31 Mar 1997: uk.people.bdsm

RESULT: uk.people.bdsm PASSES 52:19:2
Author:   Iain Bowen 
Email: voting@harlech.demon.co.uk 
Date: 1997/03/31 
Forums: uk.net.news.config, uk.net.news.announce  
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            Creation of new newsgroup uk.people.bdsm PASSES 52:19:2

Voting closed 23:59:59 GMT, 16th March 1997

This vote is being conducted by a neutral third party member of UK-VOTING. 
UK-VOTING is a group of independent votetakers who count votes on CFV's in
the uk hierarchy. The rules under which this vote is taken are posted 
regularly to uk.net.news.announce or can be found at the following URL:
ftp://src.doc.ic.ac.uk/usenet/news-info/news.answers/uk/voting. Further 
information on UK-VOTING can be found at http://www.harlech.demon.co.uk

For voting questions only contact voting@harlech.demon.co.uk (Iain Bowen).

For questions about the new group contact the proposer at the address 
given below:
		Amethyst <amethyst@jadzia.demon.co.uk>

These results have been posted to the following newsgroups:
        uk.net.news.announce, uk.net.news.config, alt.sex.bondage,

Newsgroups line:
uk.people.bdsm	Discussion of bondage, discipline, s/m and D/s

     This group is for the discussion of bondage, discipline, 
     Domination, submission and sado-masochism in Britain by those 
     involved in the scene and those with an interest in the scene. 

     I hope that this group will not have the need to enforce strict 
     on-topic discussion but will be a friendly place where those
     interested or involved in the bdsm scene can get to know one
     another. However the initial posting in a thread should be on-
     topic, however much it may wander later. Queries about bdsm
     practice, tips on safety, discussion of methods and materials,
     arrangement of related UK meetings and events etc are all on

     alt.sex.bondage has a policy of allowing explicit fiction, however 
     I feel it may be best to put this off-topic. Though announcements
     when a story has been posted to alt.sex.stories or alt.sex.stories.
     bondage by a member of the group are allowed.

     Short (less than 20 line) announcements of _UK events_ relevant to 
     readers are permitted; blatant off-topic or commercial advertising 
     (even those related to the group topic and in particular for phone 
     sex, explicit web sites or bulletin boards) are not. If you run a
     related business you may advertise it in your sig, providing it
     does not exceed 6 lines total, if you have something relevant to
     post to the group.

     Binaries are not permitted on this group, they should be posted to
     alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.bondage. Posts advertising web sites 
     or bulletin boards containing explicit pictures are not welcome,
     again you may advertise in your sig if you have something relevant
     to post.

     Personals are off-topic. The correct place for personals is 

Voting Summary

First Count (quota = 38)
uk.people.bdsm		52		ELECTED
uk.people.adult.bdsm	19
No Newsgroup  		 2

