31 Dec 1995: Moderate uk.religion.jewish

RESULT: Moderation of uk.religion.jewish PASSES 27 : 2
Author:   Iain D. Bowen 
Email: voting@harlech.demon.co.uk 
Date: 1995/12/31 
Forums: uk.net.news.config, uk.net.news.announce, uk.religion.jewish  
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		moderate newsgroup uk.religion.jewish

Voting for this CFV closed 23:59:59 UTC,  24 December 1995.

The deadline was extended due to the 2nd CFV not reaching Control.

This vote was conducted by a neutral third party.  For voting questions
only contact Iain Bowen <voting@harlech.demon.co.uk>  For questions about
the proposal itself contact Chris Newport (crn@netix.demon.co.uk)

	Moderation PASSES 27 : 2


This result will be cross-posted to the following relevant newsgroups:
     uk.religion.jewish, uk.net.news.announce, uk.net.news.config


It is proposed that uk.religion.jewish should be moderated.
This newsgroup attracts large volumes of nuisance posts, most of which 
are crossposted from other newsgroups. It is unfortunate that a Jewish
newsgroup, by it's very existance, attracts abuse. The problem has
reached a point where nuisance postings outnumber valid discussions and
seriously inhibit valid discussions. The only possible solution is 


It is proposed that a 2 stage moderation process is used which will
use a robo-moderator as a primary filter. This will allow posts from 
known users to bypass the human moderator and go direct to the newsbase.
All postings rejected by the robo-moderator will be forwarded to a human
moderator for approval. New users will be welcomed and will receive a copy
of the group charter before being added to the known user list.
It may be possible to simplify the process by referring only crossposted
articles to the human moderator.
It is NOT intended that the moderator(s) should censor postings, 
the objective is the keep discussions broadly within the defined topic 
of 'Judaism from a UK perspective'.



Newsgroup Name: uk.religion.jewish 

Newsgroups line: Judaism in the UK. 

Proponent: Chris Newport crn@netix.demon.co.uk

Moderation: Moderated.

Advertising: Short announcements of specific interest to British Jews ONLY.

Binaries: None.


This newsgroup is intended as a general discussion area for UK Jews, and
as an information resource about Judaism in the UK.

Short description: Judaism in the UK.
Welcome: Non-jews are welcome to join us to ask bona-fide questions, and
	 to discover information about Judaism. Please read the entire
	 charter BEFORE posting.

Language:    All postings should be in English. Where Hebrew, Yiddish,
	     Ladino or Aramaic words or phrases are used these should
	     be translated. Eg:-  Brit Milah [circumcision].

Shabbat Observance: Shabbat [the Jewish sabbath] begins 18 minutes 
	     before local sunset on friday and ends after darkness 
	     on saturday. Please do not post within these times.
	     The saving of life is exempt from this restriction.

Discussion topics:
	    On-topic discussions include:
	     Discussions regarding judaism from a UK perspective.
	     Announcements of specific interest to UK Jews.
	     Announcement of Jewish and Interfaith events.
	     General chatter and schmoozing by UK Jews.
	     Providing information about Judaism to any interested parties.

Prohibited postings:
	     The following are considered to be off-topic and are 
	     NOT permitted. 
	      Crosspostings other than announcements of bona-fide 
	       interfaith events which may be crossposted to all uk.religion
	      Attacks against Judaism or Jewish practices. Note that this 
	       restriction is not intended to inhibit valid debate
	       within a Jewish context.
	      Missionary postings and proselyting of any kind.
	      Any posting by, or about, so-called 'jews for jesus',
	       'messianic jews' and similar groups who are actually 
	       christian and should use alt.messianic or
	      Postings denying the holocaust.
	      Any material intended to be offensive to Jews including 
		antisemitic material.
	      Advertising in general except for SHORT announcements of
	       special interest to UK Jews.
	      Flames and ad-hominum attacks of any kind.
	      Binary postings of any kind including any postings which are
	       not readable in plain language English.

Information:  A FAQ will be regularly posted which will contain information
	      about where to find Jewish resources on the net.


The following list of addresses is copyright 1995 by the Revolutionary
Penguin Press(1985).  Use for any purpose other than verifying the vote
for this newsgroup is prohibited.

Final Vote Ack
alan@bittern.demon.co.uk		Alan Zanker		Y
andrewh@dircon.co.uk			Andrew Hougie		Y
arubin@cix.compulink.co.uk 		Alan Rubin		Y
bjohnson@mail.zynet.co.uk		Barry Johnson		Y
cbs3dml@gps.leeds.ac.uk			Daniel Leigh		Y
Charles@clock.demon.co.uk		Charles Golding		Y
crn@netix.demon.co.uk			Chris Newport		Y
D.S.Levene@durham.ac.uk			David Levene		Y	
Eddie@essa.demon.co.uk			Eddie Stone		Y
el@gingold.demon.co.uk			Elliot Gingold		Y
Ethan@wooster.demon.co.uk		Ethan P. Rasiel		Y
fredw@fred1.demon.co.uk			Fred Weil		Y
freedman@fishpond.demon.co.uk		Paul Freedman		Y
Howard.Orgel@orgels.demon.co.uk		Howard Orgel		Y
ian@tanagra.demon.co.uk			Ian Chard		Y
kgoodman@atlantic.demon.co.uk		Karen Goodman		Y
lbunder@aol.com				Leslie Bunder		Y
mark@alexr.co.uk			Mark Alexander		Y
mglick@ilcs.demon.co.uk			Menachem Glickman	Y
nick@alek.demon.co.uk			Nicholas Aleksander 	Y
nick@n-landau.demon.co.uk		Nick Landau		Y
pi@macabre.demon.co.uk			Peregrine Ince		Y
Richard@landale.demon.co.uk		Dov Landau		Y
richard@mdavis.demon.co.uk		Richard Davis		Y
Richard@r-woolf.demon.co.uk		Richard P Woolf		Y
Tony@brij000.demon.co.uk 		Tony Reese		Y
Tox@world.std.com			R S Y Buchanan		Y

garry@bar-nett.demon.co.uk		Daniel Barnett		N
tfl@psp.co.uk				Thomas Lee		N

Votes in error
dcurtis@hgmp.mrc.ac.uk			 Unknown Address

Votetakers Note: A number of votes, potentially for this CFV, were rejected as
they consisted of the word YES or "I vote for this" with no sign of a ballot,
no Subject: line or anything else to distinguish them. They are not mentioned
in the Failed votes list as they may not have been for this CFV (I have been
running two votes) and I'm damned if I'm going to try to trace votes to CFV's
by References: headers (for those mailers which aren't so broken that they
actually use them). 

Iain D. Bowen  - Volunteer Votetaker, UK-VOTING.   voting@harlech.demon.co.uk
please use alaric@harlech.demon.co.uk for personal mail.

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