02 Mar 1998: uk.rec.psychic & uk.sci.parapsychology

From: SJFBeckwith <sjfb@steves.org.uk>
Date: 2 Mar 1998 22:46:27 -0000
Subject: RESULT: uk.rec.psychic PASSES 23:7, uk.sci.parapsychology FAILS 23:14
Newsgroups: uk.net.news.config,uk.net.news.announce



Creation of uk.rec.psychic PASSES 23:7
Creation of uk.sci.parapsychology FAILS 23:14


Voting closed at 23:59:59 GMT, 28st February 1998.

Proponent: djones;borve.demon.co.uk (David Jones)
Votetaker: sjfb@steves.org.uk (SJFBeckwith)


uk.net.news.announce, uk.net.news.config, alt.paranet.paranormal,
alt.paranet.psi, alt.paranet.skeptic, alt.paranormal, uk.religion.misc,
alt.paranet.esp-help, alt.paranet.metaphysics,  alt.paranet.science,


The Results:

1. Create uk.sci.parapsychology?

        Yes = 23
         No = 14
    Abstain = 4

As No >= Yes + 12 (14 + 12 = 26, which is greater then 23) creation of
uk.sci.parapsychology FAILS.

Total number of valid votes = 41

2. Create uk.rec.psychic?

        Yes = 23
         No = 7
    Abstain = 11

As Yes > No + 12 (7 + 12 = 19, which is less than 23) creation of
uk.rec.psychic PASSES.

Total number of valid votes = 41

As creation of uk.sci.parasychology failed, uk.rec.psychic shall be
created with the following charter.


 Charter for uk.rec.psychic:
 uk.rec.psychic is for the discussion of anything with a 'psychic'
 relevance that has some kind of a UK connection. This includes
 discussion from both 'scientific' and 'non-scientific' points of view.
 On the 'scientific' side, for example, one might discuss current and
 past laboratory or field studies conducted in the UK, and related
 scientific analysis and theorisation.  On the 'non-scientific' side,
 one might discuss for example clairvoyant experiences, unexpected or
 recurrent telepathic experiences, premonitory dreams, poltergeists,
 'unlicenced' research, sacred sites, ley-lines, some aspects of
 paganism and wicca, mundane astrology, occultism, and so on.

 Newsgroup Line:
 uk.rec.psychic   Psychic matters

 Moderation Status:
 The group will not be moderated.

 Binaries are not permitted.  Pointers to interesting websites or FTP
 sites are encouraged.

 Advertising is not permitted.  Occasional recommendation of products
 is acceptable on the understanding that the recommender does not have
 a commercial interest.


The Particulars of the Vote

valid votes
 name                     email address                           q1   q2
 emanuel r. alexander     mani;huskynet.com                        y    y
 rob alexander            rob;mhairi.demon.co.uk                   y    y
 amethyst                 amethyst;jadzia.demon.co.uk              y    y
 sarah baker              sarah;simple-signshop.demon.co.uk        y    y
 alex d. baxter           a.baxter;ic.ac.uk                        n    n
 peter bell               peter;bell.demon.co.uk                   n    y
 david m. bloor           david;bloor.demon.co.uk                  n    a
 dimiter g. chakalov      maver;omega.bg                           y    y
 richard clayton          richard;turnpike.com                     a    n
 michael daniels          michael;mdani.demon.co.uk                y    a
 christopher dearlove     chris;mnemosyne.demon.co.uk              n    a
 tobias erle              tobias.erle;gmx.de                       n    n
 george harris            harris;west.net                          y    y
 hilde fernandez          hilde;borve.demon.co.uk                  y    y
 neil fernandez           ncf;borve.demon.co.uk                    y    y
 alan fleming             af;contract.co.uk                        n    n
 peter michael forster    pmforster;findhorn.org                   y    y
 anthony gold             tgold;panix.com                          n    a
 simon gray               simon;star-one.org.uk                    n    a
 jim hill                 jim;jh-c.demon.co.uk                     n    n
 neil p chue hong         npch;tardis.ed.ac.uk                     y    a
 neil irving              neil;neilirving.demon.co.uk              n    n
 david jones              djones;borve.demon.co.uk                 y    y
 james lawson             chasm;ccl4.org                           a    a
 dave mayall              david.mayall;ukonline.co.uk              y    n
 zachary mcdermott        xydor;moebius.psy.ed.ac.uk               y    y
 frederick arthur moon    fred;pembs.demon.co.uk                   y    y
 peter murphy             pete;ento.demon.co.uk                    y    y
 brian oldham             broldham;innotts.co.uk                   y    y
 michael parry            michael;unicorn-connection.co.uk         y    y
 peter parry              peter;wppltd.demon.co.uk                 n    y
 bernard peek             bap;intersec.demon.co.uk                 n    y
 pekka p. pirinen         ppp;pirinen.demon.co.uk                  n    a
 mike pitt                mikepitt;chiark.greenend.org.uk          n    a
 phil randal              philr;hwcces.demon.co.uk                 y    y
 mr. louie savva          louie;savva.demon.co.uk                  y    y
 stephan a. schwartz      harmony;intrepid.net                     y    y
 sherilyn                 sherilyn;sidaway.demon.co.uk             y    y
 claire speed             c.speed;mcc.ac.uk                        a    a
 daniel wilson            dwilz;cix.compulink.co.uk                y    y
 adrian wontroba          aw1;stade.co.uk                          a    a

 a abstain
 n no
 y yes

invalid votes
 name                     email                                   problem
 joseph otten             joe.otten;virgin.net                      2
 lorraine j a poole       ljp;ottertech.co,uk                       1
 mad scientist            russ;                            1
 alan scobbie             alan;the-one.demon.co.uk                  2
 andrew stoker            ajs6;leicester.ac.uk                      2

 1 acknowledgement bounced.  user does not exist at address, address does
   not exist or address incorrectly input.
 2 name or address (or both) was missing from the ballot form.


Votetakers Notes:
#1 People seem to be getting used to the idea of filling in both their
name and email address on ballot forms.  Good.  Expect more of that in the


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