20 Jul 1999: uk.culture.arts.writing

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Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 15:30:50 GMT
Subject: RESULTS: uk.culture.arts.writing New Newsgroup PASSES 39:14
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          uk.culture.arts.writing new newsgroup PASSES 39:14
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Voting began Monday 21 June 1999
Voting closed Wednesday 7 July 1999 23:59:59 BST
Ballot ID was WRITING

Proponent: stephen@greenpen.demon.co.uk (stephen tweed)
Votetaker: alan@whirlnet.demon.co.uk (Alan Ford)

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These results have been posted to:

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The three options were:

1) Create New Newsgroup    (YES)
2) Status Quo              (SQ) no new newsgroup
3) Re Open Discussion      (ROD) discussion reopens

STAGE ONE - Options compared to Status Quo:

 YES preferred to Status Quo by 42 votes to 9
 ROD preferred to Status Quo by 41 votes to 6
All options beat status quo by at least 12 votes and so continue...

STAGE TWO - Remaining options compared with each other

 YES preferred to Re-Open Discussion by 39 votes to 14

YES was preferred to all the other options, and had a majority of more than
twelve, therefore the group is created with the charter as given below.

There were a total of 54 votes.

There will be a five day discussion period after these results have
been posted before the group is created to allow for any allegations
of irregularities to be raised.

The Rationale, Summary of Discussion, Proposal, and Charter follow
the main results for informational purposes.


     YES    SQ   ROD
YES [n/a] [ 42] [ 39]
 SQ [  9] [n/a] [  6]
ROD [ 14] [ 41] [n/a]

In this grid, each number represents the number of votes which were cast
that preferred the option named in the number's row to the option
appropriate to the number's column. For instance, 42 votes preferred
option one (YES) to SQ while 14 votes preferred reopening the discussion
to option one (YES).


     YES    SQ   ROD
YES [n/a] [ 33] [ 25]
 SQ [-33] [n/a] [-35]
ROD [-25] [ 35] [n/a]

In this grid, each number represents the number of votes which were cast
that preferred the option named in the number's row to the option
appropriate to the number's column less the number of votes which were
cast that preferred the option named in the number's column to the option
appropriate to the number's row. For instance, 33 more people preferred
Option 1 (YES) to Status Quo than preferred Status Quo to Option 1 (YES).

As shown by all the numbers in its row in the lower grid being positive,
Option 1 (YES) was preferred to all other options and hence wins the

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Total Votes: 54 votes.

