17 Jun 1998: uk.local.herefordshire

From: votetaker@arakeen.demon.co.uk (Votetaker)
Date: 17 Jun 1998 19:04:13 +0100
Subject: RESULT - New Newsgroup uk.local.herefordshire Passes
Newsgroups: uk.net.news.announce,uk.net.news.config,uk.local.midlands,uk.people.rural


Voting closed at 23:59:59 BST, 13th June 1998.
Proponent: $michael${at}unicorn-connection%co%uk (Michael Parry).
Votetaker: votetaker@arakeen.demon.co.uk (Robbie Irvine)
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uk.net.news.announce, uk.net.news.config, uk.local.midlands, 
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The Results:
Yes    :26
No     : 0
Abstain: 2

The vote easily passes as Yes >=no+12, 26>12 therefore 
passing the +12 rule.
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This was a nice and sedate vote with a small flurry towards the end
a single vote not on a paper, that was later resent correctly.

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RATIONALE: uk.local.herefordshire

        It would be nice to have a local group for Herefordshire.

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Newsgroup line: uk.local.herefordshire    Herefordshire, England

CHARTER: uk.local.herefordshire

        It is a discussion group for subjects relating to Herefordshire,
        England. Contributions are welcome from people who:
        live, study, or work in; have an interest in the culture,
        history and attractions of; or plan to visit the County.

        Short (less than 20 line) announcements relevant to readers are
        permitted;  off-topic or repetitive commercial advertising is 

        With the exception of PGP signatures, encoded binaries
        (eg pictures, word processor files, .zip files etc), html, or 
        similar non-plaintext postings are not permitted on this group, 
        however references to relevant downloadable resources and Web 
        URLs are welcomed.
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Andrew Taylor		$AndrewCrumplehorn${at}msn%com          Yes
Alex D. Baxter		$a%baxter${at}ic%ac%uk                  Yes
Tim Miller		$tm6248${at}bristol%ac%uk               Yes
Mike Groves		$mikeg${at}polymerlabs%com              Yes
Steve Peake    		$puppet${at}dial%pipex%com              Yes
Michael Parry		$michael${at}unicorn-connection%co%uk   Yes
Fran Mc Guinness	$fran${at}mcg-gsy%demon%co%uk           Yes
Christopher Barker	$barker${at}inreach%com                 Yes
Lyn David Thomas	$lyn${at}stuffing%demon%co%uk           Yes
Alex Holden		$alexh${at}clara%net                    Yes
paul Baker		$paul${at}levante%demon%co%uk           Yes
Andy Mabbett		$amabbett${at}bham-assist%demon%co%uk   Yes
Alex Ray                $alex%ray${at}cai%cam%ac%uk             Yes
Martin Watson           $martin${at}whitecross%demon%co%uk      Yes
Andrew Oakley           $evilandi${at}cimmerii%demon%co%uk      Yes
Tom Banks               $t%banks${at}virgin%net                 Yes
Graham Nye              $graham${at}tyndale%demon%co%uk         Yes
Alan Rayner             $alanr${at}lightnet%co%uk               Yes
Mike Paley              $pmailkee${at}waverider%co%uk           Yes
Karen & Anthony Boydell $theboydells${at}wyenet%co%uk           Yes
Nick Meredith           $nick%m${at}zetnet%co%uk                Yes
AST                     $news${at}valdena%demon%co%uk           Yes
Graham Nye              $graham${at}tyndale%demon%co%uk         Yes
Martin Lovatt           $martin${at}gjcn%demon%co%uk            Yes
Rosy Collis             $R%Collis${at}bris%ac%uk                Yes
Tom Banks               $t%banks${at}virgin%net                 Yes
jAmES Lawson            $chasm${at}ccl4%org                     Abstain
Richard Kettlewell      $rjk${at}greenend%org%uk                Abstain

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