13 Jul 1997: uk.community.firefighting

RESULT: uk.community.firefighting PASSES
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Date: 1997/07/13 
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                   Creation of uk.community.firefighting

Voting closed 23:59:59 GMT, Monday 30th June 1997.

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                    flapper@norman.u-net.com (Richard Norman)


SUMMARY OF RESULT :  uk.community.firefighting PASSES 37:2:2


uk.community.firefighting  fire safety and UK fire and rescue services


 People on the internet who want to discuss firefighting topics in the
 UK are increasingly using the internet for communication and
 discussion. Unfortunately they are hampered by the fact that most of
 the information and news groups are US based. This means that UK and
 other countries information resources in this area are swamped by the
 US traffic, making it hard to communicate at a national level.
 Newsgroups covering this topic include :

 bit.listserv.fire-l (moderated, lots of US and some international
 alt.firefighters (fairly new, un-moderated US biased)
 can.schoolnet.firefighters (not very busy but good international mix)

 uk.community.firefighting would fit into this list as a communication
 medium for anyone asking UK specific questions and discussing UK
 issues. I would envisage the group to be used by :

      firefighters (fulltime, part time and voluntary)
      fire safety officers from any business
      public interested in fire safety
      firefighting equipment manufacturers


    For the discussion of topics, and the speedy dissemination of
    information relating to the UK fire service industry.

    Adverts for fire related products encouraged.
    Non profession related commercial or personal advertising not 
 Binaries and HTML:
    No binaries of any kind are allowed; however pointers to
    fire fighting related binaries on WWW or FTP sites are acceptable.
    This group will not be moderated.


The Count
There were 42 ballots received from individual accounts, of which 41 
were deemed valid.

                YES votes   : 37
                NO  votes   : 2
                Abstain     : 2
                Rejected    : 1



The following list of addresses is copyright 1997 by Rod Ellery. Use for
any purpose other than verifying the vote for this newsgroup is

Votes in Favour

Alan Williams       <alan{at}WILLY.demon.co.uk>
Andrew Witham       <andrew{at}rescue.demon.co.uk>
Andy B              <AndyB{at}cast.demon.co.uk>
R D Palmer          <cbs6rdp{at}gps.leeds.ac.uk>
Chris Hawkins       <chawkins{at}argonet.co.uk>
David Jones         <DavidJ{at}forave.demon.co.uk>
Dick Cardwell       <Dick.Cardwell{at}sgcs.co.uk>
William A Bongiorno <farflung{at}juno.com>
Richard Norman      <flapper{at}norman.u-net.com>
Paul Tomlin         <GadgetPJT{at}aol.com>
Gary Pearson        <gpearson{at}mistral.co.uk>
Tony Stockford      <hu37{at}dial.pipex.com>
John Cook           <jac{at}elan-design.co.uk>
James Grove         <James{at}jgrove.demon.co.uk>
Jim Worley          <Jim{at}jhworley.demon.co.uk>
John Steele         <jsteele{at}binghamton.edu>
Joyce Wilson        <jwilson{at}sol.co.uk>
Kenneth Gray        <keng{at}zetnet.co.uk>
M Jones             <M.Jones{at}btinternet.com>
Matthew Russell     <Matt.Russell{at}btinternet.com>
Dave Mayall         <mayalld{at}it.postoffice.co.uk>
N C Fernandez       <ncf{at}borve.demon.co.uk>
Dave JW Day         <news97a{at}stejonda.demon.co.uk>
Neville Mooney      <nsm{at}gentian.co.uk>
Peter Bruce         <peter{at}thule.demon.co.uk>
Peter Parry         <Peter{at}wppltd.demon.co.uk>
Dr Rachel Norman    <rachel.norman{at}maths.stir.ac.uk>
Ron Gillies         <rgillies{at}supernet.ab.ca>
Roger Venison       <rogerv{at}btinternet.com>
Roy Stilling        <rpjs{at}kalevala.demon.co.uk>
Graeme Bowser       <Subo{at}iname.com>
Tim Grant           <t.grant{at}virgin.net>
Thomas Lee          <tfl{at}psp.co.uk>
Warrren Dwyer       <toyworld{at}echuca.net.au>
Dennis Symons       <wtfd{at}web-it-show.com>
Yves Gaffarel       <yvesgaffarel{at}unn.unisys.com>
Geoffrey Smith      <z0001286{at}zoo.co.uk>

Votes Against

Julian White        <u4d14{at}cc.keele.ac.uk>
Paul Carpenter      <paul{at}pcserv.demon.co.uk>


jAmES Lawson        <chasm{at}zetnet.co.uk>
Simon Gray          <simon{at}star-one.org.uk>

Votes in Error

Chris Clough         <chrisc{at}pobox.co.uk#>          SPAM BLOCK

Votetakers Comments

There appeared to be none of the recently seen attempts at multiple
voting during this Ballot. My only concern was the amount of unsolicited
commercial e-mail generated by my CFV postings. As a result several 
sites will be added to my killfile.

Rod Ellery  - Volunteer Votetaker,UK-VOTING. 

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