26 Sep 1997: uk.misc.questions

REVISED RESULT: create of uk.misc.questions
Author:   Iain Bowen 
Email: voting@harlech.demon.co.uk 
Date: 1997/09/26 
Forums: uk.net.news.config, uk.net.news.announce, uk.education.misc, uk.misc, uk.politics.misc  
Message-ID:   <result-uk.misc.questions-970926-180322@usenet.org.uk> 


                                ADJUSTED RESULT

                       Creation of uk.misc.questions

Voting closed 23:59:59, Thursday  28th August 1997

This vote was conducted by a neutral third party member of UK-VOTING. 
UK-VOTING is a group of independent votetakers who count votes on CFV's in
the uk hierarchy. The rules under which this vote was taken are posted 
regularly to uk.net.news.announce or can be found at the following URL:
ftp://src.doc.ic.ac.uk/usenet/news-info/news.answers/uk/voting. Further 
information on UK-VOTING can be found at http://www.harlech.demon.co.uk

For voting questions only contact voting@harlech.demon.co.uk (Iain Bowen).

For questions about the new groups contact the proposer 
at the address given below:

For questions about the proposed new group contact: simon@star-one.org.uk (Simon Gray)

WHY THE RESULT HAS CHANGED (or why your votetaker is a dork):

Mail for voting is processed by a number of scripts, these mainly deal with
the easy votes and leave the rest in the voting mailbox to be dealt with
manually. In order to deal with them manually, I log in as voting. In this
case, I decided to do some replies whilst telnetting in from "my" work 
portable using an Xclient. The aforesaid Xclient is not usually used for
voting and I've never really bothered to set up the startup scripts for it, 
as a result, my .profile did not run on login were not run and a number of 
environment variables did not change. As a result, the votes were saved to
$HOME rather than to the usual processing directory.

As I was in a bit of a rush to get this one out before going away on a business
thang, I took the file of accepted votes into work on a floppy and processsed 
in my copious free time at work. This obviously didn't include the votes that
had gone to $HOME.

As a result of this, a number of people who had voted contacted me in order
to tell me that they had received acknowledgements for the ballot and their
vote was not counted. I would like to thank them for this and apologise for
the delay in replying to them caused by my absence from the United Kingdom. I
knew I should have tried for a telnet from that web terminal in the leather
bar :-).

Six votes were affected by this - not all of these have been changed as 
one person also voted from the Second CFV (which would replace this earlier 
ballot) and another vote was identical to a previous vote from that account.


This CFV has been posted to the following newsgroups:

     uk.net.news.announce, uk.net.news.config, uk.education.misc,
     uk.misc, uk.politics.misc

uk.misc.query+answers   A group for receiving answers to questions !

CHARTER: uk.misc.questions

        The purpose of this newsgroup is to provide general information,
        providing a place/service where people can get help with studies
        including 'home-work' and where they can help each other to

        This will be a group where any who can help others will drop
        in and encourage those with 'problems' to think those problems
        through under guidance.

        The group will have no age bars.
        Note, however, that certain questions might be better asked
        in group that already exists specifically for a given topic -
        before posting such a question, please consider carefully if
        this is so in your case.

        The group will be particularly directed at helping with questions,
        to which you are finding it difficult to obtain useful and
        clear answers.

        The maximum help will be given to those who describe the work
        they've already done trying to solve problems and research on
        their own.  Little, if any help will be given to those who do
        not exhibit any signs at all of intending to help themselves!
        If you need help in understanding how to set about finding out,
        that help will also be given where resources are available.

        The group will not be chatter or gossip oriented, unless the
        chatter is illustrative of solutions to 'problems'.

        As with all contacts on the net, you are advised to exert
        considerable caution.

        Excessive crossposting is inappropriate. Crossposting to other
        groups MUST be on-topic for those groups. Crossposting to more
        than a total of 1 or 2 groups will be strongly discouraged.

        A FAQ will be developed; with particular attention to a directory
        of other groups, found helpful in answering questions, in
        defined categories.

        Advertising is forbidden

        Binaries are not permitted, but directions as to where relevant
        binaries may be found are welcomed.

The counts

uk.education.self-help      12
uk.misc.questions           10
uk.misc.query+answer         9
uk.learning.general          6    	   	ELIMINATED
No group                    19

At this point the group passes its non-creation hurdle by having a surplus of
12 votes for all the first preferences over the votes for no group. It can 
however still not be created due to transfers.

SECOND COUNT  	Non-transferable: 0   	(QUOTA=29)
uk.education.self-help      12	+  3  =	15
uk.misc.questions           10	+  1  = 11
uk.misc.query+answer         9	+  1  = 10	ELIMINATED
No group                    19  +  1  = 20

THIRD COUNT   	Non-transferable: 2    	(QUOTA=28)
uk.education.self-help      15	+  1  = 16	ELIMINATED
uk.misc.questions           11	+  7  = 18
No group                    20	+  0  = 20

FOURTH COUNT 	Non-transferable: 5    	(QUOTA=25)
uk.misc.questions	    18  + 8   = 26	ELECTED
No Group		    20  + 3   = 23

The name of the group shall be uk.misc.questions.

