13 Jul 1997: uk.rec.motorsport.oval-racing

From: Steven Inglis <Voting@bcde.demon.co.uk>
Date: Sun, 13 Jul 1997 17:06:15 GMT
Subject: Result: uk.rec.motorsport.oval-racing Passes 37:5
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             Creating New Group: uk.rec.motorsport.oval-racing 

              Voting Closed 23:59:59 GMT, 29 June 1997.  

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SUMMARY: Creation of uk.rec.motorsport.oval-racing PASSES 37:5

For Group Passage, the sum of votes for a proposal must be 12 greater
than the number of votes against group creation.

There is a five day discussion period after these results are posted.
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group will  be created shortly thereafter. Allegations of irregularity
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uk.rec.motorsport.oval-racing	Supporters and participants of oval track racing
  The existing group uk.rec.motorsports attracts discussion of circuit-based
  and rally driving and has consistently failed to engender oval racing 
  discussion, despite promptings. There is a significant and growing group
  of oval racing supporters, drivers and officials who, at the moment, gather
  around the Oval Racing Web Site and would value active participation in a
  newsgroup where specific discussion about this form of motorsport could 
  take place. 
  This group is for discussion of issues relating to the variety of
  short track oval racing formulae, which takes place at more than
  30 stadiums and tracks throughout the UK, including Stock Car racing,
  Hot Rods, Bangers, Saloons, Rebels and Supermodifieds.

  Discussion should be limited to UK racing (not NASCAR or similar, but 
  could include the Eurocar formula) and to oval track racing (not 
  purely circuit based racing)

  Topics for discussion are broad and varied and may include :
  * reports and feedback from oval track meetings.
  * discussion of the relative merit of promotion and formulae.
  * sharing of current news and happenings.
  * broad discussion of technical issues in oval racing.
  * discussion of future developments within the UK short track
    oval racing scene. 

  Oval racing fans are reknowned for friendly and lively discussion
  and excessive flaming or abuse is to be discouraged.
  	Not permitted, but references to FTPable material and 
 	Web URLs are welcomed.
  Short (less than 20 line) announcements of events, meetings and
  promotions are permitted. Commercial advertising is not permitted.


The following list of addresses is copyright 1997 Steven Inglis. Use
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Voting Summary:  uk.rec.motorsport.oval-racing
   37 Yes, 5 No, 2 Abstains, 2 Votes with Errors

uk.rec.motorsport.oval-racing creation Final Vote Ack

Voted Yes
101514.1163(at)compuserve.com                                    Bruce Stedman
alan.frame(at)acm.org                                               Alan Frame
bj(at)camino.demon.co.uk                                         Barry Johnson
cool-dude(at)chilling-out.demon.co.uk                               Geoff Dude
craigantil(at)aol.com                                             Craig Antill
dbrown(at)mistral.co.uk                                             Dave Brown
DJB(at)wiggins-t.co.uk                                            David Bridge

e.ven(at)btinternet.com                                       Eileen Wickenden
esausf(at)aol.com                                                        Steve
g.beverley(at)virgin.net                                        Peter Beverley
geekgirl(at)ican.net                                               Carla Young
haplo(at)patryn.demon.co.uk                                   Dick Whittington
hennis(at)peco-energy.com                                       Hilda H. Ennis
Highbury1(at)aol.com                                                Wayne Rule
J.E.Upham(at)reading.ac.uk                                       Dr John Upham
jamieg(at)cvc.co.uk                                               Jamie Gibson
john.hudson(at)btinternet.com                                      John Hudson
john(at)mconsult.demon.co.uk                                       John Rutter
John_Reid(at)jazza.demon.co.uk                                       John Reid
jr.alba(at)virgin.net                                                Jan White
Lacemaker(at)BTInternet.com                                    Diana Glasspool
madoka(at)argonet.co.uk                                          Chris Johnson
markb(at)emarkt.com                                                 Mark Breen
mattbull(at)globalnet.co.uk                                       matthew bull
MCattell(at)mikecat.demon.co.uk                                   Mike Cattell
MegMurphy(at)compuserve.com                                       Meg Murphy =
pgwalker(at)aol.com                                                   PGWalker
PM29151(at)GlaxoWellcome.co.uk                                   Peter McGowan
prar(at)vossnet.co.uk                                              PRAR Rennie
RogerV(at)btinternet.com                                         Roger Venison
SHarri5245(at)aol.com                                         Stephen Harrison
SpeedyBan(at)aol.com                                             Graham Eccles
SRoys95235(at)aol.com                                           Stuart Royston
steveb(at)kbnet.co.uk                                             Steven Breen
stevew(at)tbsys.demon.co.uk                                       Steve Westby
Stuartc(at)btinternet.com                                       Stuart Cairney
                                                     Voted No
af(at)contract.co.uk                                              Alan Fleming
mayalld(at)it.postoffice.co.uk                                     Dave Mayall
npch(at)tardis.ed.ac.uk                                       Neil P Chue Hong
pb10003(at)cus.cam.ac.uk                                        Paul Bolchover
tes01(at)globalnet.co.uk                                       Martin Matthews
chasm(at)zetnet.co.uk                                             jAmES Lawson
simon(at)star-one.org.uk                                            Simon Gray

Votes in error
rolls.co(at)zetnet.co.uk                                  Martin Charles Rolls
   ! No vote statement in message

uk.rec.motorsport.oval-racing creation Bounce List - No need to revote
loikf(at)boat.bt.co.uk                                                Fred Loi

Steven Inglis

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