06 Jun 1998: uk.games.computer.quake2

RESULT: uk.games.computer.quake2 PASSES
Author:   robbie 
Email: votetaker@arakeen.demon.co.uk 
Date: 1998/06/06 
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	RESULT: uk.games.computer.quake2 PASSES

Voting closed at 23:59:59 BST, 3rd June 1998.

Proponent: R@N@J@Morris[at]ncl@ac@uk (Rod Morris)
Votetaker: votetaker@arakeen.demon.co.uk (Robbie Irvine)

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uk.net.news.announce, uk.net.news.config, uk.games.computer.quake,
rec.games.computer.quake.playing, alt.games.quake2

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The Results:

Create the Group?

     		Yes	= 49
                No	=  2
                Abstain	=  6
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Valid vote Total	= 57

The vote easily passes as Yes >=no+12, 49>14 therefore 
passing the +12 rule.


There were a number of invalid votes for a number of reasons
they are outlined in the voting summary - only one valid vote 
was disallowed and that was because it bounced, it is not 
included in the results above.

Votes listed below as being incomplete were rejected due to the 
omission of the placeholders around the vote which must not be 
"removed" for clarity.

Two Html votes were counted because they were sent multipart
and I could read them because of that - this was raised with 
my fellow votetakers and in future I will no longer be counting 
them as valid. 

html is not excepted within uk.* usenet, html is not mail.

One person voted muliple times - but they were all from the same
name and address. Voters please note once you get an ack your vote
is valid, sending it multiple times does not get you multiple

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UK discussions relating to Quake2 are currently held in 
uk.games.computer.quake, leading to confusion and frustration when it
is not clear which game (Quake or Quake2) is being discussed as both
games share similar terminology. Newsgroups such as alt.games.quake2
avoid this problem and are certainly very popular but lack the UK
focus of uk.games.computer.quake which is so important when discussing
local servers and sites and developing a sense of community.
The creation of uk.games.computer.quake2 would address these issues
and provide a forum for UK players to discuss the game within an
unambiguous context..

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uk.games.computer.quake2  Discussion of Quake2.

uk.games.computer.quake2 is for the discussion of all aspects of
Quake2 within the UK.

Advertising is not permitted.

Encoded binaries (e.g. pictures, word processor files, .zip files
etc), HTML, or similar non-plaintext postings are not permitted on
this group. However PGP signatures, references to relevant
downloadable resources and web URLs are welcomed.

The newsgroup will not be moderated.

