17 Jan 1999: uk.adverts.computer Charter Change

From: alan@whirlnet.demon.co.uk (Alan Ford)
Date: 17 Jan 1999 23:38:23 -0000
Subject: Results: uk.adverts.computer Charter Change PASSES 59:14
Newsgroups: None



Charter Change of existing newsgroup uk.adverts.computer PASSES 59:14


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Voting closed at 23:59:59 GMT, Friday 8 January 1999

Proponant: vhampson@netcomuk.co.uk (V. Hampson)
Votetaker: alan@whirlnet.demon.co.uk (Alan Ford)

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These results have been posted to:

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Voting Summary:

The Rationale and Charter follow the main results for informational 

YES     = 59 (79%)
NO      = 14 (19%)
ABSTAIN =  2 (2%)

There were a total of 75 valid votes. YES beat NO by a majority of 45.
This is above the majority of 12 that is required for a vote to pass. 
There were 2 abstentions. There were no invalid votes.

There will be a five day discussion period after these results have 
been posted before the group is created to allow for any allegations 
of irregularities to be raised.

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Votetaker's Comments:

Nothing much to say! The vote appeared to run smoothly throughout.

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The Results in Full:

Those Who Voted YES (Total: 59)
- -------------------
Alex Nuttall           $alexn$#zetnet{dot}co{dot}uk
Andrew Spiers          $andy$#1stweb{dot}co{dot}uk
Andy Roberts           $andyrobts$#zetnet{dot}co{dot}uk
Andy Ross              $andyross$#dial{dot}pipex{dot}com
Barrie Smith           $barrie$#bsmith{dot}force9{dot}co{dot}uk
Ben Holme              $ben{dot}holme$#cenes{dot}co{dot}uk
Bill McLaren           $bill$#lilmiss{dot}demon{dot}co{dot}uk
Burnette Walter Hicks  $hicks{dot}esq$#zetnet{dot}co{dot}uk
Chris Martin           $CAM$#aion{dot}demon{dot}co{dot}uk
Christian P. Hansen    $chris$#hansenhome{dot}demon{dot}co{dot}uk
Darren Wyn Rees        $merlin$#cvnet{dot}co{dot}uk
dave day               $ukvote$#stejonda{dot}demon{dot}co{dot}uk
Dave Thomas            $dave$#rotty{dot}globalnet{dot}co{dot}uk
David Bolt             $bob-it$#my-ste{dot}demon{dot}co{dot}uk
David Damerell         $damerell$#chiark{dot}greenend{dot}org{dot}uk
David Gunter           $david$#cshouse{dot}demon{dot}co{dot}uk
David Mahon            $dmahon$#amigo{dot}co{dot}uk
Denis Poole            $denis$#novel{dot}demon{dot}co{dot}uk
Ian Thompson           $ian$#webkey{dot}u-net{dot}com
James Coupe            $james$#obeah{dot}demon{dot}co{dot}uk
James D. Carr          $mailme$#jdcarr{dot}freeserve{dot}co{dot}uk
Jeremy McNeill         $jezza$#hotwells{dot}freeserve{dot}co{dot}uk
Jim Nicholson          $jimn$#minusen{dot}force9{dot}co{dot}uk
Jim Reidford           $reidfojg$#boat{dot}bt{dot}com
Joe Curry              $ability$#zetnet{dot}co{dot}uk
John Blundell          $john$#blundell{dot}demon{dot}co{dot}uk
John Lynch             $jlynch$#ldta{dot}demon{dot}co{dot}uk
Jonathan Hardy         $jon$#meerufen{dot}demon{dot}co{dot}uk
Jonny Farringdon       $jonny$#wizzo{dot}demon{dot}co{dot}uk
Julian Lewis-Booth     $julian$#portland{dot}co{dot}uk
Julie Brandon          $julie-vote$#merp{dot}demon{dot}co{dot}uk
keith farr             $keith$#farr{dot}demon{dot}co{dot}uk
Mark Goodge            $mark$#good-stuff{dot}co{dot}uk
Martin Sylvester       $martin{dot}sylvester$#bigfoot{dot}com
Matt Brunton           $mbrunton$#burana{dot}inhouse{dot}compuserve{dot}com
Mike Fleming           $mike$#tauzero{dot}demon{dot}co{dot}uk
Mike Tomlinson         $mike$#jasper{dot}demon{dot}co{dot}uk
Miles Batchelor        $miles_batchelor$#bigfoot{dot}com
N. J. carron           $njc-2$#bigfoot{dot}com
Neil Barker            $neil$#nemesis{dot}nu
Paul Gamester          $Paulg$#dcshq{dot}demon{dot}co{dot}uk
Paul Womar             $Vote$#pwomar{dot}demon{dot}co{dot}uk
Peter Birkett          $pete$#viper{dot}karoo{dot}co{dot}uk
Peter Cooper           $peter$#bizuk{dot}net
Phil Wade              $phil$#pooters{dot}freeserve{dot}co{dot}uk
Richard Ashton         $richard$#corixia{dot}demon{dot}co{dot}uk
Richard Daniells       $richdan$#pncl{dot}co{dot}uk
Richard Laysell        $richard$#laysell{dot}demon{dot}co{dot}uk
Richard Sykes          $r{dot}j{dot}sykes$#education{dot}leeds{dot}ac{dot}uk
Robert Gormley         $r{dot}gormley$#ed{dot}ac{dot}uk
Robert Hull            $Robert$#spammenot{dot}com
Ronnie Gibson          $ronnie{dot}gibson$#strath{dot}ac{dot}uk
Sean Collins           $salop11$#clara{dot}co{dot}uk
shaun lovelass         $shaun$#claxton{dot}demon{dot}co{dot}uk
Steven Craig           $stevie$#tincat{dot}demon{dot}co{dot}uk
Tim Jackson            $tim_jackson$#bigfoot{dot}com
tobias erle            $vote$#kholdan{dot}snafu{dot}de
Tony Mackin            $tmack$#globalnet{dot}co{dot}uk
Wallace Murray         $wallace$#wmurray{dot}demon{dot}co{dot}uk