Valid Votes

93djh2(at)eng.cam.ac.uk			Dave Holland		1  2  3
af(at)contract.co.uk			Alan Fleming		1  3  2
alan.ralph(at)ukonline.co.uk		Alan Ralph		2  1  3
amethyst(at)jadizia.demon.co.uk		Amethyst		1  2  3
amster(at)amster.demon.co.uk		Bob Adams		1  2
andy(at)vision25.demon.co.uk            Andy Hunt		2  1  
andrew(at)peek-a-boo.demon.co.uk	Andrew Stoker		1
alfar(at)alfar.demon.co.uk		Peter Lawton		1  2
BD1(at)mm-croy.mottmac.com		Brian Duguid		1  3  2
c96(at)iz.urz.uni-heidelberg.de		Alexander Eichener	1  2  3
chl(at)clw.cs.man.ac.uk			Charles Lindsay		3  1  2
cju(at)bison.ph.bham.ac.uk		Chris Underhill		1  2  3
Claire.Speed(at)mailhost.mcc.ac.uk	Claire Speed		1  2
dave(at)darob.demon.co.uk		Dave Roberts		1  2  3
david(at)election.demon.co.uk		David Boothroyd		1  2  3
daviesjc(at)aston.ac.uk			John Davies		2  1
dhastur(at)mail.geocities.com		Matthew Malthouse	1  2
doriordan(at)rsceng.ac.uk		Dermot O'Riordan	3  1  2
douglas(at)cityscape.co.uk		Douglas Reay		1  3  2
ds(at)lionins.co.uk			David Smith		1  2  3
eja(at)compulink.co.uk			Eric Thompson		2  1  3
David(at)sidney.demon.co.uk		David Gerch		2  1
freefall(at)ihug.co.nz                  Mouse			1  2  3
grete(at)tagman.demon.co.uk		Grete Potts		1  2  3
Grant.Denkinson(at)nottingham.ac.uk	Grant Denkinson		1  2
hansenho(at)dircon.co.uk		Christian P. Hansen	1  2  3
hilbert(at)hilbert.demon.co.uk		Anthony Hilbert		1  3  2
iain(at)srama.demon.co.uk		Iain Fielden		1  2
ice13(at)tomorrow.co.uk			Joseph Carroll		2  1
ijackson(at)chiark.greenend.org.uk	Ian Jackson		1  2  3
Ian(at)darkblak.demon.co.uk		Ian Day			1  2
john(at)acs1.demon.co.uk		John Davies		2  1  
johnnyp(at)emjon.demon.co.uk		John Proudler		1  2  3
jon(at)serf.org				Jon Harley		1  2
jrk(at)sys.uea.ac.uk			Richard Kennaway	1  2
jsw(at)isise.rl.ac.uk			John Wright		1  2  3
juu(at)mindspring.com			Jay Doubleyou		1  2
John.Kessel(at)gca.idn.nl		John Kessel		1  2
kempken(at)pixelpark.com		Markus Kempken		1  2
kero(at)amphibian.u-net.com		Claire Parry		1  2  3
lyn(at)stuffing.demon.co.uk		Lyn David Thomas	1  2
malc(at)thing.demon.co.uk		Malc Arnold		1  2
malcolm(at)pigsty.demon.co.uk		Malcolm McMahon		1  2
mark(at)good-stuff.co.uk		Mark Goodge		3  1  2
marcus(at)elmail.co.uk			Marcus Daley		1  2  3
mharvey(at)argonet.co.uk		Mike Harvey		1  2  3
mkurrein(at)mkurrein.co.uk		Martin Kurrein		1
mooner(at)globalnet.co.uk		John Knowles		1  2  3
msf(at)amtp.liv.ac.uk			Martyn Foster		1  2
m-ferr(at)townsquare.net		Michael Ferranti	1  2
naturenet(at)chat.dungeon.com		M P Chatfield		3  1  2
nbarn(at)earthlink.net			N Barnes		2  1  3
OLDKEM(at)aol.com			Dr H. Oldenburg		1
paul(at)phszx81.demon.co.uk		Paul Harrison		1  2
pb1003(at)cus.cam.ac.uk			Paul Bolchover		2  1  3
phil(at)vision25.demon.co.uk		Phil Hunt		1  2
pjh1(at)leicester.ac.uk			Pete Humble		   1  2
richard(at)clupeid.demon.co.uk          Richard Herring         1  2  3
richard(at)illuin.demon.co.uk		Richard Letts   	1
sandman(at)dircon.co.uk			Dick Williams		2  1  3
sean(at)ocsltd.com			Sean Corfield		1  2
silver(at)mordor.u-net.com		The Nazgul		1  2
simon(at)star-one.org.uk		Simon Org		1  2
spambin(at)precipice.demon.co.uk	Joe Rowan		1  2  
steve(at)packer.demon.co.uk		Hopeless		2  1  3
steve.glover(at)ukonline.co.uk		Steve Glover		1  2  3
S.J.Macmullen(at)newcastle.co.uk	Simon MacMullen		2  1
SpyralFox(at)aol.com			SpyralFox		2  1
tony(at)tagman.demon.co.uk		Tony Evans		1  2  3
topbit(at)thepentagon.com		Topbit			1  2  3
Touchstone(at)phadra.demon.co.uk	Touchstone		1  2
Tufty(at)pobox.co.uk			Chris Jording		      1
u4d14(at)cc.keele.ac.uk			Julian White	      	      1

Invalid Votes

andres(at)demon.co.uk			Ack bounced, no such address
andy(at)lavalamp.demon.co.uk		No real name or handle given
boris(at)room3b.demon.co.uk		no filled in ballot
bosun(at)demandky.demon.co.uk           Unsatisfactory handle
idaniel(at)jesus.ox.ac.uk		invalid voting method used
john(at)dalling1.demon.co.uk		No real name or handle given
					invalid voting method used
mistress(at)drbrown.demon.co.uk		Two names specified for vote
richard(at)tga.u-net.dot.com		Spamblock
RichNghty(at)aol.com			No real name or handle given
Swivette(at)aol.com			No real name or handle given
tfl(at)psp.co.uk			invalid voting method used

Votetakers rant

73 valid ballots received, some people had problems with the AV style of 
voting but this was well down on normal. All people using handles as opposed 
to "real names", were checked for usage - those not found to have been used 
before were rejected. I am not entirely happy about two other votes, but I 
can find no evidence that they are from the same person, so they have been 
retained. Only one person sent back the full CFV for which my mailbox is very 
grateful. I have also checked a random sample of people who have real names.

  There was two "duplicate" problems, in one case, a ballot was signed with
two names - this was rejected - it states, one person, one vote. In another
case, two people voted using the same account, this caused me some heartache,
but in the end I adopted the UVV solution which was that the last received
ballot only counts.

   There were some people who tried to be "helpful" with this vote, by 
publicing it further than the original distribution, luckily they contacted 
me first and any conflicts were resolved. Remember, web pages are a no-no as
are reposted CFV's. The reasons for this may seem trival, but as someone who
has read news.groups irregularly for the last five years, they are needed.

   I'm sorry to have taken so long to process this ballot, new job, new
boyfriend and accidental use of rm * have all contributed.....
Iain D. Bowen  - Volunteer Votetaker, UK-VOTING. voting(at)harlech.demon.co.uk
      please use alaric(at)harlech.demon.co.uk for personal mail.
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