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Voting Results

Name				Email		  			Vote
Alan Scobbie			$alan[at]the-one[dot]demon[dot]do{uk}	Yes
Thomas Lee			$tfl[at]psp[dot]co{uk}			Yes
Chris Hewitt			$chris[at]pcbh.clara@net		Yes
Rob Wilson   			$rob[at]chunks.clara@net		Yes
Nir Leuchter			$voter[at]nir@easynet[dot]co{uk}	Yes
Simon Bailey			$simon@bailey[at]virgin@net		Yes
David Smith			$dajg[at]netcomuk[dot]co{uk}		Yes
Roger Wong			$rogerw[at]bigfoot@com			Yes
ichael Edwards			$Mike46[at]globalnet[dot]co{uk}		Yes
Steve Peake			$puppet[at]dial[dot]pipex@com		Yes
David Kelly			$pgk[at]cableinet[dot]co{uk}		Yes
Eddie Armstrong			$eddiea[at]fjcomp@com			Yes
Sam Hazim			$sam@hazim[at]virgin@net		Yes
SJFBeckwith			$sjfb[at]cirra@com			Yes
Kevin Bircher			$skunky[at]dial[dot]pipex@com		Yes
Kevin Bracey			$kbracey[at]acorn[dot]co{uk}		Yes
Steve Walker			$skw[at]skwalker[dot]demon[dot]do{uk}	Yes
Geoff Stockham			$g@j@stockham[at]dundee@ac@uk		Yes
Simon Bonnick			$simon[at]nuts[dot]demon[dot]do{uk}	Yes
Alex D. Baxter			$a@baxter[at]ic@ac@uk			Yes
John J. Smith			$smid[at]ftel[dot]co{uk}		Yes
Christian Daniel John Erskine	$christian[at]innerworkings[dot]co{uk}	Yes
Jamie Wilks			$JWilks[at]dial[dot]pipex@com		Yes
Martin Coveney			$Surfermc[at]netcomuk[dot]co{uk}	Yes
Michael Oates			$mike[at]ph@u-net@com			Yes
matthew dixon			$matthew@dixon[at]sjc@ox@ac@uk		Yes
Paul Hendrick			$pdh[at]hie@ndirect[dot]co{uk}		Yes
Tim Bowen			$t@bowen[at]mmu@ac@uk			Yes
Jamie Gibson			$jamieg[at]lfs[dot]co{uk}		Yes
Steve Wright			$vote[at]wrightnet[dot]demon[dot]do{uk}	Yes
Mark Slattery			$m@slattery[at]virgin@net		Yes
Aidan Weatherill		$aweather[at]worf@molbiol@ox@ac@uk	Yes
Robert Conn			$wiredbob[at]contec[dot]demon[dot]do{uk}Yes
Andy Tindall			$andy[at]tindall[dot]demon[dot]do{uk}	Yes
Jim Kelly			$jim@kelly1[at]virgin@net		Yes
Neil Pawson			$neil[at]sengir[dot]demon[dot]do{uk}	Yes
Adam Bojeng			$adamjb[at]globalnet[dot]co{uk}		Yes
Andrew James			$andyjames[at]dial[dot]pipex@com	Yes
Martin Alabaster		$m@alabaster[at]dial[dot]pipex@com	Yes
Mike Hoenig			$mdh23[at]cam@ac@uk			Yes
Gavin Philipson			$gavin@philipson[at]dial[dot]pipex@com	Yes
Chris Marlow			$cam[at]bra01@icl[dot]co{uk}		Yes
David Kelly			$pgk[at]cableinet[dot]co{uk}		Yes
Stevie Kay		$stevie[at]the-raven[dot]demon[dot]do{uk}	Yes
Dean Swann			$dean[at]sobein[dot]demon[dot]do{uk}	Yes
Paul Darker			$pdarker[at]zetnet[dot]co{uk}		Yes
Phillip Harrison		$phillip@harrison1[at]virgin@net	Yes
Franois "Fu" Uldry		$avi[at]io@com				Yes
Rod Morris			$R@N@J@Morris[at]ncl@ac@uk		Yes

Andrew Gambier			$andrew[at]gambier[dot]demon[dot]do{uk}	NO
AST				$news[at]valdena[dot]demon[dot]do{uk}	NO

Simon Gray		$simon[at]star-one@org@uk			Abstain
David Damerell		$damerell[at]chiark@greenend@org@uk	 	Abstain
Paul Bolchover		$pb10003[at]cus@cam@ac@uk			Abstain
Dave Mayall		$david@mayall[at]ukonline[dot]co{uk}		Abstain
Andy Mabbett		$amabbett[at]bham-assist[dot]demon[dot]do{uk}	Abstain
James Lawson		$chasm[at]ccl4@org				Abstain

Spoilt papers
Name			Email		  		Reason
Craig McDonald		$craigmcd[at]easynet[dot]co{uk}	   incomplete paper
Keith Stenson		$Keith[at]stenson@clara[dot]co{uk} incomplete paper
Alex Vincent		$alex[at]far2cool[dot]demon[dot]do{uk} blank paper
"Frontier" 		$frontier[at]netcomuk[dot]co{uk}   no paper
 "mr bump (men)"        $mr@bump[at]mr-men@org>            no paper + html
Mr Bryan Hindle		$bryan[at]bricktie[dot]demon[dot]do{uk} incomplete paper
Richard Celeste 	$exxtreme[at]bellsouth@net	   no paper
Ivan Santry 		$santryi[at]cork@cig@mot@com	   blank paper
Paul Stevens		$Paul[at]mediapool@de		   homemade paper

bounced messages

Michael Doherty		$michael@doherty[at]x400@icl[dot]co{uk} Yes

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This vote was conducted by a neutral third party member of UKVoting.
UKVoting is a group of independent votetakers who count votes on CFVs in
the uk hierarchy.  The rules under which this vote is taken are posted
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