22 Nov 2013: UK Usenet Committee Elections 2013

From: Jon Ribbens <jribbens@ukvoting.org.uk>
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2013 09:45:06 +0000
Subject: RESULT - UK Usenet Committee Elections 2013
Newsgroups: uk.net.news.announce,uk.net.news.config,uk.net.news.management


                        Result of Call for Votes
                   UK Usenet Committee Elections 2013

All e-mail addresses in these results are modified to prevent harvesting
by spammers.


The following people are elected to serve as Open Members of the UK
Usenet Committee until December 2016:

        Molly Mockford
        Charles Lindsey
        Owen Rees


Voting closed at 23:59:59 GMT, 12th November 2013.

Votetakers for the 2013 UK Usenet Committee Elections:

   Primary: Jon Ribbens <jribbens [at] ukvoting.org.uk>
 Secondary: Pedt Scragg <p.scragg [at] ukvoting.org.uk>



These results have been posted to the following newsgroups:



The full results follow below in the following order:

1) Information on the Ballot
2) Summary of Mail Received During the Voting Period
3) Results in Detail
4) Voter List
5) Counted Vote List
6) Votetaker's Comments
7) Voting and Appeal Information
8) Copy of Statements from the CFV


Information on the Ballot

Voters were asked to rank the following candidates in order of

Martyn Bailey                                    Candidate A
Paul Cummins                                     Candidate B
Charles Lindsey                                  Candidate C
Molly Mockford                                   Candidate D
Owen Rees                                        Candidate E
Definition of Open Class of Membership


Summary of Mail Received During the Voting Period

 61 messages were received by the Ballot Request Address, of which:

 60 were valid Ballot Requests
  1 was a test message sent by the votetaker

 54 messages were received by the Voting Address, of which:

 52 were valid and counted votes
  1 was rejected due to the name not being filled in on the ballot form
    (this voter subsequently voted successfully)
  1 was a test message sent by the votetaker


Results in Detail

The election was conducted using the Single Transferable Vote method of
voting, with the count carried out under the Electoral Reform Society's
1997 (3rd Edition) rules.

Counting votes for Committee Elections 2013 using ERS97 STV.
5 candidates running for 3 seats.

 R|Martyn  |Paul    |Charles|Molly   |Owen    |Exhausted|Surplus|Threshold
  |Bailey  |Cummins |Lindsey|Mockford|Rees    |         |       |       
 1|    3.00|    3.00|  17.00|   20.00|    9.00|     0.00|  11.00|    13.00
  | Count of first choices. The initial quota is 13.00. Candidates Charles
  | Lindsey and Molly Mockford have reached the threshold and are elected.
  | Candidates have surplus votes so surplus votes will be transferred for
  | the next round.
 2|    8.40|    3.00|  17.00|   13.00|   10.44|     0.16|   4.00|    12.92
  | Count after transferring surplus votes from Molly Mockford. Candidates
  | have surplus votes, but since candidates can be safely eliminated, the
  | transfer of surplus votes will be delayed and candidates will be
  | eliminated and their votes transferred for the next round.
 3|    9.40|        |  17.00|   13.00|   12.44|     0.16|   4.00|    12.92
  | All losing candidates are eliminated. Count after substage 1 of 1 of
  | eliminating Paul Cummins. Transferred votes with value 1.00.
  | Candidates have surplus votes so surplus votes will be transferred for
  | the next round.
 4|   12.16|        |  13.00|   13.00|   13.59|     0.25|   0.59|    12.88
  | Count after transferring surplus votes from Charles Lindsey. Candidate
  | Owen Rees has reached the threshold and is elected.

Winners are Charles Lindsey, Molly Mockford, and Owen Rees.


