19 Apr 1997: Changes to "Guidelines for Group Creation for uk.*"

From: Malcolm Mladenovic <voting@mort.demon.co.uk>
Date: Sat, 19 Apr 1997 20:02:32 GMT
Subject: Changes to The Guidelines
Newsgroups: uk.net.news.config,uk.net.news.announce


	Clarification of RFD posting rules	PASSES	38:0
	Regulation of Binaries			PASSES	37:2
	Naming Conventions			PASSES	36:2
	Fast Track				PASSES	31:6
	Rationalise language			PASSES	33:1

Voting Closed: 23:59:59 GMT, Friday 18th April 1997
This vote was conducted by a neutral third party member of UK-VOTING. 
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These results have been posted to the following newsgroups:
      uk.net.news.announce, uk.net.news.config

PROPOSAL 1 - Clarification of RFD posting rules


There has been some recent dispute as to the precise meaning of the
current text of the first 2 paragraphs of point 1 this amendment seeks
to clarify the wording without changing the meaning

Reword paras 1 & 2 of item 1 as follows:

1) A request for discussion (RFD) on the creation of a new newsgroup
   shall be mailed to control@usenet.org.uk (as moderator of
   Control will cross post the RFD to uk.net.news.announce,
   uk.net.news.config and any other groups or mailing lists related to
   the proposed topic or likely to be affected. The groups to be cross 
   posted into should be those requested by the proponent. The proponent
   may also indicate which groups the Followups should be set to. Control
   may, at his discretion, add additional groups to these lists (or remove
   groups where such cross posting is beyond the technical capabilities
   of the news software). Uk.net.news.config shall be included in both
   the original cross posting and followups. Only postings which are cross
   posted to uk.net.news.config will be considered part of the definitive

PROPOSAL 2 - Regulation of Binaries


Several recent RFDs have attempted to allow binaries, although all
subsequently withdrew that part of the proposal in the face of
opposition.  A great deal of effort would be saved if either binaries
were prohibited, or were restricted to a uk.binaries.* hierarchy. This
proposal would take the latter course.

Reword the final paragraph of item 1 as follows,
(Splitting into 2 Paragraphs):

   The Charter shall make clear what the topic of discussion within the
   group is to be (useful if arguments about what is "on-topic" should
   arise later on). It is also advisable for the Charter to indicate whether
   or not advertisements are welcome within the group, and if so of what
   sort.  The same applies to the admissability of job adverts, etc.
   Binaries are allowed in uk.* only in hierarchies explicitly created
   for binary posts, and having a hierarchy charter stating this. In all
   other hierarchies the group charter should state that binaries are not
   permitted. If any uk.* hierarchy or group whose charter does not mention
   binaries, the assumption shall be that binaries are forbidden.

   The One-line Summary will eventually go into the "newsgroups" file which
   many newsreaders make available to users as a quick guide to the intent
   of each newsgroup. As regards group Names, reference should be made to 
   the document "Guidelines on uk.* Newsgroup Names" which is posted  
   periodically to uk.net.news.announce.

PROPOSAL 3 - Naming Conventions


Whilst reference is made to  the FAQ on news.announce.newusers, these
are somewhat general, and it would be helpful to define more explicitly
what is and is not allowed in uk.*

Reword item 2 as follows:

2) If the RFD is in the correct form, and if the name of the proposed
   group falls within the normal accepted practice for the uk.* hierarchy
   (as detailed in "Guidelines on uk.* Newsgroup Names")
   control@usenet.org.uk (as moderator of uk.net.news.announce) will post
   it.  Otherwise, he will refer it to the Committee for resolution (which
   may involve negotiation with the original proposer). A proposer who
   needs help in choosing a name, or is looking for any other guidance
   in the creation procedure, may send email to committee@usenet.org.uk
   before issuing his RFD.

