19 Nov 1998: uk.education.behavioural

From: Barry Salter <ukvoting@bo-l.co.uk>
Date: 19 Nov 1998 21:13:15 -0000
Subject: RESULT: uk.education.behavioural PASSES 23:4
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Summary: Creation of uk.education.behavioural

PROPOSAL - Creation of uk.education.behavioural PASSES 23:4

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Voting closed at 23:59:59 GMT, 15th November 1998.

Proponent: Bob Minter <bob@bminter.demon.co.uk>
Votetaker: Barry Salter <b.salter@ukvoting.org.uk>

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uk.net.news.announce, uk.net.news.config, uk.education.misc

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The Results:

The results follow below, with the rationale and charter from the last
Request for Discussion beneath them for informational purposes.

PROPOSAL - Creation of uk.education.behavioural

    YES : 23 :  76.7%
     NO :  4 :  13.3%
ABSTAIN :  1 :   3.3%
Invalid :  2 :   6.7%
  Total : 30 : 100.0%

YES beat NO by a majority of 19 votes. For group passage, YES votes
must be the majority of all valid (YES and NO) votes. There must also
be 12 more YES votes than NO votes.
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uk.education.behavioural Final Vote Ack

Voted Yes - 23 votes
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Agency~#~clarion$.$demon$.$co$.$uk (Vivienne Newby)                      
amabbett~#~bham-assist$.$demon$.$co$.$uk (Andy Mabbett)                  
amurray~#~anonica$.$demon$.$co$.$uk (Anne Murray)                        
ann$.$steve$.$williams~#~saqnet$.$co$.$uk (Mrs A Williams)               
bcc~#~behaviourchange$.$com (Warwick Dyer)                               
bob~#~bminter$.$demon$.$co$.$uk (Bob Minter)                             
findlays~#~dircon$.$co$.$uk (Ian Findlay)                                
Gemma~#~oaknut$.$demon$.$co$.$uk (Gemma McGill)                          
hampi~#~mcmail$.$com (Mike de la Mare)                                   
icm$.$pep~#~trius$.$demon$.$co$.$uk (Ian McNab)                          
john$.$hughes18~#~virgin$.$net (John Hughes)                             
kali63~#~newcastle$.$crosswinds$.$net (Stephen Baird)
lukebosman~#~argonet$.$co$.$uk (Luke Bosman)
lund~#~cinergy$.$co$.$uk (Steve Lund)                                    
Malkin~#~dircon$.$co$.$uk (Julius Malkin)                                
merlin~#~netlink$.$co$.$uk (Darren Rees)                                 
outlooks~#~lea$.$birmingham$.$gov$.$uk (Hugh Williams)                   
paul~#~smartart$.$demon$.$co$.$uk (Paul Hornshaw)                        
peter$.$hopkins~#~technologist$.$com (Peter Hopkins)                     
pwils~#~compuserve$.$com (Peter Styles Wilson)                           
roger~#~roger-watts$.$demon$.$co$.$uk (Roger Watts)                      
stevesteventon~#~orangenet$.$co$.$uk (Steve Steventon)                   
tkc~#~dircon$.$co$.$uk (Tony Crisp)                                      

Voted No - 4 votes
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djones~#~borve$.$demon$.$co$.$uk (David Jones)                           
hilde~#~borve$.$demon$.$co$.$uk (Hilde Fernandez)                        
richdan~#~pncl$.$co$.$uk (Richard Daniells)                              
vote~#~kholdan$.$snafu$.$de (Tobias Erle)                                

Abstained - 1 vote
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richard-vote~#~illuin$.$demon$.$co$.$uk (Richard Letts)                  

Invalid Votes - 3 votes
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clilly~#~clara$.$co$.$uk (Christopher Lilly) [1]
ismawson~#~netcomuk$.$co$.$uk (Ian Mawson) [2]

[1] Acknowledgement bounced
[2] No ballot in message

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Votetakers Comments:

This was a simple vote with only a couple of minor problems, which the
voters corrected with the exception of the two listed as invalid.

Voting was pretty steady and trailed off a couple of days before the
2nd CFV was posted but regained momentum after that with a steady one
or two votes per day.

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