27 Jun 1996: uk.media.tv.sf.drwho

Result: uk.media.tv.sf.drwho PASSES 100:22
Author:   Steven Inglis (Volunteer Votetaker, UK-VOTING) 
Email: voting@bcde.demon.co.uk 
Date: 1996/06/27 
Forums: uk.net.news.config, uk.net.news.announce, uk.media.tv.misc, uk.media.tv.sf.misc, demon.local, rec.arts.drwho  
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               Creating new group uk.media.tv.sf.drwho

              Voting Closed 23:59:59 GMT, 23 June 1996.  

This vote was conducted by a neutral third party member of UK-VOTING. 
UK-VOTING is a group of independent votetakers who count votes on
CFV's in the uk hierarchy. The rules under which this vote was taken
are posted regularly to uk.net.news.announce or can be found at the
following URL:

For voting questions only contact ukvoting@bcde.demon.co.uk 
(Steven Inglis).
For questions about the new newsgroup contact the proposer who is
Ian R. Neal <i.r.neal@bham.ac.uk>

SUMMARY: Creation of uk.media.tv.sf.drwho PASSES 100:22

For Group Passage, the sum of votes for a proposal must be 12 greater
than the number of votes against group creation.

There is a five day discussion period after these results are posted.
If no serious allegations of voting irregularities are raised, the
group will  be created shortly thereafter. Allegations of irregularity
should be sent to control@usenet.org.uk.

Distribution:    uk.net.news.announce
and separately to:
                 rec.arts.drwho.info (moderated)                 

         Doctor Who discussion from a UK perspective
   The already existing group, uk.media.tv.sf.misc has been
   receiving an increasing number of posts relating to Doctor
   Who. The already existing Dr Who group, rec.arts.drwho,
   cannot always provide the scope for discussion about small 
   UK events/clubs/fanzines and other similar UK specific items.
   The new group is intended to transfer most of the Doctor 
   Who postings from uk.media.tv.sf.misc.
   This would fit in with the existing groups covering 
   other programmes because they are spoiler free and can
   discuss UK issues.
   This group will be soley for the discussion of UK events, 
   clubs/fanzines, video releases, TV (BBC / UK Gold / etc) 
   and Radio broadcasts, the MA/NA range of books, Doctor Who
   through the years, as shown on the BBC, and the BBC itself 
   (with regards to it's dealings with Doctor Who).
   Discussion of Doctor Who material (episodes/films/books)
   not yet released in the UK is strictly forbidden. Speculation
   on old characters reappearing (for example CandyMan meeting 
   the Daleks or similar) is allowed though.
  	Not permitted, but references to FTPable material and 
 	Web URLs are welcomed.
   Advertisers must be UK based, not post more than once every
   two weeks (short postings announcing changes are permitted, 
   however). Advertisements (except those by non-profit making
   organisations) should be no more than 20 lines in length and
   be of direct relevance to the group (i.e. to do with Doctor 
   Who). Commercial advertisers should clearly and explicitly 
   state their commercial nature in the text of their 


The following list of addresses is copyright 1996 Steven Inglis. Use
for any purpose other than verifying the vote for this newsgroup is

uk.media.tv.sf.drwho creation Final Vote Ack

Voted Yes
101546.1573@CompuServe.COM                              Lesley Simpson
93djh2@eng.cam.ac.uk                                      Dave Holland
A.Greig@tay.ac.uk                                           Alan Greig
adam@park78.ftech.co.uk                                     Adam Lloyd
af@contract.co.uk                                         Alan Fleming
ajs6@leicester.ac.uk                                     Andrew Stoker
andy@apchase.demon.co.uk                                  Andrew Chase
at4@doc.ic.ac.uk                                       Andrew Thompson
bancroft@shoebox.win-uk.net                            Bancroft Gracey
bjp1@doc.ic.ac.uk                                          Barry Platt
bt18@cityscape.co.uk                                      Allan Toombs
burginp@logica.com                                         Paul Burgin
cdlc@hencomp.win-uk.net                                Colin Cockerill
cheer@us.oracle.com                                Christopher D. Heer
chris.longbone@dial.pipex.com                           Chris Longbone
Claire.Speed@mailhost.mcc.ac.uk                           Claire Speed
cmtajb@palantir.soc.staffs.ac.uk                            Tony Blews
csc5sjn@leeds.ac.uk                                     Stuart Nuttall
cwatson@enterprise.net                                    Chris Watson
dis@cix.compulink.co.uk                                  Douglas Smith
dsrubin@csd.uwm.edu                                     David S. Rubin
dyn88olds@iapc.net                                        Howard Rubin
eaking@ulape.demon.co.uk                                   Edward King
evilandi@cimmerii.demon.co.uk                            Andrew Oakley
fieldhou@oslo.geco-prakla.slb.com               CHRISTOPHER FILEDHOUSE
G6JPG@soft255.demon.co.uk                               J. P. Gilliver
Hayden.Hussey@bbc.co.uk                                  Hayden Hussey
hiran@doc-h.demon.co.uk                                   Hiran Perera
howard.richardson@stud.uni-bamberg.de                Howard Richardson
ian@binny.demon.co.uk                              Ian Timothy Vincent
idaniel@jesus.ox.ac.uk                                   Illtud Daniel
ijwright@nlda.win-uk.net                                  Ian J Wright
Iori@tanybryn.demon.co.uk                                 Iori Wallace
ja56@dial.pipex.com                                          Kevin Lee
jacko@techno.demon.co.uk                                  Neil Jackson
Jamas.Enright@vuw.ac.nz                                  Jamas Enright
james@jbarber.com                                         james barber
jhaines@argonet.co.uk                                      John Haines
joe@seanet.demon.co.uk                                       Joe Orban
john@jhall.demon.co.uk                                       John Hall
John@molyneux.demon.co.uk                                John Molyneux
jonathan@jaburt.demon.co.uk                              Jonathan Burt
K.D.Nicholson@durham.ac.uk                           Kenneth Nicholson
kevin@primag.co.uk                                         Kevin Rolph
kgd@coventry.ac.uk                                           Kate Dunn