Voter List

The following individuals supplied valid votes:

Name                           E-Mail

A. non Eyemouse                anoneyemouse -at- eml'cc
A.Lee                          alan -at- darkroom'plus'com
Adam Funk                      a24061a -at- ducksburg'com
Adrian                         voting -at- ffoil'org'uk
Alan LeHun                     alan -at- lehun'clara'co'uk

Alex Potter                    alex -at- ap-consulting'co'uk
Ali                            ali'on_usenet -at- ntlworld'com
Anthony Gold                   not-for-mail -at- ahjg'co'uk
Barry Salter                   com2k13 -at- southie'me'uk
Brian                          Brian -at- bjforster'force9'co'uk

Charles Lindsey                chl -at- clerew'man'ac'uk
Chronos                        matt -at- chronos'org'uk
Clive George                   clive -at- evil-c'co'uk
Colin Rosenstiel               usenet -at- rosenstiel'cix'co'uk
David Damerell                 damerell -at- chiark'greenend'org'uk

Dick Gaughan                   dg -at- dickgaughan'co'uk
Fred Roberts                   arbiter57 -at- hotmail'co'uk
Graham Drabble                 usenet05 -at- drabble'me'uk
Huge                           huge -at- huge'org'uk
I J Clifton                    ian'clifton -at- chem'ox'ac'uk

Ian Jackson                    ijackson -at- chiark'greenend'org'uk
John Benn                      mrbenn_usenet -at- yahoo'com
John Hall                      john -at- jhall'co'uk
John the R-T                   t_e_n_e_s_u -at- hotmail'com
Judith Smith                   judith'smith -at- outlook'com

kat                            katstuff -at- the-kat'org
Les. Hayward                   les -at- corfe-castle'demon'co'uk
Mark Goodge                    mark -at- good-stuff'co'uk
Martyn Bailey                  m -at- 101fc'net
Matthew Vernon                 matthew -at- debian'org

Mike Bristow                   mike -at- urgle'com
Mike Causer                    m'r'causer -at- googlemail'com
Mike Fleming                   mike -at- tauzero'co'uk
Mike Tomlinson                 mike -at- jasper'org'uk
Molly Mockford                 com2013 -at- mollymockford'me'uk

Nick Leverton                  nick -at- leverton'org
Owen Rees                      owenrees -at- fastmail'fm
paul                           {voter} -at- watman'clara'co'uk
Paul Cummins                   paulcummins -at- tiscali'co'uk
Paul Giverin                   paul -at- giverin'co'uk

Peter Duncanson                mail -at- peterduncanson'net
Peter Parry                    peter -at- wpp'ltd'uk
Richard Kettlewell             rjk -at- greenend'org'uk
Roger Bell_West                roger -at- nospam'firedrake'org
roger merriman                 news -at- sarlet'com

Sara Merriman                  saramerriman -at- blueyonder'co'uk
Sn!pe                          snipe -at- notforspam'fsnet'co'uk
Stephen Thomas Cole            steve't'cole -at- gmail'com
Tony                           tony -at- darkstorm'co'uk
Victor Meldrew                 vicmeld -at- gmail'com

Wm                             tcnw81 -at- tarrcity'demon'co'uk
{R}                            {R} -at- semolina'org


Counted Vote List

The guidelines for the UK Usenet Committee Elections stipulate
that the votes of all voters shall be published in such a way that
only the voter can recognise his/her own vote.

The following votes were counted, listed in alphanumeric order of
the Voter ID:

Voter ID                       Preferences in order from first to last

04d9570d2fda0095               D C A E B
092cf1e1d6aa146b               B C D A E
09b7bf7e3f4ed4d6               D A C E
0eee16f9d10cf507               C D E A
1d45dc0476eb7048               C A E D

28b8de557ae9cc65               C A D
2e8325e4de2d6471               D A C E B
33abf7cab27036d6               D
3e895bb80dbe0b9a               D C A
3ef95d1c3dd13cd8               E A D C B

3f68bee17b482685               D A B E
4499a78db60e1e92               D C E A B
44df6ec60cfe92a8               C D A E
4cf6bd2dedc08a63               C E D A B
4efe0fcfbfcc838e               E C D A

531144f88fc92c64               E C A D B
56eecd024eec1f9c               C D A E B
5c8714e532c06da0               A D E C B
5d48057131bcad19               E B C A D
65166aae067b2285               C A E D B

653af38fa3ead52b               A C E D
65fdff06291f279f               C D A E
695d1a2e9ad19020               D C A E
6b6138cf91195480               D E C A B
77db778e19ed2957               D C A E B

