07 May 1996: Moderate uk.religion.christian

RESULT: Moderation of uk.religion.christian PASSES 80:11  
Author:   Iain D. Bowen 
Email: voting@harlech.demon.co.uk 
Date: 1996/05/07 
Forums: uk.net.news.config, uk.net.news.announce  
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	   Moderation of existing newsgroup uk.religion.christian

Voting Closed 23:59:59 GMT, 27th April 1996.

This vote was conducted by a neutral third party member of UK-VOTING. 
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the uk hierarchy. The rules under which this vote was taken are posted 
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For voting questions only contact voting@harlech.demon.co.uk (Iain Bowen).

For questions about the change contact the proposer who is
Kevin King <kevin.king@zetnet.co.uk>

Distribution:   uk.net.news.announce, uk.net.news.config,
Summary:        Moderation of uk.religion.christian PASSES 80:11


It is our wish to maintain as free a forum as possible for the expression of
ideas within the terms of our existing charter.

Since we are only reluctantly adopting a moderation policy, this proposal is
for a minimum-level approach, whereby approval will be automatically granted
to known participants and only subject to specific prior approval by the
moderator or exclusion from the newsgroup under exceptional circumstances.
Cross-posting will, however, be strictly limited.

For full details of this policy refer to the amended charter, which is
appended below.

The moderation policy may change with experiece.



This newsgroup is intended for discussion of Christianity in the UK,
Christianity from the persepctive of UK posters, and general discussion
amongst UK Christians.

    UK Christians and non-Christians are welcome to post on any
    appropriate discussion topic. Non UK posters are welcome to
    post on matters of specific UK relevance, or contribute to
    existing discussions. Non-UK posters are strongly advised to
    consider whether another group would be more appropriate before
    starting a new thread.

    English. Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic words should be given with
    an English translation.

Discussion topics:
    The following are considered to be on-topic:

    + Discussions regarding Christianity from a UK perspective, and
      the UK from a Christian perspective.
    + General discussion amongst UK Christians and between UK
      Christians and non-Christians.
    + Announcements of specific interest to UK Christians.

    The following are considered to be off-topic:

    - Discussions which could be better conducted in an
      international newsgroup (e.g. soc.religion.christian).
    - Advertising which is not specifically relevant to UK
    - Posts on matters specific to other countries.
    - Binaries and posts not in plain English.
    - Personal abuse/flames.

Moderation policy:
    It is NOT intended that the moderator should censor postings, the
    objective is to keep discussions broadly within the defined topic of
    'Christianity from a UK perspective'.  In time it is envisaged that
    many of the functions described below will be performed automatically.

    Posts from new subscribers will be accepted provided that they
    broadly comply with the terms of this charter. Posts from known
    subscribers will always be accepted for posting, except under the
    circumstances specified below:

    a) Articles cross-posted to more than two other newsgroups and all
       binary files will normally be rejected.

    b) Postings from a person who has seriously or consistently violated
       the group's charter may, for a fixed period, be made subject to
       prior approval by the moderator.

       In such a case, the moderator must immediately send the offender
       a notice outlining the reason for this action and its duration.
       A person disciplined in this manner has the right to demand that
       the moderator posts a copy of this notice to the newsgroup for
       comment by other subscribers.

    c) In the following cases only, the moderator may impose a total ban
       of unspecified duration:
       i)   following persistent violations even after the implementation
	    of (b) above,
       ii)  in the event of serious abuse directed against the moderator,
       iii) if a poster forges newsgroup headers or gives a fake id.

       In all cases except (iii) the moderator must send a notice
       outlining the reason for this action to the offender, and to the
       newsgroup for comment by other subscribers.

   Short announcements of specific interest to UK Christians ONLY.


   Articles cross-posted to more than 2 other newsgroups will normally
   be rejected.


MODERATOR INFO: group.name

Moderator:  Patrick Herring <ph@anweald.exnet.co.uk>

The moderation submission address will be uk-religion-christian@usenet.org.uk.
In the event that routine moderation is performed by a robot, the address
uk-religion-christian-request@usenet.org.uk may also be set up for direct
email access to the moderator.



The following list of addresses is copyright 1996 by the Revolutionary
Penguin Press(1985).  Use for any purpose other than verifying the vote
for this newsgroup is prohibited.