PROPOSAL 4 - Fast Track


There is an inconsistency, in that elsewhere it is mentioned that 4
objectors are required to prevent a fast track to changes to these rules.
The rules at present seem to allow a single objector to prevent a fast
track, this proposal would implement the 4 objectors rule for all RFDs.

Reword the first paragraph of Item 4 as follows:

4) If, by the end of the initial discussion period, a consensus has been
   reached and the proposal appears to be straightforward and
   non-controversial, the proposer may, within 40 days of the original
   publication of the most recent RFD ask control@usenet.org.uk to create
   the group by the "fast-track" method. If Control (as advised by the
   Committee) is satisfied of this, he will announce in uk.net.news.announce
   that, in the absence of valid objections, the new group will be created
   on a date not less than 5 days thereafter. In the event of 4 or more
   objections, or any objection which seems to the committee to be well 
   founded, the fast-track method shall not be used, and the RFD should either
   proceed to a vote, or have a revised RFD submitted for further discussion.

PROPOSAL 5 - Rationalise language


In many places in the document SHOULD is used when the imperative is
meant (SHALL or MUST)

Add the following text immediately after the title line;

The following words where used in this document have the precise
meanings shown here;

SHALL  - any RFD which fails to follow this guideline will be invalid
SHOULD - in all but exceptional or unusual cases an RFD ought to follow
	 this guideline
MAY    - whilst this guideline is acceptable practice, it remains optional

Reword the following items as shown (NB items altered by points 1-4 above
are not reworded by this proposal. The changed words are shown capitalised
for clarity, but the final document will contain the words in their
ordinary case:

3) Discussion SHALL take place in uk.net.news.config and SHALL continue
   initially for 10 days, and thereafter as required until consensus is
   reached, or at least the important issues have been identified. It
   should be concerned with finding the final form of the Name, Charter,
   and other items listed above. Additional RFDs SHOULD be issued if
   substantive changes arise during the discussion. Revised RFDs SHOULD
   be discussed for a further initial 10 day period.

8) The procedures described above SHALL be used, with appropriate
   changes, for the removal, renaming, splitting or combining of groups,
   for introducing major changes to the hierarchy, for changing the
   moderation status, or for forcing a change of moderator (under normal
   circumstances, it is accepted that a retiring moderator appoints his


