08 May 1996: uk.rec.sheds

RESULT: uk.rec.sheds PASSED 60:25
Author:   Iain D. Bowen 
Email: voting@harlech.demon.co.uk 
Date: 1996/05/08 
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		   Creation of new newsgroup uk.rec.sheds

Voting closed 23:59:59 GMT, 27th April 1996.

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For questions about the new newsgroup contact the proposer who is
Dave Budd <D.Budd@mcc.ac.uk>

Summary: Creation of uk.rec.sheds PASSED 60:25

Distribution:   uk.net.news.announce, uk.net.news.config,
		soc.culture.british, uk.misc
One-Liner:      uk.rec.sheds        Sheds: culture, contents, usage


	The group is for discussions relating to sheds and their near
	equivalents (eg properly arranged cellars), their use, their
	contents, and the culture of shedding.  While shedding has been,
	in the past, a primarily male pursuit we cannot deny that both
	sexes manifest aspects of both genders to varying degrees, so
	everybody is welcome in uk.rec.sheds

	No binaries; Advertising of sheds only.



The following list of addresses is copyright 1996 by the Revolutionary
Penguin Press(1985).  Use for any purpose other than verifying the vote
for this newsgroup is prohibited.

Votes Processed
Alan@harding.demon.co.uk		Alan Harding		Y
Alan.Holmes@brunel.ac.uk		Alan Holmes		Y
anna@henry.demon.co.uk			Anna Smith		Y
Bob@delands.demon.co.uk			Bob Moakes		Y
cdlc@hencomp.win-uk.net			Colin Cockerill		Y
chl@clw.cs.man.ac.uk 			Charles Lindsey		Y
chris@keris.demon.co.uk 		Chris Croughton		Y
Claire.Speed@mailhost.mcc.ac.uk		Claire Speed		Y
colin.batchelor@merton.oxford.ac.uk	Colin Batchelor		Y
contec@enterprise.net			Robert Conn		Y
dave@dmalcolm.u-net.com			Dave Malcolm		Y
david@kglc.demon.co.uk			David John		Y
david@tcs01.demon.co.uk 		David James		Y
david.shephard@gecm.com			David Shephard		Y
dlester@cs.man.ac.uk 			David Lester		Y
e_gs18@mail.nerc-murchison.ac.uk	Russ Evans		Y
Ed_Fowler@gbccmail.lehman.com		Ed Fowler		Y
enigma@thenet.co.uk			Ian Black		Y
evilandi@cimmerii.demon.co.uk		Andrew Oakley		Y
G6JPG@soft255.demon.co.uk		J.P. Gilliver		Y
gevans@cpd.ntc.nokia.com		Gareth Evans		Y
Glenda.Young@durham.ac.uk		Glenda Young		Y
gtl1@leicester.ac.uk			Gilbert Laycock		Y
Gwyn_Evans@mtits.co.uk 			Gwyn Evans		Y
harding@sable.ox.ac.uk			Peter Harding		Y
hurtwood@interpath.com			Melissa Porter		Y
hywel@mozart.inet.co.th 		Hywel Phillips		Y
Ian@beehive.demon.co.uk 		Ian Nottage		Y
jchambers@cas.org			Alec Chambers		Y
jefdrab@central.co.nz 			Jeff Drabble		Y
jim@sharella.u-net.com			Jim Best		Y
jlynch@ldta.demon.co.uk			John Lynch		Y
Jo@kenjo.demon.co.uk			Jo Walton		Y
jono@music.dungeon.com 			Dom Latter		Y
jwe@clint.demon.co.uk			John Eastwood		Y
kcrolph@kgames.demon.co.uk		Kevin Rolph		Y
Kevin@wimber.demon.co.uk		Kevin Hasler		Y
M.S.Stewart@durham.ac.uk		Mickey Stewart		Y
malcolmr@westminster.ac.uk		Malcolm Ray		Y
mark.rigby-jones@keble.oxford.ac.uk	Mark Rigby-Jones	Y
mbm@mort.demon.co.uk			Malcolm Mladenovic	Y
mbran@csv.warwick.ac.uk			Keith Church		Y
mike@casswell.u-net.com			Mike Casswell		Y
nigel@ashton.demon.co.uk		Nigel Ashton		Y
pete@minster.york.ac.uk			Pete Fenelon		Y
richard@stonix.demon.co.uk		Richard Lamont		Y
roger@aaee.demon.co.uk			Roger Eustis		Y
rpjs@stilling.ftech.co.uk 		Roy Stilling		Y
simon@mahayana.demon.co.uk 		Simon Gray		Y
sp@albion.engr.sgi.com			Simon Patience		Y
sue@best.com				Sue Spence		Y
tfl@psp.co.uk				Thomas Lee		Y
T.M.Joyce@durham.ac.uk			Tom Joyce		Y
Tim.Shuttleworth@dcs.warwick.ac.uk	Tim Shuttleworth	Y
tmarsh1@gl.umbc.edu			Tim Marshallsay		Y
tone@antb.demon.co.uk			A K Bournes		Y
tony.davison@mercury.co.uk		Tony Davison		Y
Trevor.Kirby@newcastle.ac.uk 		Trevor Kirby		Y
twarburt@LandP.com			Tim Warburton		Y
zlsiida@fs1.mcc.ac.uk			Dave Budd		Y

A.Greig@tay.ac.uk			Alan Greig		N
adsayer@freenet.hut.fi 			Adam Sayer		N
af@contract.co.uk 			Alan Fleming		N
ajs6@leicester.ac.uk			Andrew Stoker		N
bohan@prl.research.philips.com		Lee Bohan		N
daveh@vax.ox.ac.uk			David Hastings		N
doriordan@rcseng.ac.uk			dermot O'Riordan	N
ghughes@cix.compulink.co.uk 		G Hughes		N
grovesa@starbase1.caltech.edu		Andy Groves		N
hs0tbu@hsmail.sund.ac.uk		Tom Buchanan		N
Kevin@krlee.demon.co.uk			Kevin Lee		N
LWalton@csss.com			Lee Walton		N
leveret@warren.demon.co.uk		Nick Leverton		N
mike@mikecat.demon.co.uk		Mike Cattell		N
nick@lepton.demon.co.uk			Nick Plant		N
PeterG@bhmsatro.powernet.co.uk 		Peter Gallant		N
R.L.Hesketh@ukc.ac.uk			R Hesketh		N
rick@stones.demon.co.uk			Rick Stones		N
richard@corixia.demon.co.uk		Richard Ashton		N
simonp@morgan.com			Peter Simon		N
steve@kalika.demon.co.uk		Stephen Kennedy		N
telecom@dircon.co.uk 			Steve Ellwood		N
Tim@mikebray.demon.co.uk 		Tim Bray		N
u4d14@cc.keele.ac.uk			Julian White		N
vernon@dircon.co.uk 			Vernon Quaintance	N

idaniel@jesus.ox.ac.uk 			Illtud Daniel		Abs

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ulrichm@shiva.europe.com		????		No Name & bounced !!

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