The Votes

No group ----------------------------------------------------------------
uk.learning.general ------------------------------------------------    |
uk.misc.query+answer ------------------------------------------    |    |
uk.misc.questions ----------------------------------------    |    |    |
uk.education.self-help -----------------------------     |    |    |    |
                                                    |    |    |    |    |
                                                    v    v    v    v    v
{R}(at)nospam.demon.co.uk       Richard Ashton      4    2    3    5    1
abelard(at)abelard.demon.co.uk  "abelard"           2              1
alan(at)nurdglaw.demon.co.uk    Alan Grunwald            2    1
alan(at)the-one.demon.co.uk     Alan Scobbie        1
alex(at)fairfield.demon.co.uk   Alex Ray            1    3    2         4
andi(at)amcarey.demon.co.uk     Andi Carey          4    1    3    2    5
angus(at)gulliver1.demon.co.uk  Angus Gulliver      1    3    4    2
                                Andrew Mobbs        2    1    4    5    3
aw1(at)stade.co.uk              Adrian Wontroba     1    4    3    2    5
bajones(at)larkhill.win-uk.net  Brian Jones                             1
bellaire(at)iquest.net          James Bellaire      3    4    5    1    2
bill(at)xencat.demon.co.uk      William Boughton    1         3    2
BridgesM(at)logica.com          Martin Bridges           2    3         1
ceerab(at)cee.hw.ac.uk          Rod Begbie               1    2    3    
chasm(at)ccl4.org               James Lawson                  2         1
chl(at)clw.cs.man.ac.uk         Charles Lindsey     3    2    1    5    4
cudce(at)csv.warwick.ac.uk      Jon Harley               2    1         3
                                Claire Speed                            1
dave(at)clues.com               Dave Williams            3    2         1
david(at)bloor.demon.co.uk      David Bloor         1    3    2    4    5
david(at)election.demon.co.uk   David Boothroyd     2    1    4    3    5
duncan(at)dewar.softnet.co.uk   Duncan Dewar        4    1    2    3    5
dweller(at)ramtops.demon.co.uk  Doug Weller              2         1
ellen(at)tictac.demon.co.uk     Ellen Mizzell                           1
george(at)zingaro.demon.co.uk   George Flinter      5    2    3    4    1
gp(at)mamba.demon.co.uk         Gavin Lawson                            1
iain(at)hotch.demon.co.uk       Iain Hotchkies      4    2    1    3
idaniel(at)jesus.ox.ac.uk       Illtud Daniel                           1
keith(at)cowtown.demon.co.uk    Keith Willougby          2    1         3
j(at)jbark.demon.co.uk          Jeremy Barker       2    3    4    1
jesus(at)heaven.co.uk           "Jesus"             5    3    4    2    1
jonivar(at)ph.ed.ac.uk          Jon Ivar Skullerud  1              3    2
jrs(at)merlyn.demon.co.uk       John Stockton       5    2    3    4    1
leo(at)venturer.co.uk           "leo"               1              2
marlsch(at)mail.zynet.co.uk     Steve Soames        1
maxb(at)maxmax.demon.co.uk      Max Bone                                1
mayalld(at)postoffice.co.uk     Dave Mayall         3    1    2    5    4
merlin(at)netlink.co.uk         Darren Rees         1    5    4    2    3
                                Michael Parry       4    2    1    3    5
mike(at)emgee.demon.co.uk       Mike Cavanagh                           1
M.A.Brown-4(at)sms.ed.ac.uk     Mark Brown          5    2    3    4    1
nigel(at)ashton.demon.co.uk     Nigel Ashton        1    4         3    2
octobersdad(at)reporters.net    T Bruce Tober       1    3    4    2    5
pb10003(at)cus.cam.ac.uk        Paul Bolchover      3    1    2    4    5
peter(at)wppltd.demon.co.uk     Peter Parry                             1
                                Phil Boswell        5    1    2    4    3
robert.irvine(at)gecm.com       Robert Irvine       2    3    4    1    5
robnews(at)nospam.demon.co.uk   Rob Alexander       4    2    1    3    5
rcollier(at)atthome.demon.co.uk Richard Collier     3    4    1    2    5
richard(at)illuin.demon.co.uk   Richard Letts                           1
rpjs(at)kalevala.demon.co.uk    Roy Stilling        4    1    2    3
sft(at)aegis1,demon.co.uk       Stephen Tonkin                1
simon(at)star-one.org.uk        Simon Gray                    2    1
S.W.Hopper(at)sussex.ac.uk      Simon Hopper        4    2    5    3    1
slewin(at)zetnet.co.uk          Steve Lewin         2    1    3
tfl(at)psp.co.uk                Thomas Lee               2    3         1

Votes Rejected

djones(at)demon.borve.co.uk     Spamblock
Dom(at)i-cubed.co.uk.REMOVE     Spamblock
hilde(at)demon.borve.co.uk      Spamblock
ncf(at)demon.borve.co.uk        Spamblock

Votetakers Comments

A relatively smooth vote to run, although the level of spamblock was a bit
silly, several people managed to revote after realizing that they had 
spamblocked themselves. I am going to have to think about nospam.demon.co.uk
at some point after I have fully grokked the nature of service. I realize that
most spamblocks are easy to resolve, but I either have to resolve them all
or none. The vast majority of people managed to send back a full ballot,
which helped processing no end.

Iain D. Bowen  - Volunteer Votetaker, UK-VOTING. voting(at)harlech.demon.co.uk
      please use alaric(at)harlech.demon.co.uk for personal mail.
  UK-VOTING web pages are at http://www.harlech.demon.co.uk/ukvoting.htm


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