8651e69bdb095609               E D A C B
87f94f722851b74e               B E C D A
9087d9a914a22474               C A D E B
95cd2f671546afd5               C D E A
97fc94b9b9c28637               D C A E

a177d3af0bec344a               E C D A
a32e16ecb016126b               C D A E B
a617f05104d53833               C A D E B
a843dc8752941af8               D C E A B
a8efb890ab6eccc7               D C A E

ac5c03eeb746951c               E B
b17980c97f531acc               A C D E
b2ba273cdaafaa60               C D E A B
b8305238ef4dfd6f               C D A E
b89db856bf54fcea               C D E A B

bc011e2288a57e9d               B E
c4688748b82a3ec2               D C A E B
c63091cf4d35831a               D C A
c985e3a9643da79c               D C A E B
ccd5c0fb3554f685               D C E A B

d074c18fd9f6ded6               E D C A B
e226de0ceea23135               D C A E B
e39a60f65c50d79e               C D A E B
e512601172591d18               C A
f7f3656d294ced25               E C D A

f85718cf1b993694               D C A E B
ffa90e803e7893ec               D C A

If you wish to check that your vote has been correctly recorded, your
Ballot ID can be found on your ballot paper and your acknowledgement.

It should be noted that the Voter IDs were issued pseudo-randomly, and
the sequence here does not match either the order in which ballot papers
were requested or the alphabetical sequence of voter names or email


Votetakers' Comments


A fairly straightforward vote. The counting was performed using OpenSTV
1.5 from www.openstv.org in "ERS97 STV" mode. Congratulations to the
elected candidates, and commiserations to the others - or perhaps vice
versa ;-)


Congratulations or commiserations as appropriate.

Thanks to the candidates, nominators and the electorate for making this
a fairly straightforward election.


Voting and Appeal Information

This vote was conducted by neutral third party members of UKVoting.
UKVoting is a group of independent votetakers who count votes on
behalf of the uk.* hierarchy and other 3rd parties.

The rules under which votes for the uk.* hierarchy are taken are posted
regularly to uk.net.news.announce or can be found at the following URL:

The UKVoting web pages can be found at <http://www.ukvoting.org.uk/>

There is a five day discussion period after these results are posted to

Allegations of irregularity should be sent to the committee via email
to: control (at) usenet (dot) org (dot) uk.


(The information in this and the following section is a copy of that
provided in the CFV)

Definition of Open Class of Membership

Any participant in the uk.* hierarchy qualifies as a candidate in the
Open class.


Application Requirements

Any participant in the uk.* hierarchy qualifies as a nominator for the
Open class.

Any individual may nominate a maximum of three candidates.


Persons retiring from the Committee

In accordance with the Committee Document, the following Open Class
Members have served a full three year term and are deemed to be retiring
from the Committee. They are eligible for re-election.

Molly Mockford
Charles Lindsey
Martyn Bailey (aka 'Mother')



Five nominations have been received. The Committee has three vacancies
and therefore an election will be held to fill the three vacancies.

A list of the candidates is below:

Martyn Bailey                                    Candidate A
Paul Cummins                                     Candidate B
Charles Lindsey                                  Candidate C
Molly Mockford                                   Candidate D
Owen Rees                                        Candidate E

Please find below details of the people who nominated each candidate
(Name & Email Address) and a short statement from each candidate.

Note: In each case, only the names of the first four nominators to
confirm their nomination are listed.


Candidate A

  Name: Martyn Bailey
E-Mail: m [at] 101fc [dot] net


  Name: Geoff Berrow
E-Mail: bl [at] ckdog [dot] co [dot] uk

  Name: Tony Evans
E-Mail: tony [at] darkstorm [dot] co [dot] uk

  Name: Mark Goodge
E-Mail: mark [at] good-stuff [dot] co [dot] uk

  Name: Kat
E-Mail: katstuff [at] the-kat [dot] org

Personal Statement:

I am re-standing simply upon the grounds of having caused very little
harm during my tenure - and if re-elected, will continue to do very
little unless and until doing very little no longer becomes viable, or
in the best interests of the UK usenet hierarchy.


