ [  4] [n/a] [  6]
ROD [  6] [ 23] [n/a]

In this grid, each number represents the number of votes which were cast
that preferred the option named in the number's row to the option
appropriate to the number's column. For instance, 25 votes preferred
option one (YES) to SQ while 6 votes preferred reopening the discussion
to option one (YES).


     YES    SQ   ROD
YES [n/a] [ 21] [ 20]
 SQ [-21] [n/a] [-17]
ROD [-20] [ 17] [n/a]

In this grid, each number represents the number of votes which were cast
that preferred the option named in the number's row to the option
appropriate to the number's column less the number of votes which were
cast that preferred the option named in the number's column to the option
appropriate to the number's row. For instance, 21 more people preferred
Option 1 (YES) to Status Quo than preferred Status Quo to Option 1 (YES).

As shown by all the numbers in its row in the lower grid being positive,
Option 1 (YES) was preferred to all other options and hence wins the

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Total Votes: 33

Re-open discussion----------------------------------------------------+
Status quo---------------------------------------------------------+  |
Yes-------------------------------------------------------------+  |  |
                                                                |  |  |
Andrew Hartley       andrew@eastupham.freeserve.co.uk           1  3  2
Andy Mabbett         andy@pigsonthewing.demon.co.uk             -  -  1
Big Al               alan@mcwatterss.freeserve.co.uk            1  3  2
Clive Martin         clive@cmartin.demon.co.uk                  1  3  2
Dave Mason           dave@lowjobs.co.uk                         1  3  2
David Damerell       damerell@chiark.greenend.org.uk            -  -  1
Denis F              bedfordtlfan@yahoo.com                     3  1  2
Dev Null             dev.null@ntlworld.com                      1  3  2
EngCricket           EngCricket@aol.com                         1  3  2
Graham Nye           graham@tyndale.demon.co.uk                 1  -  2
Guy                  guy@first-light-services.co.uk             1  3  2
j6                   james@seads.fsnet.co.uk                    1  3  2
James Farrar         flynny@redhotant.co.uk                     1  1  1
Jezza                jezza@hotwells.freeserve.co.uk             1  3  2
Jilli                jilli@gmt.prestel.co.uk                    1  3  2
Jim Benton-Evans     jim@benton-evans.demon.co.uk               1  3  2
John Hill            john@yclept.freeserve.co.uk                1  3  2
Jon Thomson          jon@thomson2273.freeserve.co.uk            1  3  2
Kevin Andreoli       kevin@andreoli.co.uk                       1  3  2
King Queen           King.Queen@iname.com                       1  3  2
Martin Matthews      martin@tacit.worldonline.co.uk             1  3  2
Matt Wicken          matt@mwicken.freeserve.co.uk               3  1  2
Michael Parry        michael@cavrdg.demon.co.uk                 1  3  2
Peter Clampett       pete@culmstock.demon.co.uk                 1  3  3
Philip Powell        philip@blencathra.demon.co.uk              1  3  2
Richard Kettlewell   rjk+uldevon1@sfere.greenend.org.uk         1  1  2
richard letts        richard-vote@illuin.org                    1  -  -
Steve Bloomer        Steve@crowpark.demon.co.uk                 1  3  2
Steve Wright         steve@wrightnet.demon.co.uk                1  2  2
Tez Burke            burkesworks@lineone.net                    1  2  3
The Fourth Warrior   dave@detankard.u-net.com                   3  1  2
Tim Forcer           tmf@ecs.soton.ac.uk                        1  3  2
tobias erle          vote-uk@kholdan.in-berlin.de               3  1  2

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Quite a small turnout for this vote, but the result seems conclusive.
Thanks to all voters for getting their votes tidy straight off -- it 
really does make my job easier :)

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I am proposing that a new newsgroup should be created that is
only for a county in the south west area, rather than the whole
of the south west.

The area covered at the moment is too large and 'puts off' a
lot of people because of this. So therefore I propose that
uk.local.devon should be created to reduce the area to a
countywide group. More county groups may be proposed at a later
date (e.g. uk.l.somerset).

- ------------------------------------------------------------------------


In response to comments posted during the initial discussion, I
have corrected the wording of parts of the charter and deleted
some paragraphs. The charter itself has not changed in essence.

Some issues were raised other than the changes to the charter.
The main issue was about the support for the group. Would anyone
use it, or would it just be another group clogging up ISP's
valuable disk space? Several views were posted including quite a
lot in favour for the new group, there was a general consensus
that the current area covered (uk.local.southwest) was too large
and this needed to become smaller.

This also relates to another issue that the area is already being
covered. Again, as above, there was a general consensus that the
current area covered (uk.local.southwest) was too large and this
needed to become smaller.

Towards the end of the RFD the proponent asked if there were any
objections about this continuing to fast-track. No such objections
were posted.

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uk.local.devon  This group is to promote events and discussion in Devon!

CHARTER: uk.local.devon (not moderated)

uk.local.devon is for the discussion of issues relevant to Devon in the
Southwest of England.

For the purposes of this newsgroup Devon is defined as anywhere now or
previously in the County of Devon.

Messages posted to this newsgroup must not be cross-posted to more than
a TOTAL of four uk.local.* newsgroups; these may be geographically
adjacent or overlapping, or connected by the subject of the post (e.g.
"moving house from Exeter to Birmingham").

Note that the advertising of widely-available goods or services is *not*
relevant in this context, and that most uk.local.* groups have restrictions
on advertising, or prohibit it. Cross-posted adverts, where allowed, must
meet the requirements of the charters of *all* groups involved.


Advertising is forbidden, with these exceptions:

Suppliers of goods and services relevant to events in Devon in the UK,
may post an invitation to visit their web site or request details. It
should be of four lines or fewer and not posted more than once every
month.  The subject line should begin "ADVERT: ".

Event organisers may also post an invitation to visit their web site or
request details. It should be of six lines or fewer and not posted more
than twice every month. The subject line should begin "EVENT: ".

All other advertising must be posted in uk.local.southwest.adverts.


Encoded binaries (e.g. pictures, compressed files, etc.) are forbidden.
Such material belongs on a web or FTP site to which a pointer may be
posted. Cryptographic signatures (e.g. PGP) may be used where
authentication is important and should be as short as possible.

Posts must be readable as plaintext. HTML, RTF and similarly formatted
messages are prohibited. To see how to make your newsreader comply with
this, read <http://www.usenet.org.uk/ukpost.html>.


Anyone posting contrary to this charter may be reported to their
"postmaster" and/or Service Provider.


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