10 May 1998: Change in the Charter of uk.politics.misc (guns)

RESULT: Change in the Charter of uk.politics.misc (guns) - FAILS.
Author:   SJFBeckwith 
Email: sjfb@steves.org.uk 
Date: 1998/05/10 
Forums: uk.net.news.config, uk.net.news.announce, uk.politics.misc, uk.politics.guns  
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	RESULT: Change in the Charter of uk.politics.misc (guns) - FAILS.

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Voting closed at 23:59:59 BST, 8th May 1998.

Proponent: 666@hack.powernet[dot]co[dot]uk (Simon Gardner)
Votetaker: sjfb@steves.org.uk (SJFBeckwith)

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uk.net.news.announce, uk.net.news.config, uk.politics.misc,

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The Results:

Change the charter?

     Yes = 18
      No = 8
 Abstain = 5
   Total = 31

"Yes" failed the +12 rule when comparing against "No", by two votes.
The total number of valid votes was 31.  There were no invalid votes.

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Under 'Cross-posting' to add:

  Cross posting to any gun group and to uk.politics.misc
  is specifically forbidden.

This would not, of course forbid discussion of matters relating to guns
on the (rare) occasion that they are relevant to British politics.  It
is noted that there is already a separate group uk.politics.guns.  This
proposed alteration is designed to limit some of the periodic abuses by
American gun nuts flaming with multiple cross-posting of little
relevance to the UK or British politics.  It does not seek to limit
discussion as such, just cross posting.

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The Proposal:
The charter as amended would read:

uk.politics.misc is a group aimed at wide ranging discussion, the only
restriction being that issues discussed must be of a political nature.
The group is expected to concentrate on the politics of or affecting the
UK, and is open to posters from outside the UK as well as within it.

Excessive crossposting is inappropriate.  Crossposting to other groups
in the uk.politics.* hierarchy MUST be on-topic for those groups, and is
generally discouraged because of the likelihood of subject drift.
Crossposting to more than two special-topic uk.politics.* groups, or to
uk.politics.misc and special-topic group(s) simultaneously is not
allowed.  Crossposting to more than a total of 4 groups (including this
one) is strongly discouraged. Cross posting to any gun group and to
uk.politics.misc is specifically forbidden

Is forbidden, except that short (less than 20 lines) announcements of
relevant events are allowed.

Binaries (apart from PGP signatures) are not permitted, but directions
as to where binaries may be found are welcomed.

Newsgroup Line:
uk.politics.misc   General unrestricted UK political debate

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The Particulars of the Vote

valid votes
 name                 email address                      voted

 andy mabbett         amabbett.bham-assist@demon@couk    a
 james lawson         chasm.ccl4org                      a
 hugh davies          huge.axalotl@demon@couk            a
 richard letts        richard.illuin@demon@couk          a
 simon gray           simon.star-one@orguk               a

 chris hills          chris.phaedsys@demon@couk          n
 leo                  leo.venturer@demon@couk            n
 w. macdonald         macdonaldw.ferengi@couk            n
 peter bell           peter.bell@demon@couk              n
 philip hunt          philh.vision25@demon@couk          n
 richard ashton       richard.corixia@demon@couk         n
 shaun hollingworth   shaun.moatlane@demon@couk          n
 thomas lee           tfl.psp@couk                       n

 alex holden          alexh.claranet                     y
 andrew gambier       andrew.gambier@demon@couk          y
 andy walker          anw.maths@nott@acuk                y
 william boughton     bill.xencat@demon@couk             y
 david spencer        d.dsds@demon@couk                  y
 david damerell       damerell.chiark@greenend@orguk     y
 doug weller          dweller.ramtops@demon@couk         y
 ian k. ridley        ikr2.le@acuk                       y
 james nash           j@nash.mdx@acuk                    y
 lyn david thomas     lyn.stuffing@demon@couk            y
 dave mayall          mayalld.postoffice@couk            y
 nir leuchter         nir.easynet@couk                   y
 andrew norman        nja.le@acuk                        y
 t bruce tober        octobersdad.reportersnet           y
 paul wolff           paul.wolff@couk                    y
 sarah baker          sarah.simple-signshop@demon@couk   y
 simon gardner        simon@gardner.hack@powernet@couk   y
 tim miller           tm6248.bristol@acuk                y

 y yes
 n no
 a abstain

invalid votes
 name                email                                       problem


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