09 Jun 1997: uk.education.{not-at-school|home-education}

From: Iain Bowen <voting@harlech.demon.co.uk>
Date: Mon, 09 Jun 1997 20:27:11 GMT
Subject: RESULT: uk.education.home-education PASSES
Newsgroups: uk.net.news.config,uk.net.news.announce,uk.education.misc


EMBARGO: This result was embargoed until Sunday, 8th June due to votetaker
         absence from the UK.


                   Creation of uk.education.home-education

Voting closed 23:59:59 GMT, Tuesday 20th May 1997.

This vote was conducted by a neutral third party member of UK-VOTING. 
UK-VOTING is a group of independent votetakers who count votes on CFV's in
the uk hierarchy. The rules under which this vote was taken are posted 
regularly to uk.net.news.announce or can be found at the following URL:
ftp://src.doc.ic.ac.uk/usenet/news-info/news.answers/uk/voting. Further 
information on UK-VOTING can be found at http://www.harlech.demon.co.uk

For voting questions only contact voting@harlech.demon.co.uk (Iain Bowen).

For questions about the new group contact the proposer 
at the address given below:
             ncf@borve.demon.co.uk (Dr. Neil C. Fernandez)

Distribution:   uk.net.news.announce, uk.net.news.config, alt.education,

And sent to the following mailing-lists:


Summary of Result:  uk.education.home-education PASSES 38:26:27

uk.education.home-education Home Education of Children Not Enrolled at School.

 The purpose of this newsgroup is to provide a forum for discussion for
  everyone involved or interested in home education in the UK: that is, the
  education of children who are not registered at any school. Although not
  everybody is aware of the fact that school is *not compulsory*, it is
  legally clear that parents have the responsibility to ensure that their
  children are educated, a responsibility which they do not have to delegate
  to schools. Currently around 8000 families exercise their right not to send
  their children to school, educating at least 13000 children, mostly at

  uk.education.home-education is for the discussion of issues and 
  sharing of experiences relating to the home education of children in the 
  UK who are not enrolled in the school system (also known as 'unschooling', 
  'home-schooling', or 'educating otherwise'). E.g. educational experiences
  of parents and children involved in home education; relations with local
  educational authorities; legal matters; educational resources and ideas and
  methods; announcements of coming events; home educating children with
  disabilities or learning difficulties; starting-up after nightmare
  experiences involving school (bullying by pupils or teachers, 'school
  phobia', etc.); and all sorts of discoveries, wants, requests,
  suggestions, announcements, gripes, tips, moans, letters of support,
  arguments, and so on and so forth.

 Not permitted. Occasional genuine personal recommendations are acceptable
 by those without a financial interest in the resource they are bringing to
 people's attention.

 Binaries and HTML:
 No binaries. Pointers to interesting websites are encouraged.
 This group will not be moderated.

- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
The count

There were 119 ballots received from individual accounts, of which 91 were
deemed valid.

FIRST COUNT (Quota = 47)

uk.education.not-at-school       26  ELIMINATED
uk.education.home-education      38
Do not create group              27

The newsgroup also passed the hurdle here of the sum of the votes for the
creation of a newsgroup being 12 greater than the votes for non-creation.

SECOND COUNT (Elimination of uk.education.not-at-school) (quota becomes 46)

uk.education.home-education      38 + 25 = 63  ELECTED
Do not create group              27
Non-Transferable                  1

- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------


The following list of addresses is copyright 1997 by the Revolutionary
Penguin Press(1985).  Use for any purpose other than verifying the vote
for this newsgroup is prohibited.

