30 Dec 1997: A Motion of No Confidence in the UK Usenet Committee

From: Steven Inglis <Voting@bcde.demon.co.uk>
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 22:18:07 GMT
Subject: Revised: Result: Vote of No Confidence
Newsgroups: uk.net.news.config,uk.net.news.announce,uk.net,uk.politics.misc


     Revised Result: Motion of No Confidence in the UK Usenet Committee  
     Voting closed 23:59:59 GMT, 24th November 1997.  

This vote was conducted by a neutral third party member of UK-VOTING.
UK-VOTING is a group of independent votetakers who count votes on
CFV's in the uk hierarchy. The rules under which this vote was taken
are posted regularly to uk.net.news.announce or can be found at the
following URL:

For voting questions only contact ukvoting@bcde.demon.co.uk
(Steven Inglis).

SUMMARY: Motion of No Confidence FAILS 48:209

There is a five day discussion period after these results are posted.
Allegations of irregularity should be sent to control@usenet.org.uk.

	Distribution:    uk.net.news.announce
 	Neil Fernandez <ncf{at}borve[dot].{demon.[dot]co.uk}>

For several weeks now the UK Usenet Committee has been under flak, and
this Motion of No Confidence is the result of the criticisms which
have been made.

In a nutshell, the Committee stands accused of treating the uk.*
hierarchy (i.e. the part of 'network news' containing newsgroups
beginning with uk.) AS ITS PRIVATE PROPERTY. This is considered to be
thoroughly improper in a body most of whose members are elected by the
community at large. The Committee should be accountable. And by means
of this vote it is being made accountable.

One of the aims, if and when the community expresses its lack of
confidence in the Committee, is to start the ball rolling to make the
next Committee more accountable in future. No longer must members of
the community be discouraged from taking part in important discussions
(e.g. on the creation of new newsgroups) by arrogance and manipulation
on the part of the members of the Committee. It is unfortunate,
though, that at the moment there is quite a lot of scope for Committee
members to act in this way, and they are taking full advantage of that
scope. If things are going to change, voting against them in a vote of
no confidence is seen as unavoidable. This opportunity may well not
arise again for some time.

Specific criticisms made include the following:

- - the case of the self-help education group. What happened here
was that a vote was held and the results were counted. The Committee
received those results. The proposal was adjudged by the vote-taker to
have passed. The group should have been created. But having received
the results, the Committee then made changes to counting procedures
and declared the proposal a failure. 

   It is held that this involved an utter scorn for existing
precedent; a compromising of the position of the independent
vote-taking organisation UK-VOTING; and a contempt for their own

- - the policy of secrecy. According to the current members'
understanding of the system of 'collective responsibility', the
community is not informed of who voted which way in committee votes,
nor even of each member's level of contribution to committee
discussions. This is more akin to a system of 'omerta'. It is
respected by every single Committee member - a policy of silence.

- -  Related to this, the current committee's mode of operation is
frequently appalling. This can involve the posting of articles and the
sending of e-mails which correspondents may be allowed to believe have
been sent with the 'authority of the committee'. E.g. committee
members give the impression 'as individuals' that such-and-such is the
'rule' or the 'accepted procedure', and that therefore the proponent
must make such-and-such an amendment to his proposal (e.g. that as
long as a naming option has received 'sufficient' support on
uk.net.news.config, a proponent MUST include it on the ballot-form,
however offensive it might be to the group's proposed readership. In
actual fact it is up to the proponent to prepare the ballot-form in
co-operation with the vote-taker!) People are basically BULLIED into
thinking the rules state XYZ when they do not. At a later date this
can all be described as 'just a private opinion' - after all, most
proponents don't hang around on uk.net.news.config for very long.

In short, they make 'precedent' up as they go along, and they
frequently TRAMPLE ALL OVER IT. Sometimes they try to do it on the
quiet; at other times they are quite brazen. One Committee member, for
example, has repeatedly asserted that 'there is no precedent'. This is
very illuminatory of the ARBITRARY fashion in which the Committee
operates. Many votes were held under certain vote-counting rules, for
example, but that did not stop the Committee from changing those rules
when it wished to. Similarly, votes have been held which would have
involved the creation of a new 'hierarchy' for which a charter had not
yet been proposed. I.e. people have voted on the creation of a group
called uk.A.B, where no previous group had a name beginning uk.A
This has happened without a toot of objection from the
Committee. But this didn't stop Control, acting on behalf of the
Committee, from turning down a recent Request for Discussion of a
proposal of this type on precisely these grounds. Without an official
posting of such a Request, the group cannot be created. Committee
members have backed this up by saying that they didn't like that
specific option on the draft. What arrogance! What contempt!

