20 Mar 1996: uk.politics.animals

RESULT: uk.politics.animals PASSES 30:13
Author:   Ian Chard 
Email: voting@tanagra.demon.co.uk 
Date: 1996/03/20 
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		  uk.politics.animals PASSES 30:13

Voting for this CFV closed at 23:59:59 UTC, 10th March 1996.

This vote was conducted by a neutral third party member of UK-VOTING.  For
voting questions only, contact Ian Chard <voting@tanagra.demon.co.uk>.
For questions about the new newsgroup, contact Claire Speed

uk.net.news.config, uk.politics, uk.misc, uk.environment,
soc.culture.british, uk.net.news.announce

There is a five day discussion period after these results are posted.  If no
serious allegations of voting irregularities are raised, the group will be
created shortly thereafter.  Allegations should be sent to

Newsgroup name: uk.politics.animals

Summary:        UK political discussion concerning animals

Proponent:      Claire Speed <C.Speed@mcc.ac.uk>

Rationale:	At any given time it is possible to find discussions
		on UK animal issues in several different uk groups.
		To have a group specifically for these discussions
		will not only prevent unnecessary repetition of such
		traffic but will also keep these discussions off the
		groups where it is not appreciated. 

		Although there are doubts as to whether the existence
		of such a group will cause the relevant traffic to be
		redirected, it will at least mean that there is
		somewhere else that such discussions are supposed to

Charter:        The new group will be for the discussion of any
		political subject relevant to animal issues.

		Any material encouraging or condoning criminal
		activity is explicitly prohibited. 

Moderation:     No moderation

Advertising:    Advertising meetings and animal organisations
		is allowed on the condition that the advertisements
		are brief, succinct and (in the case of ongoing
		products) not reposted more often than once every
		three months.

Binaries:       No


Total valid votes:  44

Alan Ralph		alan.ralph@ukonline.co.uk		Y
Barry Johnson		barry@camino.demon.co.uk		Y
Bill Lyons		Bill@lyons.demon.co.uk			Y
Dave Morning		dam@dcs.gla.ac.uk			Y
David Fricker		huck@zetnet.co.uk			Y
David Smith		davids@planete.demon.co.uk		Y
Edward Easton		edward@scarboro.demon.co.uk		Y
Geraint A Edwards	G.A.Edwards@shu.ac.uk			Y
Hugh Simmons		hugh@st-ronan.demon.co.uk		Y
Iain L M Hotchkies	iain@hotch.demon.co.uk			Y
Ian Miller		Ian_Miller@bifroest.demon.co.uk		Y
Ivor Peska		ivor@club.demon.co.uk			Y
Jai Maharaj		jai@caprica.com				Y
John Eastwood		jwe@clint.demon.co.uk			Y
John P Gulliver		G6JPG@soft255.demon.co.uk		Y
Lyn David Thomas	lyn@stuffing.demon.co.uk		Y
M.S. Robb		msr16@cus.cam.ac.uk			Y
Malcolm Mladenovic	mbm@mort.demon.co.uk			Y
Mark C Thompson		mark@apollo12.demon.co.uk		Y
Martin Thomas		martin@llanelli.demon.co.uk		Y
Mike Cattell		mike@mikecat.demon.co.uk		Y
Mike Humphrey		mph@dra.hmg.gb				Y
Nick Harrison		nick@lilyg.demon.co.uk			Y
Paul Roberts		proberts@informix.com			Y
Richard Davies		Richard@enabs.demon.co.uk		Y
Simon Gray		simon@mahayana.demon.co.uk		Y
Terry Franks		terry.franks@dial.pipex.com		Y
Tim Evans		T.J.Evans-CSSE94@cs.bham.ac.uk		Y
Tony Blackburn		tonyb@netcentral.co.uk			Y
jon ivar skullerud	jonivar@th.ph.ed.ac.uk			Y

Alan J Holmes		Alan.Holmes@brunel.ac.uk		N
David Boothroyd		david@election.demon.co.uk		N
David Chamberlain	david@legeur.demon.co.uk		N
Debra Storr		debrastorr@cix.compulink.co.uk		N
Dr. Andrew K. Groves	grovesa@starbase1.caltech.edu		N
Julian White		u4d14@cc.keele.ac.uk			N
Kaye Brewster		kaye@festival.ed.ac.uk			N
Kevin Lee		Kevin@krlee.demon.co.uk			N
Michael R. Davidson	9407990@iana.sms.ed.ac.uk		N
Pierre Chandless	philippe@pobox.com			N
Ray Stilling		rpjs@stilling.tcp.co.uk			N
Richard Ashton		richard@corixia.demon.co.uk		N
Richard Daniells	richdan@pncl.co.uk			N

Illtud Daniel		idaniel@jesus.ox.ac.uk			ABSTAIN

Total votes rejected: 1

Gary Holden		gholdenorg@gnew.gn.apc.org		Mail bounced

Ian Chard - Volunteer Votetaker, UK-VOTING.


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