ablank(at)univenture.com           Andrew Blank            1     2
adickson(at)POST.Almac.Co.UK       Alastair Dickson        2     1     3 
amethyst(at)jadzia.demon.co.uk     "Amethyst"              2     3     1
andy_meek(at)msn.com               Andrew Meek             2     1     3
asturne(at)ibm.net                 Alec Turner             1     2     3
austen(at)tentacle.demon.co.uk     Austen Jackson          1     2     3    
aw1(at)stade.co.uk                 Adrian Wontroba         2     1
Alexander.Black(at)westgroup.com   Alexander Black         2     1             
Andrew(at)ringo.demon.co.uk        Elna Hadlington-Smith   2     1     3
Andy(at)cavebears.demon.co.uk      A. Bayliss              1     2     3
Annchgo(at)aol.com                 Anne Wasserman          2     1     3
beckel(at)juno.com                 Amy Beckel              1     2     3
bill.muskett(at)which.net          Bill Musket             2     1     3
bkelly(at)odo.elan.af.mil          Brent Kelly             2     1 
bray(at)iupui.edu                  Bruce Ray                     1     
bry(at)mnsinc.com                  Brian Carling           2     1
carts(at)radef.nrl.navy.mil        Marty Carts             2     1
catesa(at)coredcs.com              Art Cates               1     2
ccx061(at)coventry.ac.uk           Wendy Taylor                  1     2
chl(at)clw.cs.man.ac.uk            Charles Lindsey         3     2     1  
cllv13(at)ccsun.strath.ac.uk       I.M. Mackay             2     1     3
CDAdair(at)aol.com                 Dainne Adair            2     1
Cinn.Lund(at)btinternet.com        Norman Lund             2     1     3       
Claire.Speed(at)mailhost.mcc.ac.uk Claire Speed                        1  
darren(at)meldrum.co.uk            Darren Meldrum                      1
dhanson(at)hal-pc.org              David Hanson            2     1     3
dweller(at)ramtops.demon.co.uk     Doug Weller                         1
ellen(at)tictac.demon.co.uk        Ellen Mizzell           3     2     1
figgins(at)dnai.com                Scott Figgins           1     2     3
graeme(at)agcomp.demon.co.uk       Graeme Hendry           3     2     1
heather(at)anarki.net              Heather Anderson        1     2
hilde(at)borve.demon.co.uk         Hilde Fernandez         1     2
Hunsberger_jon(at)msn.com          Jonthan Hunsburger      1     2     3       
ian(at)johnrich.demon.co.uk        Ian Peattie                         1 
idaniel(at)jesus.ox.ac.uk          Illtud Daniel                 2     1
Ian(at)pogona.demon.co.uk          Ian Donaldson           2     1     3
jajones(at)ermine.ox.ac.uk         Jonathan Jones                      1 
jennifer(at)throw.com              Jennifer Kurkoski       1     2
jjf(at)dsbc.icl.co.uk              J.J. Farrell                        1
jon(at)serf.org                    Jon Harley                    1     2
jonathan(at)mirror.demon.co.uk     Jonathan Allan          2     1     3 
js(at)rocket.demon.co.uk           James Sears                   1
J.Massheder(at)ed.ac.uk		   Jonathan Massheder      1     2
JosUndrhl(at)aol.com               Jos Underhill           1     2     3
kate(at)jbaassoc.demon.co.uk       Kate Alexander          3     2     1
keith(at)cowtown.demon.co.uk       Keith Willoughby        3     1     2
kevin(at)quipu.waterloo-rdp.on.ca  Kevin Schoedel          1     2
maxine(at)iii.co.uk                Maxine Lehmann                      1  
mayalld(at)it.postoffice.co.uk     Dave Mayall             3     2     1 
mbm(at)mort.demon.co.uk            Malcolm Mladenovic                  1 
michael(at)cavrdg.demon.co.uk      Michael Parry           2     1    
mishlowe(at)indirect.com           Michelle Lowe           1     2     3
mrowland(at)ffutures.demon.co.uk   Marcus Rowland          3     2     1
M.P.Radford(at)exeter.ac.uk        Martin Radford                2     1
Mike(at)lhome.demon.co.uk          Michael Lightfoot       2     1     3
ncf(at)borve.demon.co.uk           Neil Fernandez          1     2     3
nigel(at)ashton.demon.co.uk        Nigel Ashton                  1     2
NeilSGT(at)aol.com                 Neil Taylor             2     1
paul(at)pcserv.demon.co.uk         Paul Carpenter                      1       
pb10003(at)cus.cam.ac.uk           Paul Bolchover          3     2     1 
peol0005(at)student.gu.se          Per Olesson             1     2     3 
peter(at)wppltd.demon.co.uk        Peter Parry             2     3     1
phil(at)vision25.demon.co.uk       Phil Hunt                     1             
pkerr(at)voicenet.com              Pamela Kerr             1     2     3
preeve1(at)po-box.mcgill.ca        Paul Reeve              2     1
pseyfrth(at)sushi.st.usm.edu       Phyllis Seyfarth        2     1
pyoung(at)pcnet.com                Patricia Sendroff       2     1
qs01(at)dial.pipex.com             Malcolm Muckle          1     2
rab(at)Unify.Com                   Ruthann Biel            2     1
richard(at)illuin.demon.co.uk      Richard Letts                 1     2 
robbie(at)arakeen.demon.co.uk      Robert Irvine[3]        3     3     1 
rogerv(at)btinternet.com           Roger Venison           2     1     3
R.E.Horne(at)shu.ac.uk             Ralph Horne             1
R.H.Harris(at)canterbury.ac.uk     Richard Harris          2     1
Rodenamjona(at)btinternet.com      Robert J Field          2     1     3
sclark1(at)ix.netcom.com           Sharon Clark            1     2  
simon(at)star-one.org.uk           Simon Gray                          1
slewin(at)zetnet.co.uk             Steve Lewin                         1
smw(at)stade1.demon.co.uk          Sue Wontroba            1     2     3 
                                   Stephen Gower           3     2     1
swfb(at)bokop.win-uk.net           S.W.F. Borthwick        2           1
swilbur(at)wcnet.org               Shawn Wilbur            1     2     3
SDeuchars(at)aol.com               Shena Deuchars          2     1     3
taemmer(at)infinet.com             Angela West Emmer       1     2     3 
tdawson(at)mail.vt.edu             Tina Dawson             2     1     3
tfl(at)psp.co.uk                   Thomas Lee[3]           3     3     1
tigger(at)sylvan.com               Grace Sylvan            2     1
training(at)bcceddts.demon.co.uk   Andy Mabbett                        1
wendrie(at)zevmac.demon.co.uk      Wendrie Heywood         1     2     3
xdz79(at)dial.pipex.com            Jan Jurczak-George      2     1     3
yelah(at)yelah.pp.se               Per-Olof Sten           1     2     3