VOTER               EMAIL ADDRESS                      YES   NO (SQ)   ROD

Alex Dawson         virgin.net9@virgin.net              1       3       2
Andy Mabbett        andy@pigsonthewing.demon.co.uk      3       2       1
Andy Roberts        andyrobts@zetnet.co.uk              1       2       3
Anthony Gold        tgold@panix.com                     3       2       1
Barry Salter        ukvotes@salterg.demon.co.uk	        3       2       1
Bill Davies         billyboy@gto.net.om                 1       3       2
Claire Speed        c.speed@mcc.ac.uk                   1       3       2
Darren Wyn Rees     merlin@A470.demon.co.uk             1       3       2
Dave Mayall         david.mayall@ukonline.co.uk         2       1       1
Dave Smith          dave@maildulf.demon.co.uk           1       2       3
Dave Sparks         Dave.Sparks@sisyphus.demon.co.uk                    1
David Damerell      damerell@chiark.greenend.org.uk     3       2       1
David John          david@amanuensis.demon.co.uk        1       2       3
David Lane          dalane@argonet.co.uk                1       3       2
David Monk          david.monk@virgin.net               1       3       2
David York          davidyork@csi.com                   1       3       2
Dione M Collumbe    DioneDover@aol.com                  1
Duncan Reid         dunc@thermal.u-net.com              1       3       2
Eddie French        eddie@efrench.freeserve.co.uk       1
Edward King         eaking@ulape.demon.co.uk            2       3       1
Ellen Mizzell       ellen@tictac.demon.co.uk            1       3       2
Ian Sharp           nntp@sharpip.demon.co.uk                    1
James Coupe         james@obeah.demon.co.uk                             1
Jenna               Eden@publishing.demon.co.uk         1       3       2
Jezza               jezza@hotwells.freeserve.co.uk      1       3       2
Jim Hill            jim@jh-c.demon.co.uk                3       2       1
Jo Walton           Jo@bluejo.demon.co.uk               1       3       2
John Davies         john@redwoods.demon.co.uk           1       3       2
Jon S Green         jonsg@pobox.com                     1       3       2
Kevin Andreoli      kevin.andreoli@ukgateway.net        2       3       1
Kevin McGee         htc@indigo.ie                       1       3       2
Kye Valongo         admin@ukwriters.com                 1       3       2
Kyle MacRae         kylemacrae@kooks.freeserve.co.uk    1       2       2
Maga                magawiska@softhome.net              1       3       2
Margaret Sutton     margaret@sutton26.freeserve.co.uk   1               2
martin              martin@freedom.screaming.net        2       3       1
Mike Tan            miketan@duntone.demon.co.uk         1
Ms Mumble           msmumble@aol.com                    1       3       2
Paul Bolchover      pb10003@cus.cam.ac.uk               1       2       3
Penny Gaines        penny@frodo.demon.co.uk             2       3       1
Peter Parry         peter@wppltd.demon.co.uk            3       2       1
Philip Powell       philip@blencathra.demon.co.uk       3       2       1
Ray                 rpalmer@editors.freeserve.co.uk     1
Robbie              robbie@arrakis.nu                   1       3       2
S.W.F. Borthwick    swfb@bokop.win-uk.net               1       1       2
Simon Smith         wolfgang@FreeNet.co.uk              1       3       2
stephen tweed       stephen@greenpen.demon.co.uk        1               2
Steve Yerbury       stevey@stevey.demon.co.uk           1       3       2
Suze Hall           suze@theworkhouse1.demon.co.uk      1       3       2
tobias erle         vote-uk@kholdan.snafu.de            1       3       2
Tony                tony@tagman.demon.co.uk             1       3       2
VinceH              vinceh@softrock.co.uk               1       3       2
Vincent Shaw-Morton vincent.s@virgin.net                1
xxaml		    aml@xxaml.in2home.co.uk             1       3       2

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Appologies for the delay -- it took me several days to make sure I had 
understood the complex voting system, but here are the results, and they
are very clear.

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      There is a clear need, and indeed a great demand, for a UK 
      specific newsgroup. There is no specific writing or writing 
      related newsgroup in the uk hierarchy at present.

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   The third rfd has largely been concerned with four points:
   1/ A fair amount of griping concerning punctuation and grammar in the
   2/ The emergence of an alternative computer generated charter during 
      the second rfd, and an attempt to replace the present charter with 
      it in the third rfd.
   3/ An attempt to re-introduce advertisements, which were banned by a
      majority decision, some time ago.
   4/ An attempt at removing the present proponent.

   The present proponent has been led to believe that the majority of
   posters are fed up with all the incessant bickering and just wish to
   have the newsgroup up and running. Hence the CFV.
- ------------------------------------------------------------------------


   * "Both professional and amateur writers are welcome." changed to
     "All writers and potential writers are welcome."
   * Binaries and Formatting section expanded to incorporate pointer to 
     'how to configure newsreader' document and mention of web and ftp sites.

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uk.culture.arts.writing  For discussion of writing and associated topics


   This newsgroup is a broadly based forum for all genres and aspects of
   writing from a UK perspective. All writers and potential writers are

   Posting of work by writers is discouraged due to the availability of
   other forums for this purpose. Pointers to relevant URLs are however

      All advertisments are banned except for URLs to writers' works
      as described above.


      Binaries are forbidden, except for short cryptographic signatures
      (such as PGP). HTML & RTF postings are also unwelcome in this 
      newsgroup. Such material belongs on a web or ftp site to which a 
      pointer may be posted. Posts must be readable as plain text. To 
      see how to make your newsreader comply with this, read


      Posters are requested to limit their signature files to four 
      lines or less.


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