Candidate B

  Name: Paul Cummins
E-Mail: paulcummins [at] tiscali [dot] co [dot] uk


  Name: Chronos
E-Mail: usenet [at] chronos [dot] org [dot] uk

  Name: Alan Le Hun
E-Mail: alan [at] lehun [dot] clara [dot] co [dot] uk

  Name: Alan Lee
E-Mail: alan [at] darkroom [dot] plus [dot] com

  Name: Fred Roberts
E-Mail: arbiter57 [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk

Personal Statement:

I have worked in ICT support since 1998, I have been a regular and active
participant in the UK hierarchy since around 1999. I am famed for my
skill in mail server and network configuration, ask Molly.

I try (and do not always succeed) to avoid the errors I made in the past
and admit my mistakes, but also robustly challenge actions  which do not
seem to be in the best interest of the UK hierarchy, whilst supporting
decisions and processes where they ain't broke. People call me a crank -
a name I am proud to accept, as it's a simple tool that makes revolutions

If you select me as a committee member, I will offer my judgement, my
diligence and my experience freely without complaint, and offer the
contrary view whenever dissent is beneficial. And yes, this is an edited
version of what I say every election. It's afforded me the same result
every year, so why change a good thing :-)


Candidate C

  Name: Charles Lindsey
E-Mail: chl [at] clerew [dot] man [dot] ac [dot] uk


  Name: Alan Lehun
E-Mail: alan.lehun [at] gmail [dot] com

  Name: Dick Gaughan
E-Mail: dg [at] dickgaughan [dot] co [dot] uk

  Name: Matt Dawson (aka Chronos)
E-Mail: matt [at] chronos [dot] org [dot] uk

  Name: Molly Mockford
E-Mail: com2013 [at] mollymockford [dot] me [dot] uk

Personal Statement:

I have been a member of this Committee since its foundation and, to some
extent, act as the Committee's "conscience", reminding them of past solutions
to current problems (not that the Committee is necessarily bound by

I also manage the website, act as Deputy Control and attend to the
technicalities of our forwarding via Gradwell.com and our Website at
Manchester University (both of whom deserve our thanks for providing their
services gratis).

Nothing in this world is perfect but, broadly speaking, UsenetUK ain't broke,
and is not in need of fixing.


Candidate D

  Name: Molly Mockford
E-Mail: com2013 [at] mollymockford [dot] me [dot] uk


  Name: Dick Gaughan
E-Mail: dg [at] dickgaughan [dot] co [dot] uk

  Name: Kat
E-Mail: katstuff [at] the-kat [dot] org

  Name: paul
E-Mail: usenet [at] watman [dot] clara [dot] co [dot] uk

  Name: Matthew Vernon
E-Mail: matthew [at] debian [dot] org

Personal Statement:

In the words of a 19th century medical ethicist, "Primo non nocere" -
"First, do no harm".  I feel this is a very useful maxim for the
Committee.  Most of the time we have very little to do, and this is
because things are proceeding smoothly and quietly.  Now and then there is
a flurry of activity, and we are called upon to make decisions, which we do
to the best of our ability.  It is not for Committee pro-actively to steer
uk.* Usenet except in the most urgent of emergencies, but simply to respond
coolly and sensibly to queries and other contacts from the uk.* community;
and it is my firm belief that this is how we should continue in the future.
If nothing needs to be done, nothing should be done simply for the sake of
being seen to do something.


Candidate E

  Name: Owen Rees
E-Mail: owenrees [at] fastmail [dot] fm


  Name: Alan Lehun
E-Mail: alan.lehun [at] gmail [dot] com

  Name: Mark Goodge
E-Mail: mark [at] good-stuff [dot] co [dot] uk

  Name: kat
E-Mail: katstuff [at] the-kat [dot] org

  Name: Tony Evans
E-Mail: tony [at] darkstormx [dot] co [dot] uk

Personal Statement:

I have been a regular reader of uk.* groups, especially the management
groups for many years and, although not a prolific poster, do post
when I believe that I have something useful to contribute. I ran a
news server for a small organisation back in the days when access to
usenet was not readily available to individuals and I believe that I
have a good understanding of what has changed and what has not changed
since those days. Arising from that, I see the committee as the
custodian of a reputation that is the source of what little power it
is able to exercise on behalf of the users of the uk.* hierarchy. If I
were to be elected I would consider it my duty not only to exercise
good judgement on any issue at hand but also to pass on an untarnished
reputation so that we do not diminish the ability of future committees
to act on behalf of the users.

Version: 1.4.12
Charset: noconv


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