Votes in Error
- -------------

100546.1111(at)CompuServe.COM      See below[8][9]
arque(at)zetnet.co.uk              No real name or "handle" given[6]
chasm(at)zetnet.co.uk              Invalid Voting Method[4]
dburk(at)lexis-nexismail.com       No real name or "handle" given[6]
e_o(at)mail.netlink.co.uk          See below[8][9]
fireflies(at)easynet.co.uk         See below[7][8][9]
ja-ri(at)juno.com                  Invalid References Header[1]
jkcrook(at)msn.com                 Unclear identification of voter[2]
John.Mercer(at)btinternet.com      No Ballot[0]
keaton(at)mcs.nl                   No real name or "handle" given[6]
mgt(at)tuppambr.demon.co.uk        See below[8]
mike(at)oit.net                    Invalid References Header[1]
m_moy(at)juno.com                  Invalid References Header[1]
pvanburen(at)arcadis.be            See below[2][5]
pmoore(at)ccs.carleton.ca          No Ballot[0]
skater1(at)deakin.edu.au           No Ballot[0]
sl(at)enterprise.net               See below[8]
tbrennan(at)netcomuk.co.uk         See below[8][9]

[0] As has been mentioned many times before, a voting statement does not
    suffice, especially as in some of these cases the voting statment is
    ambiguous, for example, an email simply saying "YES".