It is undoubtedly the case that some members act in a far more
disgraceful way than others towards the community at large. Some seem
to take more pleasure than others in being obstructive, arbitrary,
manipulative, and bullying. But at the same time there really is
collective responsibility because so far NO-ONE has resigned in

It was perhaps inevitable that the Committee would be like this, and
that the atmosphere on uk.net.news.config would be redolent of a
'private club'. Clearly introducing elections for Committee posts was
not enough to change this. Real change can only come from below. But
that is precisely the main part of the 'Rationale' behind the MOTION

Voters are urged to decide for themselves whether they think the
existing modus operandi is wrong, and if they do, how wrong they think
it is. This motion of no confidence is proposed on the basis of the
idea that what we need most of all is for the current elected members

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The following list of addresses is copyright 1996 Steven Inglis. Use
for any purpose other than verifying the vote for this newsgroup is

There were 209 votes of confidence, 48 votes of no confidence and
22 Abstains for a total of 279 valid votes.

Motion of No Confidence Final Vote Ack
No Confidence Vote Final Vote Ack

Voted Yes - For Confidence in the Uk Usenet Committee

No Confidence Vote Final Vote Ack

Voted Yes - For confidence in the Uk Usenet Committee
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af6715[.at}.bristol.ca.ku                               Aidan Alexander Folkes
af[.at}.contract.oc.ku                                            Alan Fleming
afrost[.at}.acorn.cmo                                            Anthony Frost
afy9faj[.at}.unix.ccc.nottingham.ca.ku                              A J FOSTER
alan[.at}.chorazin.ogr.ku                                          Alan Glover
amabbett[.at}.bham-assist.demon.oc.ku                        Birmingham ASSIST
amethyst[.at}.jadzia.demon.oc.ku                                      Amethyst
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andy[.at}.oznet.demon.oc.ku                                       Andy Osborne
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Annabel[.at}.amsmyth.demon.oc.ku                                 Annabel Smyth
anne.mchenry[.at}.zetnet.oc.ku                                    Anne McHenry 
Anne[.at}.ramkaran.demon.oc.ku                                   Anne Ramkaran
arwel[.at}.cartref.demon.oc.ku                                     Arwel Parry
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wibble[.at}.fishblanket.demon.oc.ku                                Tony Towers
ZLSIIDA[.at}.fs1.mcc.ca.ku                                           Dave Budd

Voted No - For No Confidence in the Uk Usenet Committee
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adm[.at}.minuet.demon.oc.ku                                  Valerie Langfield
alan[.at}.the-one.demon.oc.ku                                             Alan
andrew[.at}.hougie.oc.ku                                         Andrew Hougie
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dmjones[.at}.chomsky.arts.adelaide.edu.au                         Darren Jones
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foz[.at}.xs4all.nl                                                Suzan Foster
fsgpr[.at}.aurora.alaska.edu                                      Gregory Roby
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miballar[.at}.leland.Stanford.EDU                           Michael T. Ballard
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ncf[.at}.borve.demon.oc.ku                                      Neil Fernandez
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leo[.at}.venturer.demon.oc.ku                                              Leo
maxb[.at}.maxmax.demon.oc.ku                                          Max Bone
norman[.at}.arcady.u-net.cmo                                            norman
paul[.at}.pcserv.demon.oc.ku                                    Paul Carpenter
richard[.at}.illuin.demon.oc.ku                                  Richard Letts
rod[.at}.ellery.demon.oc.ku                                         Rod Ellery
simon[.at}.nuts.demon.oc.ku                                      Simon Bonnick
simon[.at}.star-one.ogr.ku                                          Simon Gray
tfl[.at}.psp.oc.ku                                                  Thomas Lee
thise[.at}.online.no                                              Vegard Thise
tone[.at}.antb.demon.oc.ku                                           A Bournes
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austen.jackson{.[at.]}rebus.oc.uk       !       Voted twice from different
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