kws@teleport.com                                           Karel Sebek
Linda.Williams@ed.ac.uk                                 Linda Williams
louised@aisb.ed.ac.uk                                    Louise Dennis
lsx035@coventry.ac.uk                                      Bob GINGELL
lyn@stuffing.demon.co.uk                              Lyn David Thomas
m93jce@ecs.oxford.ac.uk                                   John Elliott
Marcus@zenn.demon.co.uk                                  Marcus Durham
mark.bartlam@green.oxford.ac.uk                           Mark Bartlam
mark@kaisun.demon.co.uk                                      Mark Shaw
mark@sonance.demon.co.uk                                  Mark Stevens
marsland@liverpool.ac.uk                                 John Marsland
marty@dial.pipex.com                                        Martin Day
matthew.kilburn@st-johns.oxford.ac.uk                  Matthew Kilburn
mbm@mort.demon.co.uk                                Malcolm Mladenovic
mdavis@argonet.co.uk                                     Michael Davis
mike@mikecat.demon.co.uk                                  Mike Cattell
mikekirk@argyle.u-net.com                                 Michael Kirk
nadir@gruinard.demon.co.uk                                 Tim Edwards
nay@leicester.ac.uk                                         J P Naylor
neroden@carleton.edu                               Nathanael C. Nerode
nick@canterbury.ac.uk                                     Nick O'Brien
nick@tcp.co.uk                                             Nick Austin
nicolas.hookey@regents-park.oxford.ac.uk                    Nik Hookey
nigel@ashton.demon.co.uk                                  Nigel Ashton
nigel@c3po.demon.co.uk                                   Nigel Barrett
oee@yksc.york.ac.uk                                           Paul Lee
paj@steviep.demon.co.uk                                    Steve Paget
paul@hectortd.demon.co.uk                                  Paul Copsey
pb10003@cam.ac.uk                                       Paul Bolchover
Phil@leam.demon.co.uk                                       Phil Young
phupp@wormhole.demon.co.uk                           Stuart Millington
piera@panix.com                                          Piera Coppola
PmG@flighthb.demon.co.uk                                 Paul Ginsberg
R.P.Blake@open.ac.uk                                         Rob Blake
rgh93ph@soton.ac.uk                                   Russell Heilling
Richard@challrj.demon.co.uk                            Richard Challis
richard@grange.demon.co.uk                          Richard Sutherland
richdan@pncl.co.uk                                    Richard Daniells
roger@mallin.demon.co.uk                               Roger Mallinson
Roy@tilmun.demon.co.uk                                     R D Fellows
Simon@booth1.demon.co.uk                                   Simon Booth
simon@star-one.org.uk                                       Simon Gray
sirius@dircon.co.uk                                        Will Sawyer
Skinloch@sol.co.uk                                   Steven J. Kinloch
spirit@wildwood.demon.co.uk                               Mike Horrell
ssu94102@reading.ac.uk                                  Gerard Davison
steve@stevey.demon.co.uk                                 Steve Yerbury
telecom@dircon.co.uk                                     Steve Ellwood
tfl@psp.co.uk                                               Thomas Lee
Tonyandpip@aol.com                                        Tony Attwood
u4b04@cc.keele.ac.uk                                       DJ Trytsman
u4d41@cc.keele.ac.uk                              Mark Overton (Grail)
u4k64@cc.keele.ac.uk                                    Rhiannon Green
wardley@dplinux.sund.ac.uk                            Stephen Clifford
who@cix.compulink.co.uk                                William Howells

Voted No
anghelides@vnet.IBM.COM                               Peter Anghelides
borad@yoyo.cc.monash.edu.au                         David J Richardson
D.Hayles@uea.ac.uk                                            D.Hayles
davidhh@ix.netcom.com                                  David Hamburger
davo@melb.alexia.net.au                                  David Wheaton
doctor@doctor.nl2k.edmonton.ab.ca                Dave Shariff Yadallee
drjohns@freenet.columbus.oh.us                            Dean Johnson
etlkhhd@etlxdmx.ericsson.se                                 Keith Hood
ghoti42@ix.netcom.com                                      Brian Ghoti
grovesa@starbase1.caltech.edu                         Andrew K. Groves
jkwe@chevron.com                                            Jim Weider
michaell@execpc.com                                        Michael Lee
Niall@crotty.demon.co.uk                                  Niall Crotty
nick@smale.demon.co.uk                               Nicholas R. Smale
percy@percyw.win-uk.net                                     Peter Ware
pih@doc.ic.ac.uk                                       Paul Ian Harman
g9526329@mcmail.CIS.McMaster.CA                           Robert Smith
shannon@morgan.ucs.mun.ca                     Shannon Patrick Sullivan
swfb@bokop.win-uk.net                                 S.W.F. Borthwick
terminus@odyssey.apana.org.au                           Jeremy Malcolm
topsham@ibm.net                                           John Topsham
u4d14@cc.keele.ac.uk                                      Julian White

Invalid Votes
M.WOOLDRIDGE@dundee.ac.uk                                 M Wooldridge
 ! Invalid e-mail Address / Ack Bounced
g8910131@mcmail.CIS.McMaster.CA                  Stephen Wayne Johnson
ae771@freenet.hamilton.on.ca                           Stephen Johnson
 ! Voted twice from different Accounts

Steven Inglis.  Volunteer Votetaker, UK-VOTING.  Voting@bcde.demon.co.uk

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