[1] The References: header where present should reference either a CFV
    message-id or a message-id sent out of harlech.demon.co.uk in 
    response to a CFV Request. Anything else is deemed to be a passed ballot. 
    This could be due to a mailer not implementing RFC822 correctly, get a 
    new mailer.

[2] These cases are where a From: line identifies an account used by multiple
    people but no single real name or "handle" has been put in the real name
    field on the ballot.

[3] Vote valid for first preference, then invalid for transfers.

[4] Whilst a single "X" is valid for AV votes, other indications and multiple
    X or YES/NO votes are not valid

[5] Acknowledgement bounced, user unknown.

[6] These are cases where the voter has failed to identify themselves by
    anything but the email account. "handles" are permitted in the voting
    rather than "real names", but they must be verifiable.

[7] Normally, I wouldn't point this out. There was multiple voting from
    this account, as with the standard practice for this each ballot has
    been replaced by the subsequent ballot from this address as they 
    arrived in time order. In all three ballots came from this address.
    Also see [9].

[8] When I send out a ballot, I keep a list of whom I have sent them to.
    Votes arriving on ballots that have purportedly been sent by me to a
    account that I have not sent them to are invalid.

[9] One person has attempted to vote a number of times from a number
    of different accounts (using passed on ballots as well, sigh). This
    also had the effect of cancelling legitimate ballots from this 
    account under [7]. The addresses affected by this will be banned
    from any future ballots held by me. This also included in two
    of the cases, some dabbling in header forgery, so I am not terribly 
    inspired to accept it was an accident.

Votetakers Comments
- -------------------

I am not entirely happy with this result, there are a number of things about
this balloting process which have not been kosher. The three things that have
been raised on uk.net.news.config are dealt with below.

1) Groups on CFV - A number of people regard the non-appearance of their
   favoured group names on a CFV as some sort of vote fraud. In my opinion,
   it is not vote-fraud - the problem is that whilst the taxonomic mavens
   on unnc frequently produce some very good names for groups, does not
   mean that the proponents have to take these on board. It is a long
   USENET tradition within voting that the proponent owns the CFV and they
   may go ahead with the name if they insist enough (see rec.music.white-power
   amongst others). I do not believe that this absence has stopped anyone 
   from voting, indeed I suspect it has put the turnout up. Whilst keeping the
   selection of groups down to the ones that you favour might be economical 
   with the actualite on presentation to the electorate, it is not the end of 
   the world as people know it.

2) CFV distribution - due to an error on *MY* part (and I take full 
   responsibility for this), the first CFV was not distributed to
   uk.education.misc, the second was. I did toy with the idea of a third
   CFV posted only to uk.education.misc, but due to the latest great news
   blip, any replies came out too late. Considering the large amount of
   brouhaha which spilled over on uk.education.misc during the CFV period,
   I would be surprised if the omission of the first CFV has made any changes
   to the turnout.

3) The Education Otherwise web-pages - the CFV was put up on these web pages
   including a mailto: link, this was despite the explicit comments in the
   votes rubric about this. However, the site is not especially active and
   the site owner has offered the site logs without any requests from me. 
   Given the short period of time that it was on there, I again do not think
   that there was much, if any, effect on the voting.

As for the rest of it, I can say that I am 100% happy with the results - 
there was obviously some ballot passing going on and there are few tools that
can be used to detect this. Those which can be used, have been. However, I
am reasonably happy that this ballot has produced the result which a ballot
with no passing of CFV's around would have produced.

There are some other issues, however, these lie outside my remit as a 
votetaker and it is not appropriate for me to comment on them within this 

Oh yes, before the flamewars start, remember it's only fscking Network News.

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