Those Who Voted NO (Total: 14)
- ------------------
Anthony Gold           $tgold$#panix{dot}com
Bob Eager              $rde$#tavi{dot}co{dot}uk
Charles Lindsey        $chl$#clw{dot}cs{dot}man{dot}ac{dot}uk
Don Carter             $don$#dc-train{dot}demon{dot}co{dot}uk
Gary Howarth           $gary$#g0drl{dot}demon{dot}co{dot}uk
James Farrar           $james{dot}farrar$#ic{dot}ac{dot}uk
John Elkin             $theboss$#freenet{dot}co{dot}uk
John Sharman           $jayshar$#norvic{dot}demon{dot}co{dot}uk
Karl Foley             $kfoley$#globalnet{dot}co{dot}uk
Marcus Sharma          $m{dot}sharma$#digitalmail{dot}com
Martin Watson          $martin$#whitecross{dot}demon{dot}co{dot}uk
Paul Giverin           $paul$#giverin{dot}demon{dot}co{dot}uk
Richard Wood           $richardw$#cdex{dot}ericsson{dot}se
Steve Robertson        $steve{dot}robertson$#altavista{dot}net

Those Who ABSTAINed (Total: 2)
- -------------------
Andy Mabbett           $amabbett$#bham-assist{dot}demon{dot}co{dot}uk
simon gray             $simon$#star-one{dot}org{dot}uk

Invalid Votes
- -------------

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1.      In recent months there have been numerous instances
        of posts advertising specific goods for sale in the subject
        line. However the body of the message has indicated that the
        goods are not in fact for sale directly through the group but
        are available in a commercial auction.

        It is felt that such posts without an indication in the subject
        line that they are not direct sales are against the spirit if
        not the letter of the Charter.

2.      As these posts also give the site address for a commercial
        site they could also be construed as advertisements and as such
        should subject to the same conditions as commercial posts.

        It is known that at least one of the auction houses advises
        their sellers to post to newsgroups to bring readers' attention
        to their site.

        The auctioneers have also placed adverts directly without any
        indication in the header of the content of the message e.g. Have
        you been yet?

3.      There has recently been an instance of a poster conducting
        an auction directly in the group by giving a list of items and
        inviting bids by email. As the auction progressed updates have
        been posted resulting in 13 posts by the same person in a period
        of 14 days.  These posts were cross-posted to 7 other groups.
        In addition the posts contravened the charter as they were not
        solely addressed to the UK.

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New Charter of uk.adverts.computer

(Not Moderated)

Newsgroup Line:
uk.adverts.computer     Adverts for computer related items in the UK

uk.adverts.computer is for the posting of adverts ("for sale", "swap" or
"wanted") for computer hardware, software, services and consumables,
where the buyer and seller are in the UK.

Posters are encouraged to limit their posts to 50 lines, including the
signature. If this is insufficient, further material should be placed on
a web or FTP site, and a URL posted, or the advertiser may offer to send
further material via e-mail.

Professional traders and auctioneers must make the commercial nature of
any advertisement explicitly clear by having "COMM:" at the beginning of
the subject line, and the post must contain the trading name of any
business concerned. 

The same or similar goods must not be offered by the same poster more
than once per week.

Auctions should not be conducted within the group, if a poster wishes
to auction goods electronically, then this should be carried out by
email or on a web site, once the initial announcement regarding the
auction has been made in the group. Such announcements must have
"AUCTION:" at the beginning of the subject line.

Posts by individuals participating in auctions are permissible but if
posted must have "AUCTION:" at the beginning of the subject line. Such
posts should not be repeated more than once per week.

It is expected that the posts will include:

*      the price and whether it includes postage, packing and VAT
*      a phone/ fax number and/ or email address.
*      as much detail as possible about the goods or services
       required or for sale.

Posters should also include, if appropriate, the approximate
geographic area from where the article may be collected.


Encoded binaries (e.g. pictures, word processor files, Zip files,
"business cards", etc.), are *forbidden*, with the exception of
cryptographic signatures equivalent to no more than 10 lines of plain
text (e.g. PGP)

Posts must be readable as plaintext; HTML is forbidden.

Such material belongs on a web or ftp site, to which a pointer may be

Posters are invited to read a guide on the World Wide Web at:


for further information on how to configure newsreaders to post to uk.*


Anyone posting contrary to this charter may be reported to their
postmaster and/ or ISP.


Subscribers to this (or any uk.*) newsgroup should also read:


which is a moderated, low traffic newsgroup. Any proposed changes to
this newsgroup, and proposals for new newsgroups, will be announced
there. For details of how to formally propose   such changes, see:



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This vote was conducted by a neutral third party member of UKVoting.
UKVoting is a group of independent votetakers who count votes on CFVs
in the uk hierarchy.  The rules under which this vote is taken are
posted regularly to uk.net.news.announce or can be found at the
following URL:

There is a five day discussion period after these results are posted to
uk.net.news.announce.  Allegations of irregularity should be sent to

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