Ballot Details and Counts

       Fast-Track--------------+  |
           Naming-----------+  |  |
         Binaries--------+  |  |  |
    Posting Rules-----+  |  |  |  |
                      |  |  |  |  |
                      |  |  |  |  |
Voter Name            |  |  |  |  |                    Address (ish)
                      |  |  |  |  |
Keith Willoughby      A  Y  A  Y  Y          keith.cowtown.wftd.demon.co.uk
John M. Line          Y  Y  Y  Y  Y                jml4.cus.bhlwl.cam.ac.uk
Steven Clarke         Y  Y  Y  Y  Y    steven.pdi.clarke.keble.oxford.ac.uk
Rick Martin           Y  Y  Y  Y  Y                  rickm.bkof.pixel.co.uk
David Wood            Y  Y  Y  Y  Y             david.ckd.wood2.demon.co.uk
Lyn David Thomas      Y  Y  Y  Y  A           lyn.stuffing.bbgi.demon.co.uk
Simon Gray            Y  Y  Y  N  Y              simon.hsns.star-one.org.uk
Paul Bolchover        Y  Y  Y  N  A              pb10003.ghpb.cus.cam.ac.uk
Chris Isbell          Y  Y  Y  Y  Y            chris.isbell.pae.demon.co.uk
David Smith           Y  Y  Y  Y  Y                  ds.lfsos.lionins.co.uk
Tim Bray              Y  Y  Y  N  Y           Tim.dbkl.mikebray.demon.co.uk
Nigel Ashton          Y  Y  Y  Y  Y           nigel.ashton.bwfr.demon.co.uk
Richard Clayton       Y  A  Y  N  Y              richard.turnpike.hcbbe.com
Philip Hunt           Y  Y  N  Y  Y           phil.vision25.wpi.demon.co.uk
Mike Cattell          Y  Y  Y  Y  Y       MCattell.akfp.mikecat.demon.co.uk
C. R. Newport         Y  Y  Y  Y  Y              crn.ckin.netix.demon.co.uk
Barry Carr            Y  Y  Y  Y  Y              barry.cdw.bsce.demon.co.uk
Chris J Dixon         Y  Y  Y  Y  Y         chris.pdgte.dixon.easynet.co.uk
Dave Mayall           Y  Y  Y  Y  Y         david.aob.mayall.ukonline.co.uk
Illtud Daniel         Y  Y  Y  Y  Y              idaniel.jesus.eee.ox.ac.uk
Charles Lindsey       Y  Y  Y  Y  Y               chl.clw.cs.vbua.man.ac.uk
David M Bloor         Y  Y  Y  Y  Y            david.bloor.ppht.demon.co.uk
Alan Ralph            Y  Y  Y  Y  Y          alan.ralph.ftbk.ukonline.co.uk
John Stockton         Y  Y  Y  Y  A            jrs.spbsh.merlyn.demon.co.uk
Chris Watts.          Y  Y  Y  Y  Y         chris.lisr.vineries.demon.co.uk
Christopher Watkins   A  Y  A  A  A       christopher.pehs.uffa.demon.co.uk
Iain Bowen            Y  Y  N  N  A        alaric.harlech.kmdhk.demon.co.uk
Chris Jay             Y  Y  Y  Y  Y              cjay.hnenm.globalnet.co.uk
Richard Ashton        Y  Y  Y  Y  Y        richard.ptpt.corixia.demon.co.uk
Jon Harley            Y  Y  Y  Y  Y                       jon.ffbk.serf.org
Adam Calow            Y  N  Y  Y  A          adam.adc.sdnpu.netkonect.co.uk
Pete Humble           Y  Y  Y  A  Y               pjh1.bltn.leicester.ac.uk
Rod Ellery            Y  Y  Y  Y  Y              rod.eku.ellery.demon.co.uk
Kevin Lee             Y  Y  Y  N  N                ja56.dial.pipex.emia.com
Adrian Wontroba       Y  Y  Y  Y  Y                   aw1.hrekf.stade.co.uk
Chris Clough          Y  Y  Y  Y  Y                 ChrisC.cdwt.pobox.co.uk
jAmES Lawson          Y  Y  Y  A  Y                  chasm.eeo.zetnet.co.uk
David Boothroyd       Y  N  Y  Y  Y        david.vhdif.election.demon.co.uk
Patrick Herring       Y  Y  Y  Y  Y              ph.mnj.anweald.exnet.co.uk
Anthony Gold          Y  Y  Y  Y  Y                     tgold.panix.hat.com
        Total 'Yes'  38 37 36 31 33
        Total  'No'   0  2  2  6  1

Proposal 1: Posting Rules
		Yes-No	= 38	Yes %	= 100		Passed

Proposal 2: Regulation of Binaries
		Yes-No	= 35	Yes %	= 94		Passed

Proposal 3: Naming Conventions
		Yes-No	= 34	Yes %	= 94		Passed

Proposal 4: Fast Track
		Yes-No	= 25	Yes %	= 83		Passed

Proposal 5: Rationalise Language
		Yes-No	= 32	Yes %	= 97		Passed

Votetaker's Notes

There were 40 valid ballots.  In addition two ballots were superseded
by later ballots from the same address and one ballot was bounced as
being from an admin account with a request that it be re-submitted.

I've tried to make the automated culling of voter addresses difficult.
There's no way to stop someone who is willing to edit them by hand,
however, since under the current guidelines they need to be understandable
by the voters and other interested parties.  I would be interested in
feedback on this method of mangling.

Malcolm Mladenovic - Volunteer Votetaker, UK-VOTING. voting@mort.demon.co.uk
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