Votes Processed
A.J.Moon@newcastle.ac.uk		Alun Moon			Y
aa@mfltd.co.uk				Adrian Aylward			Y
af4532@bristol.ac.uk 			AR. Foote			Y
ajk@yorke.demon.co.uk			Alice Kennard			Y
alan@bittern.demon.co.uk		Alan Zanker			Y
andrew@foakes.demon.co.uk		Andrew Foakes			Y
anich@tattoo.ed.ac.uk			Sandy Nicholson			Y
Annabel@amsmyth.demon.co.uk		Annabel Smyth			Y
andy@oznet.demon.co.uk			Andy Osborne			Y
bosco@brother.demon.co.uk		J. B. MacDonald			Y
chas@holyrood.ed.ac.uk			Chas Spencer			Y
chl@clw.cs.man.ac.uk			Charles Lindsey			Y
chris.prior@zetnet.co.uk		Chris Prior			Y
Claire.Speed@mailhost.mcc.ac.uk		Claire Speed			Y
clucy@liverpool.ac.uk			Andy Clucas			Y
crb11@cus.cam.ac.uk 			Colin Bell			Y
crn@netix.telecall.co.uk		C Newport			Y
daren.austin@Zoology.oxford.ac.uk	Daren Austin			Y
david@aldred.demon.co.uk		David Aldred			Y
David@dbush.demon.co.uk			David Bush			Y
david@tcs01.demon.co.uk 		David James			Y
david.shephard@gecm.com			David Shephard			Y
davidl@rcp.co.uk 			David Leftley			Y
dca@ray.npl.co.uk			David C. Aldridge		Y
djs101@mailer.york.ac.uk		Dave Spence			Y
dlester@cs.man.ac.uk			David Lester			Y
dweller@ramtops.demon.co.uk		Doug Weller			Y
esrqw@csv.warwick.ac.uk			Margaret J. Low			Y
evansch@servelan.co.uk			Colin Evans			Y
G.J.McCaughan@pmms.cam.ac.uk		Gareth McCaughan		Y
gareth@feruce.demon.co.uk		Gareth Jones			Y
grahamb@cityscape.co.uk 		Graham Philip Bates		Y
jackrbts@world.std.com			Jack Roberts			Y
james@jbarber.com 			James Barber			Y
JDM@rheom.demon.co.uk			John David MITCHELL		Y
jfw1@osfserv.rl.ac.uk			Jonathan Wheeler		Y
jlp@bcwcs1.bnr.ca 			Jeff Pratley			Y
johnt@melb.convergent.com.au		Jon Thackray			Y
jst@dcs.ed.ac.uk			Julian S. Turnbull		Y
Kevin@wimber.demon.co.uk		Kevin Hasler			Y
kevin.king@zetnet.co.uk			Kevin King			Y
j.read1@physics.oxford.ac.uk		Jenny Read			Y
jgreen@nimr.mrc.ac.uk			John Green			Y
lionel@ucott.demon.co.uk		Lionel T. Jones			Y
M.S.Stewart@durham.ac.uk		Mickey Stewart			Y
malcolm@minster.york.ac.uk		Malcolm Wallace			Y
mark@hpcpbla.bri.hp.com			Mark Simms			Y
mark@logos.demon.co.uk			Mark D Rice			Y
mdmacleod@librykim.demon.co.uk		Murdo MacLeod			Y
mht11@eng.cam.ac.uk			Mark Thornton			Y
ncd1000@cus.cam.ac.uk			Nicholas Denyer			Y
nick@deepblue.demon.co.uk		Nick Russell			Y
paul.roberts@sund.ac.uk			Paul Roberts			Y
peter@vincefam.demon.co.uk		Peter Vincent			Y
PeterG@bhmsatro.powernet.co.uk 		Peter Gallant			Y
ph@anweald.exnet.co.uk			Patrick Herring			Y
philhet@argonet.co.uk 			Philip  Hetherington		Y
pw201@hermes.cam.ac.uk			Paul Wright			Y
rah94@aberystwyth.ac.uk			Richard Alan Huss		Y
rhiannon@llais.demon.co.uk		Rhiannon Macfie			Y
ronnie.gibson@strath.ac.uk 		Ronnie Gibson			Y
s.ward@dial.pipex.com			Simon Ward			Y
S.Warrick@cs.ucl.ac.uk			Stephanie Warrick		Y
S.A.Cullinane@newcastle.ac.uk		Sarah Anne Culliane		Y
sat@sysmatic.systematic.co.uk		Tony Towers			Y
ShadboltS@uk.logica.com			Stephen Shadbolt		Y
simon@yrsk.demon.co.uk			Simon P P Lakin			Y
Simon.Kershaw@Smallworld.co.uk 		Simon Kershaw			Y
stephen@brierley.demon.co.uk		Stephen Brierley		Y
Steve@pinicle.demon.co.uk		Stephen Dark			Y
Stuart.Summers@mcl.co.uk 		Stuart Summers			Y
T.R.Astin@reading.ac.uk			Revd Dr Timothy R Astin		Y
tcrnapt@ucl.ac.uk			Adrian Tribe			Y
telecom@dircon.co.uk			Steve Ellwood			Y
tjde.barry@argonet.co.uk		TJD Erskine			Y
twarburt@LandP.com			Tim Warburton			Y
u4d14@cc.keele.ac.uk			Julian White			Y
unclebob@tnglwood.demon.co.uk		Robert Billing			Y
vine@dircon.co.uk 			Chris Vine			Y

Andy@smitha.demon.co.uk 		Andy Smith			N
e_gs18@mail.nerc-murchison.ac.uk 	Russ Evans			N
evilandi@cimmerii.demon.co.uk		Andrew Oakley			N
grovesa@starbase1.caltech.edu		Andrew K. Groves		N
Jon@timewarp.demon.co.uk		Jon Rouse			N
jwe@clint.demon.co.uk			John Eastwood			N
malcolmr@westminster.ac.uk		Malcolm Ray			N
mike@pitpony.demon.co.uk		Mike Leary			N
philip@tuksbury.foobar.co.uk		Philip Tiplady			N
richard@corixia.demon.co.uk		Richard Ashton			N
tfl@psp.co.uk				Thomas Lee			N

bruno@chemcrys.cam.ac.uk		Ian Bruno			Abs
simon@mahayana.demon.co.uk 		Simon Gray			Abs

Votes In Error
70374.3073@compuserve.com, 		Chris J. Galley		Invalid Address
K.Haigh-Hutchinson@bradford.ac.uk	???			No Name Given

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