11 Sep 1997: uk.rec.ufo

RESULT: uk.rec.ufo PASSES 41:3
Author:   Iain Bowen 
Email: voting@harlech.demon.co.uk 
Date: 1997/09/11 
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                 create unmoderated group uk.rec.ufo

Voting closed 23:59:59 GMT, Saturday 7th September 1997

This vote was conducted by a neutral third party member of UK-VOTING. 
UK-VOTING is a group of independent votetakers who count votes on CFV's in
the uk hierarchy. The rules under which this vote is taken are posted 
regularly to uk.net.news.announce or can be found at the following URL:
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information on UK-VOTING can be found at http://www.harlech.demon.co.uk

For voting questions only contact voting@harlech.demon.co.uk (Iain Bowen).

For questions about the new group contact: Chris@turmoil.demon.co.uk (Christopher Stock)


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Summary: uk.rec.ufo	UFO phenomena, reports and related topics in the UK.

CHARTER for uk.rec.ufo

 	uk.rec.ufo will be an unmoderated newsgroup for the general
 	discussion of all aspects of Ufology and related topics by UK
 	based netizens.
 	Related Topics are likely to include;  
 	SETI, Conspiracies and Cover-ups, Alien Life-forms, Abductions,  
 	Space-Travel (Human or otherwise), Space Exploration (NASA, ESA) 
 	Space Technology.
 	This group will not be moderated.
 	Short, on-topic commercial advertisements of products, services,
 	clubs and forthcoming events relevant to Ufology are welcomed 
        but large advertising lists and off-topic adverts are not permitted.
 	Advertisements for UFO related WWW sites and subscribers homepages
 	are acceptable but should be kept to a maximum of 3 lines or
 	preferably should be contained within subscibers `signatures'.
 	The posting of binary files to this group is not permitted under
 	any cicumstances.
 	Short messages notifying of binary posts to more appropriate groups
 	will be permitted but should be kept to 3 lines or less.

Summary Result: The group passes 41:3.


The following list of votes is copyright 1997 by the Revolutionary Penguin
Press(1985). Use for any purpose other than verifying the vote for this
newsgroup is expressly prohibited.


YES votes
adam.jones(at)virgin.net		Adam Jones
alastair.hendry(at)dial.pipex.com	Alastair Hendry
alex(at)fairfield.demon.co.uk		Alex Ray
alex.foster(at)zetnet.co.uk		Alexander Foster
alpha(at)isbn0-7100-7423-9.demon.co.uk	Colin Russ
amethyst(at)jadzia.demon.co.uk		Amethyst
ari(at)sarkar.demon.co.uk		Ari Sarkar
chris(at)vineries.demon.co.uk		Chris Watts
Charlie.Turner(at)btinternet.com	Charles Turner
Chris(at)turmoil.demon.co.uk		Chris Stock
doug.thompson(at)virgin.net		Doug Thompson
gary.myers(at)natpower.com		Gary Myers
gmacrae(at)dundeecity.gov.uk		Gary Macrae
ian(at)macmillan.prestel.co.uk		Ian McMillan
Ian.Porter(at)zx81.demon.co.uk		Ian Porter
john(at)johnpb.demon.co.uk		John Bennett
ken(at)psynet.net			Ken Hughes
marrand(at)kanyemba.demon.co.uk		Malcolm Arrand
mayalld(at)postoffice.co.uk		Dave Mayall
mcave(at)globalnet.co.uk		Martin Cave
mclane(at)dellos.demon.co.uk		Paul Irving
mcr(at)wildcard.demon.co.uk		Martin Rodgers
michael(at)unicorn-connection.co.uk	Michael Parry
mickjones(at)cix.compulink.co.uk	Michael Jones
mike(at)tara.demon.co.uk		Mike Welch
npch(at)tardis.ed.ac.uk			Neil Chue Hong
online(at)acromar.demon.co.uk		Bob Smythe
peter1(at)webmaker.demon.co.uk		Peter Morgan
phupp(at)wormhole.demon.co.uk		Stuart Millington
Pete(at)madhippy.demon.co.uk		Pete Robinson
rogerv(at)btinternet.com		Roger Venison
rjps(at)kalevala.demon.co.uk		Roy Stilling
Richard(at)challrj.demon.co.uk		Richard John Challis
simon(at)espi.co.uk			Simon Chambers
twinsuns(at)twinsuns.demon.co.uk	Keith Trigwell
waiyan(at)chem.gla.ac.uk		Wai-Yan Wan
wcjd(at)mindspring.com			Paul Anthony
widdami(at)netcomuk.co.uk		Daniel Widdows
win(at)writer.win-uk.net		David Windle	
wperring(at)surflink.co.uk		W Perring
zipster(at)cix.compulink.co.uk		Mark Zimmerman

NO votes
af(at)contract.co.uk			Alan Fleming
ajbeane(at)zetnet.co.uk			Adrian Beane
alan(at)the-one.demon.co.uk		Alan Scobbie

Abstaining in public
chasm(at)ccl4.org			James Lawson
pb10003(at)cus.cam.ac.uk		Paul Bolchover
simon(at)star-one.org.uk		Simon Gray

Votes in Error
4704(at)rsm6.racotel.net		Spamblock
Geoff.Bramley(at)wanadoo.fr		Unreadable Ballot (octet-stream)
jon(at)wibble.powernet.co.uk		No real name/handle given
postmaster(at)ellmar.demon.co.uk	Multi-user address
AlienResearch(at)Earthcorp.com		Bad Headers[1]
gwanegau(at)not.netcomuk.co.uk		Spamblock

[1] I'm not happy about this one, essentially it purports to come from three
different places in the headers. I suspect that it is a valid vote, but the
headers have been hacked too much to allow it and leave no valid address.


Well, I did think I had seen everything, however, ballots arriving as 
octet-streams was a new one on me. Both were sent back with a short note that 
harlech is a Unix system and that could they possibly return them as plain 
text. application/ms-word indeed.[0] I will be changing my rubric so that all 
ballots must be sent back in plain text.

There was quite a high level of spamblocks again although several of them 
didn't work. I understand the reasons why people do this (voting gets between 
8-12 pieces of spam a day at the moment), but surely it can't be too 
difficult to remember to remove it when sending an email to someone.

[0] Yes, I know I could have probably extracted the ballot with strings, but
this again falls in to the category of "too much like hard work".
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